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Nothing better than combining pleasure and new learning, right? That’s what we were thinking about when we prepared this post, which features a list of 10 marketing movies you should watch. Make no mistake, keeping up to date is not an important differential for your professional career. It is basic, regardless of the area of ​​operation. […]

Nothing better than combining pleasure and new learning, right? That’s what we were thinking about when we prepared this post, which features a list of 10 marketing movies you should watch.

Make no mistake, keeping up to date is not an important differential for your professional career. It is basic, regardless of the area of ​​operation.

And, for those who work with marketing and communication, the situation is even more complicated. The charge is huge, not least because, in theory, we need to be ahead of consumers. There is no way to be successful without being at the forefront of discussions.

In practice, this means that we must read a lot, take courses, participate in events, in short, we cannot waste any opportunity to expand our cultural repertoire.

And, as you know, a good movie can make a lot of difference. In the case of productions with marketing as a central theme, this is an excellent way to expand our knowledge of possible approaches in this area, but without giving up the fun.

Don’t be surprised: the relationship we have prepared is eclectic! It has from current blockbusters, to some older ones, but considered true classics for those who operate in this segment.

Come on?

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1. Love by contract

There is a story that helps you understand the marketing power of influence. Therefore, it is considered basic for those who work in this area.

The film has Demi More as the protagonist and a plot that entertains, but also invites reflection. The person has to be very insensitive in order not to question his responsibility in determining consumer relations.

Imagine the situation: suddenly, you find that your neighbors, very friendly, are actually actors hired to influence your purchasing decisions.

Calm down, it looks spolier, but it isn’t. The best part of the film is to follow how relationships are built on a daily basis, what kind of appeal can be more efficient, how people can be easily seduced.

And, as it is a typically Hollywood production, of course it also has a good romance and the right dose of drama.

Pay attention to how good they are at saying (and doing) exactly what the target audience wants to hear. As with efficient marketing strategies, they adopt an appropriate language for each type of person.

Finally, it is possible to have a good idea about consumer behavior – even if the objective is to criticize consumerism.

2. The man who changed the game

The protagonist of Moneyball (this is the original title) is Brad Pitt, who brings Billy Beane’s character to life. The plot apparently seems trivial: a new hiring manager wins a spot on a bad team and, with a lot of effort and dedication, manages to turn the tables.

You’ve seen this story in hundreds of feature films, right?

But we put this production on the list of the best marketing films for a good reason: the strategy used by Billy to reverse the baseball team’s unfavorable situation.

Without money to invest in big stars for the team, the manager decides to use a different tactic, betting his chips on hiring a specialist in statistics.

He will use his knowledge to detect talent and, when it comes to defining strategies, he uses as a basis the data gathered, in detail, about the opponents.

The initiative works and Oakland A’s manages a series of 20 championship wins, record in the American baseball league.

It is worth analyzing the tactics that are used in training the team, especially in relation to the people management process.

Throughout history, they show that many of the problems faced by companies can be solved with simple measures.

One is to keep employees well informed about the company’s processes and to bring them closer to the leaders.

The main lesson of Moneyball for those who work in the business area is very clear: with a well-structured plan, it is possible to do something different and thereby beat the competition, even if it has more structure.

3. Jobs

Steven Jobs’ trajectory is important from any perspective, but it has even greater value for those who work in marketing. After all, the direction of the activity would be totally different if he had not invested in the idea of ​​the personal computer.

Do you remember that story of being able to expand your cultural repertoire? So, this film helps to better understand how the technological evolution that has marked the daily lives of those who are at the head of the strategies of the brands has taken place.

Launched in 2013, Jobs stars Ashton Kutcher. The actor did not receive very positive reviews for his performance, but the truth is that he managed to bring to the big screen many of the characteristics that make up the personality of the Apple co-founder.

Jobs was the first film inspired by the biography of the creator of the iPod. In fact, the feature only tells its story up to this point, that is, it goes from the 1970s to 1984.

The directors’ option was to show that Jobs was not exactly the technical genius behind the creations, but that he was responsible for transforming the “crazy” ideas of nerds into commercial opportunities.

Is it a masterpiece of cinema? No, but it is a mandatory program for those who like technology and want to know better the steps followed by Steven Jobs who, despite all the controversy, will always be remembered for being a visionary.

4. The Circle

This is the most recent film on our list. Launched in 2017, it tells the story of a company that, look, is responsible for gathering people’s data, relating its information to the email service, purchases made and other details of their private life.

The cast brings together Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, responsible for setting the tone for the plot, marked by suspense.

For marketers, it is a good opportunity to reflect on the future of the activity.

What is known is that we will increasingly be able to understand consumer behavior, but there is no escape from debates related to the issue of privacy.

Returning to the feature, there are those who criticize the way in which such complex problems were treated. Anyway, what interests us is to follow these discussions closely.

Whoever works with digital marketing, for example, needs to understand very well the transformations that are taking place in consumer relations.

5. What women like

From 2012, the film What women like is a comedy about the female universe and its main scenario is the advertising agency Sloane Curtis.

Mel Gibson plays creative director Nick Marshall who suddenly gains the gift of listening to women’s thoughts. The plot is quite fun, especially when dealing with his relationship with Darcy Maguire (played by Helen Hunt).

