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Knowledge about the LGBTI + reality needs to be constant – and not just in June, when LGBTI + Pride Day is celebrated. To understand more about the challenges and experiences of these people, check out our list of 10 portals and content producers to follow!

Every June we start to see themes that surround the LGBTI + community on the agenda.

After all, this month is considered the month of LGBTI + Pride, and many brands try to talk a little about the subject during this period, but this subject cannot be hushed up in the other months of the year.

The movement, which gained strength with the Stonewall Uprising – I recommend watching this video to understand the context and the importance of that moment – this year turns 50 and needs to remain on the agenda throughout the year.

There are countless portals, Instagram profiles, YouTube channels and influencers who do not only use the month of June to transform the LGBTI + reality in London, educating society.

That is why we have chosen some of them so that you, whether LGBTI + or not, understand the challenges and experiences of these people by the words of those who really live them. Come on?

Todxs is the first non-profit social startup in London with a focus on inclusion of LGBTI + people. Acting on pillars of society, government and companies, the company seeks to empower this community and educate society.

Todxs’ social media portals are really very educational and have a colloquial language, which manages to talk about oppressed themes in our country in an inclusive and accessible way.


With its volunteers, Todxs also has a very strong focus on collecting data about the LGBTI + community in London and, frequently, launches research to map some issues of this public. And of course, all of this later becomes content to educate more and more followers of your pages.

Lorelay Fox is one of the most famous Drag Queens in London. With its channel that already has more than 600 thousand subscribers, it seeks to educate our country, and is one of the most efficient in doing so.

Its contents are always the result of much research and experience by Lorelay herself, who manages to show how much she really knows what she is talking about.

One of its main features is didactics, which makes its contents extremely accessible for those who know little about the LGBTI + world. It is also very pleasant and relevant for those who already know a lot.

She, who has already participated in the Globo’s Amor e Sexo program, and in the GNT Superbonita, is highly sought after by brands that seek to approach the artist’s audience.

In 2018, Maira Reis was considered one of the most relevant voices in diversity in London – and it is not for nothing. Those who follow the journalist on their networks know how aggregating their insights can be.

His LinkedIn profile is full of reflections, especially those focused on the positioning of large companies in relation to LGBTI + themes.

Maira spares nothing in his extremely well-constructed analyzes and, with that, he became an essential voice for this movement.

Maira Reis

Its website, on the other hand, is a great hub of news and relevant material for people and companies that seek to educate themselves on LGBTI + themes and want, together with Maira, to transform London reality.

If you already knew any portal on this list, it is probably Põ na Roda. After all, it is probably the largest channel with LGBTI + themes in London.

Only on Youtube, Põ na Roda already has more than one million subscribers. On Instagram, there are more than 300 thousand followers.

Pedro HMC, creator of Põ na Roda, on the project’s social networks, usually uses humor to address the most varied themes of the spectrum of the LGBTI + community.

put in the wheel

In all networks, Põ na Roda takes common doubts about LGBTIs, brings news from this world and much more that can help educate its giant audience.

The visibility mainly of his YouTube channel is one of the main weapons that Pedro has in his hand and he knows exactly what he is doing with it.

5. IGay (Website)

IGay is a news and content portal that is part of the IG group, a well-known internet portal. With topics ranging from current affairs to LGBTI + lifestyle and behavior, the site is updated daily with everything that happens in London.

One of the most interesting aspects of the site is that it produces many opinion articles through its columnists – as when they produced content analyzing the lack of diversity in Disney films.

Lucca is a Content Creator and Youtuber that brings themes like gender transition, challenges and everything about his life as LGBTI +.

A striking feature is that everything he produces is in the aesthetic investment of his productions, which makes it very pleasant to follow his channel and his daily life.

Believe me, you will find yourself marathon all the videos on your channel!

lucca najar

On your Instagram profile this is no different. Lucca is one of the creators of content that manages, with skill, to adapt the subjects of his channel on Youtube to Instagram. Which makes everything more accessible and with the potential to impact even more people.

Besides being great to follow your adventures with your girlfriend and your recent move to São Paulo.

Louie also has one of the largest LGBTI + channels in London: there are over 500 thousand subscribers. She uses her reach to talk not only about the themes that we are used to seeing on channels of this kind.

With a strong political footprint, Louie reflects on what is happening in London and in the world, and is not afraid to take a stand. Thus, it already has thousands of subscribers who trust its content and its authenticity.

Her Instagram brings a little more of her experience as a lesbian woman, master of literature, vegetarian and as she calls herself “crazy of cats”.

Another Luca for our list. As the name of the channel helps us to understand, the contents of his Youtube work as a way to show the day to day of Luca Scarpelli, advertising and content creator.

One of his most famous videos deals with his relationship with his mother, something that many LGBTIs can identify with. And this is one of the greatest strengths of Luca’s channel: even if you don’t have the same experiences as him, it’s easy to identify yourself.

On his Instagram, mainly in his stories, Luca tells about his routine, and brings many interesting reflections, events he participates in etc.

Guardei no Armário is one of the most interesting channels on YouTube, because it chooses to give voice to other people and their acceptance stories. Samuel, creator and organizer of the channel, shows how other LGBTI´s came out for themselves and for others.

But it is not by giving a voice to others that Samuel’s voice is less important. And we can see this clearly through his Instagram profile, in which he shows his routine and brings his insights to small everyday things.

I kept in the closet

Canal das Bee is one of the largest on YouTube and, like other channels, seeks to educate its audience. What really sets them apart is the dynamic between Fernanda and Hebert, who lightly manage to move through all subjects.

With the large audience that they have already gathered on Youtube, they are also able to interact a lot with their followers today. All of this makes the experience of following the channel even more enjoyable and educational.

These are just a few examples of portals and content creators who design their lives every day to educate a society that increasingly needs to be educated and have access to information.

There is a world of other people producing high quality content and helping to improve the lives of many LGBTI +.

Education, however, is only one step towards an inclusive society, but we need to get our hands dirty and make change happen.

In addition to sharing content and these channels with your friends and family, you can try to start moving from where you work, for example.

We tell you a little about how it was and is our process of trying to transform our reality here at WAU.