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Recently Twitter launched on its platform a very interesting analysis for all users and enthusiasts of the network so that they can obtain various relevant data to outline numerous content strategies. If your company really wants to know everything that happens on Twitter, you need to invest in some monitoring tools to […]

Twitter recently launched on its platform a very interesting analysis for all network users and enthusiasts so that they can get a lot of relevant data to chart numerous content strategies.

If your company really wants to know everything that happens on Twitter, you need to invest in some monitoring tools in order to facilitate and optimize the entire management process of the tool, helping to achieve positive results and new insights for future marketing strategies.

The tools we will cite below stand out as the 10 most interactive and fun to extract the best data from your practices on Twitter. Invest some time and find out which one best suits your company’s profile and start monitoring this social network so necessary to practice relationships with your clients and potential clients.

This is a powerful tool that allows managers and marketers to view their entire network in countless ways. In addition to allowing a thorough analysis, this tool also allows managers to further increase their network, being able to program tweets through Hootsuite or directly on their platform.

The most famous features of this tool are:

  • Allows the manager to explore all the communication of followers
  • Determines the best time to tweet
  • Identifies who are the best influencers of your brand
  • Define your audience precisely
  • Finds new users who talk about your company

… and much more!

With a well-designed interface, MentionMap offers a clean design, but sometimes a little difficult to navigate. However, it has several interesting tools to monitor your company’s Twitter account. Test and draw your own conclusions. It is very likely that you will not regret it.

The famous “archivist” was built by Mix Online, which is a closed group of Microsoft designers and developers where several professionals participate and talk in an interactive and opinionated way about the most diverse types of tools.

Some of the most interesting data that the tool provides:

  • Top Users (Most engaged users)
  • Top Words
  • Top URL’s (most visited URL’s)
  • Number of Tweets x Number of Retweets
  • Tools used by users to tweet

This platform monitors all types of statistics and graphs that Twitter can offer, including mentions, followers, retweets and more. In addition, it also integrates other services such as Facebook, Biltly, Google Anlytics, Youtube and more.

Follow Twitter and Facebook for free, and if you also want to follow other social networks, there are other packages that offer free access for up to 30 days.

A simple tool, but with a very innovative design, which shows where your followers are anywhere in the world. With this tool it is possible to map the effectiveness and distribution of your followers, in addition to several other functions.

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Have you ever thought of an elegant tool that works with scrolling tweets from emotional words like: I love, I hate, I think, I believe, I feel and I wish? This is one of those innovative platforms that promise a very satisfying browsing experience when tweeting.

This is one of the simplest and easiest to navigate platforms. In addition, it offers the best ways to track the growth of your own followers and even compare that growth with other users.

How about viewing the tweets based on keywords or username? This tool is basically a screen saver with your company’s tweets. Very easy to navigate and very interactive.

This is a powerful analytical tool for analyzing countless Twitter data, produced by @MattFyot. The service is completely free and highly recommended by great professionals, as it has very different methods of analysis.

Some interesting functions:

  • Get detailed and visual analysis of tweets, retweets, responses, mentions and hashtags
  • Browse, search and filter multiple tabs for and gain insights into the people your business follows
  • Backup / export of tweets and reports to Excel and PDF in just one click
  • Obtain and export analytical data about any keyword, hashtag, URL or user
  • Get insights and download any tweets or retweets from users
  • Browse, search, filter, rate and add or remove any user from your list
  • Monitor tweets of your favorite users, lists and keywords
  • Get insights on your followers with “Followers report”

Yes, this is exactly the statistics of Twitter, just as the name says. On this platform it is possible to find robust statistics to develop numerous strategies for your business. Take a test and see how effective this tool is to tweet the best trends and discover countless insights for your company.

In addition, it has a super innovative design.

Social Media Marketing Kit

Analysis tools (Bonus)

Did you think you were going to stop here? Nothing like that! We have separated two of the tools most used by managers and that are a hand in the wheel when analyzing numerous relevant data from Twitter.

Check out.

Portwiture is undoubtedly one of the most original Twitter applications you can find. In addition to tags or numerous graphics, it allows you to view your tweets in the form of photographs. That’s right, photographs!

How about testing this tool that is more and more famous every day?

This tool is also completely free and very cool, allowing users to quickly analyze the most important statistics about any Twitter user.

Unveil various topics, hashtags and mentions with maximum speed. Other interesting features are also available on Foller.me such as the time you tweet most often, your last 100 tweets on a single continuous line and more.


Is that you? How do you usually analyze and visualize your company’s presence on Twitter? How about sharing some of those ideas or even other tools that we didn’t mention in the list above? Feel free and leave your comment in the field below, we love to hear from you!

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