She is hired to help the publicist, but she doesn’t even imagine that he has very efficient ways of capturing his ideas – she believes that he has the gift of empathy and a lot of sensitivity to understand the female soul.

For marketing managers, the film leaves excellent lessons. It highlights the importance of precisely defining the target audience (in digital marketing we go deeper into this, working with the concept of persona).

In addition, it shows the relevance of teamwork and, for the most observant, gives good tips on how an advertising agency’s day-to-day works.

As the film points out, it seems simple, but the consumer’s approach depends on attention with several details involved in the composition of the messages.

6. In Search of Happiness

If you are sensitive, prepare the tissue box. “In Search of Happiness”, which features Will Smith in the lead role, has a good deal of drama. History shows his journey in the search for the “American dream”.

To make matters worse, he has to deal with serious financial difficulties alongside his son, played by Christopher Smith (in fact, father and son in real life).

It would be quite a common story, but the writers got their hands on the plot: it shows the character dealing with the difficulties of being homeless (yes, they are evicted from the apartment and have no money to pay for the hotel) at the same time where you try to do well at a brokerage on Wall Street.

Why is this film on our list?

It is inspiring for those who are afraid of not being able to achieve their goals. In a word, perseverance is a key concept for success. Even in precarious conditions, he manages to overcome himself because he still pursues his goal.

7. Pirates of Silicon Valley

This feature is from 1999, but it brings important references for those who want to be successful in the business environment.

First, because it helps us to better understand the trajectories of two companies that were decisive for the current configuration of the world market: Apple and Microsoft.

The story is told from the perspective of its co-founders (Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, among others) and, as expected, there are excellent moves related to the rivalry established between the two organizations.

It is also a unique chance to understand what the cultural context was like at the time of the launch of microcomputers. Today it seems simple, but there have been reactions to the popularization of personal use equipment.

For those interested in technology (difficult to do marketing today without having an appreciation for this area), it is very good to see how the first insights were for the development of hards and software that are part of our life, such as the graphical interface of Windows.

Inspired by the real stories, the film shows that the leaders of these areas played hard to establish their positions in the market and that there were many rivalries between them.

For your reference: Noah Wyle plays Steve Jobs, while Bill Gates is played by Anthony Michael Hall.

8. The social network

How not to see the film that reveals the behind the scenes of Facebook’s creation?

Today, the company leads this universe of social networks with great advantage, so important for our marketing and communication strategies, but it was not easy to achieve this position.

Critics were not very supportive of the feature, but recognize that it is really difficult to portray Mark Zuckerberg’s complex personality – it was Jesse Eisenberg’s job to interpret the figure.

But it is very interesting to see how a platform was born that has become so present in our lives. As revealed in the film, Mark Zuckerberg’s initial inspiration was really jealousy, the desire to gain some prominence among the Havard girls.

Who knew that, based on this motivation, he would be able to arrive at a system that has significantly altered human relations?

Not to mention, of course, the good sequences that show, once again, that the success of these companies did not happen by chance.

Yes, they are all geniuses in their respective areas, but they knew how to use the necessary weapons to circumvent the competition and show their value.

9. Chef

To close our list of films about marketing that are not to be missed, how about a trip to the gastronomic area?

This is the proposal of Chef, who has a first team in the cast: Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo and Jon Favreau are the actors that bring the main characters to life.

Entertaining, the feature tells the story of Carl Casper who, after losing his job at the restaurant, decides to embark on the world of food trucks.

In that passage, pay attention to the clashes he has with the restaurant owner. While the chef wants to offer new experiences to the public that frequents the place, the owner (Dustin Hoffman is very well in the role of Riva) prefers regularity, that is, betting on what has already worked.

In a moment of so much discussion about what makes an entrepreneur succeed, it is good to see the character’s difficulties in understanding what moves his career, if he is where he should be happy.

In his own business, a Cuban snack food truck, Carl counts on the help of his son. In addition to the good dynamics of the duo, those who work with the Internet will have fun to see the way they decide to take advantage of the strength of social networks.

Carl’s son Percy has a good command of the subject and is tasked with teaching him how to react in this environment. With the use of the appropriate tools, he helps the father to work properly on his digital presence.

Those who work with digital marketing can identify the strategies employed and, those who are not yet hands on, can have a good idea of ​​how it works.

10. Thanks for smoking

Thanks for Smoking is a film that works with one of the industries that generated the most sales through advertising and Marketing.

The film follows behind the scenes of the cigarette industry from the point of view of a lobbyist, Nick Naylor, who is the spokesman for the major cigarette companies.

Nick makes his living defending the rights of smokers in the United States, doing everything to prevent a negative image from falling on the cigarette.

The film addresses several interesting issues such as the use of cigarettes in Hollywood movies selling the image that good guys smoke.

Some of the best scenes are in the dialogues between Nick and his lobbyist friends, one representing the arms industry and the other the alcohol industry. Showing the power that good advertising has to give a positive image to a product!

Ready to “take on” this marathon of 10 marketing films?

We hope so, because there is nothing more inspiring than having a few moments of fun. Not to mention that the more cultural repertoire, the more conditions you have to show that you have good references to work in brand management.

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