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Despite experiencing a stagnation in the number of new users, Twitter is a stable social network with a loyal audience. If you want to know brands to follow there, to be inspired and do a job even more aligned to the expectations of your audience, this is your place!

While many wonder if Twitter died – or at least lost space for other social networks – the microblogging is still going very well, thanks.

In 2016, the global average growth of the platform was 4%. In London, that number was 18% – the third best on Twitter around the globe.

Many companies not only continue to invest in the network, but also do exemplary work on it – either to reinforce a brand positioning, or to create a closer relationship with a younger audience, the majority on the network.

Some recent changes, such as the doubling in the character limit and the insertion of algorithms that create a timeline with the chronological order of the posts, brought a new breath to the network. In addition, Twitter still maintains its second-screen trend, working very well for live activations.

Do you want to know brands to follow on Twitter both in London and in the world and be inspired by the content they produce? So come with us!

National brands

Even though the number of new London users on Twitter has dropped considerably since 2012, London still represents a good share among tweeters around the world. In addition, we lead in Latin America, with 32 million active users (in 2019 data).

In addition to being the cradle for several content producers, this network also allows brands to innovate in the way they communicate and offer customer service. Next, see the companies that stand out in the national territory.

1. Ponto Frio

When everything was still in the bush on Twitter, Ponto Frio was already there with your penguin. The year was 2012, but, to this day, the brand is a reference when it comes to creating a brand persona for social networks.

Twitter Ponto Frio

The mocking tone and good humor of this character have also always been differentials for the brand, which today accumulates 263k followers.

The account was so innovative that other retail brands, such as Magazine Luiza and Casas Bahia, followed in their footsteps and employ similar behavior in the chain.

2. NuBank

NuBank came up with the premise of offering a credit card without the complications of major banking corporations. Obviously, this needed to be seen on social media.

Thus, the main differential of the company on Twitter is the service provided to consumers. Do you have a complaint or need to resolve something important?

Just mark their @ ​​on the network for quick and efficient contact. Two good practices are valid to be mentioned and adopted by other brands.

Twitter Nubank

The first concerns the non-need to go through long registrations to perform the service via social networks. You only need to confirm your data once, and from there, your Twitter profile can be associated with the CPF, which simplifies future calls.

The second is the possibility that the service will be completed on the network where it started: forget about sending a message on the network and being instructed to contact by email.

3. Netflix

THE Netflix is champion when it comes to viral tweet. The company knows how to take advantage of memes that usually appear on the network, always adapting them to their context and content.

A good example of this was when news that all Harry Potter films would be made available on Netflix won several RTs. What many did not notice – or took a while to understand – is that the news spoke of Netflix in London.

The situation generated fun memes and interactions between the streaming service brand and fans of the wizard’s franchise.

Twitter NetflixTwitter Netflix

4. Rural Globe

The profile of the magazine Rural Globe has a lot to teach the most different brands on social networks. While many believe that the ideal is to keep branding and persona consistent, this profile does just the opposite.

How can printed content, aimed at older people and rural areas, become attractive on social networks for a younger audience and mostly urban context?

Good humor is the answer. While everyone was talking about Bettina, they took the opportunity to disseminate content about another million, for example.

Twitter Globo Rural

Twitter has always been the social network of relaxation – it is where users have no family among their followers (they are on Facebook) and where aesthetic pressures (very high on Instagram) are relaxed. Globo Rural understood this very well and mastered the game.

Twitter Globo Rural

5. MasterChef Brasil

Currently, the Masterchef is one of the London television programs that most exploits the characteristic of second screen Twitter. Some past editions have even used the network to publicize the program’s great champion.

Twitter Masterchef

The attraction is shown weekly by TV Band. In addition to the program’s official profile, the culinary dispute judges – Paola Carosella, Henrique Fogaça and Erick Jacquin – are also very active on the network.

In addition, participants in each edition also receive a Twitter profile. All of this not only facilitates, but encourages the creation of conversations around the themes of the program and, easily, they reach the Trending Topics.

International brands

The number of new users on Twitter is also falling worldwide. Still, with 320 million of them around the world, the network has already gained stability and loyal fans.

What do outside brands do differently on the microblog? Following them can be a good way to stay on top of digital marketing trends and follow some of the best practices on the network, such as the efficient use of hashtag. Meet 5 prominent brands around the world.

6. Oreo

In the same way that Ponto Frio was one of the pioneers in differentiated content on Twitter, Oreo had that role in the gringa.

If the social network had some kind of award, certainly, the brand would have already taken the maximum statuette home.

The company has always stood out with “real time” publications, like the day of the blackout during a Super Bowl match.

Twitter Oreo

Among other things, this demonstrates a team aligned and attentive to relevant references both for the network and its audience.

7. Ikea

The profile of Ikea on Twitter is a true service provider. The furniture giant took the maxim seriously produce quality and relevant content to your followers.

In the microblog, the contents bring a diversity of tips, inspirations and small solutions for everyday household, as well as links to publications signed by designer partners of the brand.

Twitter Ikea

8. Taco Bell

Taco Bell has a network of very loyal followers, which usually yields good interactions on the page. In addition, the brand sponsors several events, which means that some actions in real time also happen through Twitter.

To complete, a successful case that deserves to be mentioned was what happened in 2015, after the launch of the taco emoji.

The company provided unique and exclusive GIF responses to any tweet that combined the taco emoji with any other. The result was a huge frenzy and more than half a million tweets in the first 5 days of the campaign.


How to transmit complex information in a light and simple way? Apparently, NASA found the recipe and it involves extraordinary photos and the ideal dose between good humor and references from the pop world.

Twitter NASA

The profile has more than 30 million followers and also disseminates content from important personalities in its environment, in addition to its own content, such as Houston, We Have a Podcast and information about the company’s most recent projects.

10. Disney-Pixar

It is not today that Disney enchants short and tall, and it is not just on the big screen that the animation giant does this.

Besides the master account, with GIFs, information and curiosities from behind the scenes of the films, the company has an entire account dedicated to the nostalgia of its productions and its parks.

Twitter Disney

O Disney Memories it also brings quotes and games, aimed at a more childlike audience.

Twitter Disney

Mostly, Twitter is a young chain, focused on humor and relaxation. Brands that embrace this tend to be successful among users – even the most unlikely ones, such as Globo Rural magazine and NASA.

Of course, nothing is definitive, especially in the changing context of social networks. However, the brands to follow on Twitter that we list here can be real sources of inspiration for insights and even arguments to bring news to your brand profile on this network.

Do you want to further improve your work on the microblog? So, download now our complete guide on Marketing on Twitter and check out the main tips to succeed on the network!