Did you know that online chat has the highest satisfaction rate among the other customer service channels offered by digital businesses, such as the telephone, e-mail, social networks, among others?

On average, 73% of consumers served by chat leave satisfied with the experience, pointing out the speed of service, practicality and the possibility of chatting in real time without having to stop doing what they were doing (such as browsing your store, for example) as main differentials.

For you who want to leverage online service and turn it into a competitive advantage to win and retain more customers, check out our list of the best online chats for your business.

Now, if you are still not convinced that it is really worth installing a chat on your page, we recommend this content first. Without further ado, let’s get to the list!

To start our list, it is clear that we could not stop talking about Websites Are Us. This is an online chat that is already present in more than 280 thousand businesses worldwide and has a specialized team focused on the national market.

It offers all the features you expect to find in a professional chat tool, as well as exclusive features, such as real-time visitor monitoring, proactive invitations to approach the page, customizable widget to match your brand colors, follow-up reports with service metrics and more.

Being one of the best online chats, Websites Are Us has integrations with CRM systems, email marketing tools, Google Analytics and even other messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Viber and Telegram.

That way, you have access to a complete solution that centralizes your service and allows you to offer an omnichannel experience to consumers.

Websites Are Us has two plans: basic and professional. The basic plan is entirely free for up to 5 operators and the professional plan offers all available resources.

A great differential is being able to pay in reais (R $), eliminating the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF) charged on transactions made with dollars.


Kayako is a Help Desk platform that also offers its own online chat for business. With it, it is also easy to chat with visitors on your page in real time, either through chat or the application available for mobile devices.

The tool is integrated with other channels, such as the email platform and help desk. The company offers three plans: Inbox, Growth and Scale. In the most basic plan you already have access to online chat.

The other plans offer additional features, such as the possibility of configuring work schedules, monitoring attendance automation, configuring invitations for a proactive approach, among other functions.

There is no free plan, but you can try Kayako on your page for 14 days through the trial period.

We also couldn’t leave Drift off the list of best online chats for your business. The main differential of the tool are the Chatbots offered, which can help you organize your sales funnel based on conversations in the online chat, identify and qualify leads and schedule contacts.

The company also offers the possibility to customize proactive invitations for specific individuals while browsing their pages.

Regarding the plans, there are several ways to purchase and install Drift on your page. Their free plan offers the online chat tool, as well as calendar systems and smartphone apps.

In the most advanced plans, you unlock features like welcome messages, real-time visitor monitoring and data integration across platforms.

Finally, the company’s custom bots are available for business plans, as well as their integration with CRM systems.


Another option that offers an omnichannel service ecosystem is LiveHelpNow, an online chat for simple, practical and effective businesses. It has smartphone apps and offers the possibility to categorize chat conversations automatically or manually, which helps you organize your communication.

In addition, the company offers support for SMS service and customizable satisfaction surveys that can be sent before or after each service session.

In relation to the plans, the values ​​are assigned according to the solutions offered by the company, including online chat, ticket system, self-service base or telephone service tool.

We certainly couldn’t leave Zendesk Chat off our list of the best online chats. Being one of the several solutions offered by the company, your online chat also offers all the essential resources so that you can serve visitors in real time, directly from within your business page.

Among its main resources, we can highlight triggers for a proactive approach, pre-chat or offline forms, list of visitors on the page, chat classifications and chatbots based on artificial intelligence (AI).

The company offers several plans, the most basic being free but only supporting a single simultaneous chat. The paid plans are incremental and bring more resources and less limits for their use.

Be sure to check out our review and comparison between Zendesk and Websites Are Us.


PureChat is a simple, customizable and practical alternative for you to chat with visitors and customers in real time directly from your business page, or through your applications for Android and iOS smartphones.

The company does not offer a limit on simultaneous chats and features features such as chat alerts, integrations with other tools, shortcuts to responses, pre-chat form and other features you expect to find in a professional chat.

Regarding plans, PureChat offers a free basic package with a limit of up to three operators and two incremental paid plans and for four and ten operators respectively, which accompany features such as SMS notifications and visitor monitoring.

Smartsupp also has its own smartphone apps and features such as welcome messages, customizable proactive invitations and viewing visitor information through real-time monitoring.

Your free plan for up to three operators already offers the possibility to customize the Widget and chat window with the colors of your brand, as well as the possibility to store conversation histories for up to 14 days.

But of course, if you want to boost your results with the tool, the company offers paid plans that bring more resources and less limitations.


With ClickDesk, you can chat with visitors in real time through text and also through video calls. The online chat offered by the company can be automatically integrated into its own help desk platform, which allows you to monitor communications in an efficient and practical way.

Being an excellent alternative and mention in our list of best online chats, in it, you will find features such as proactive invitations, pre-service forms, message prediction and an automatic translator for more than 90 languages.

The company’s most basic plan is free for up to 10 operators, however it has a limit of a maximum of 30 simultaneous chat sessions and 25 tickets. From the first paid plan you already have access to unlimited chats.

LivePerson could not be left out of our list of the best online chats. With it, you can easily monitor visitors and obtain information such as reference site, device used to access your page, geolocation, location of the visitor on the site, among other data.

A differential of the solution is its number of integrations with several communication points, such as SMS, social networks, e-mail, among others.

Regarding its value, it is possible to build a customized package according to the needs of your company, so that you will receive a value compatible with the number of features and systems you need.

It is worth mentioning that LivePerson also offers Chatbots, a chat tool Call-to-Message and other service solutions.


To finish our list, also check out Intercom, an online chat solution for small businesses that also offers Chatbots. It offers features such as proactive invitations and the possibility to include multiple operators in the same service session.

The tool can be integrated into your self-service base or take advantage of chatbots based on artificial intelligence to solve simple problems or direct calls according to the needs of each customer.

The company offers different plans according to the needs of your business, which also includes the possibility of creating a specialized package.

What did you think of the best online chats?

We hope that you have found an ideal and competitively priced solution so that you can start offering specialized, real-time assistance through a professional tool.

We at Websites Are Us know how important it is to boost the relationship with your customers so that you can retain them and leverage the results of your business, especially at the beginning of your journey.

So be sure to also check out our top tips for improving customer service so you can turn it into a competitive differentiator. Good sales!