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Websites Are Us will offer a complete immersion on the importance of communication in the companies’ environment. It will be more than 10 hours with some of the greatest specialists in London. Understand more!

Every day, you talk to people who have different points of view than you do. And you certainly expect them to be receptive and generous. But that does not always happen.

Among the main pains and challenges in career growth, there is the need to know how to communicate your ideas clearly and generate positive engagement from people who are strategic for the success of your projects.

Websites Are Us’s main mission is to generate growth opportunities. For this reason, we have brought together the greatest specialists in London to produce extremely valuable content.

You will follow 9 webinars, totaling almost 10 hours of content to deeply understand the functioning of the communication gears.

From 02 to 06 December, the material will be available 24 hours a day, so you can study at your own pace and at the time that is most convenient. Guarantee your spot!


Webinar 1: Persuasive Communication

Webinar 2: Nonviolent Communication

Webinar 3: Communicative competence and expressiveness: non-verbal, verbal and vocal aspects

Webinar 4: Communication and diversity (generational issue, gender neutral language, ethnicity, nationality, people with disabilities)

Webinar 5: Communication for interviews

Webinar 6: Difficult conversations: Active listening and constructive feedback

Webinar 7: Leadership: a new way for leaders to understand the difference between contagious leadership and contagious leadership, and what changes it all can bring to the lives of the people led by them

Webinar 8: Building a strategic presence on Linkedin to leverage your career

Webinar 9: The importance of Storytelling in corporate communication

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