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Our time is increasingly indispensable and we need to make good use of it. To be able to learn about important subjects in a practical and easy way, this format can be very useful. Therefore, it is important to know some podcasts to follow and get informed with rich and quality content.

Podcasts – which are already very successful in the United States – are gradually becoming more popular in London. Characteristic for their practicality and ease of consumption, these audio programs can be an excellent companion for who seeks to learn and be informed in their spare time.

Although entertainment is still the main motivation for listening to a podcast, learning and looking for information appear next as reasons to download or listen to this content by streaming. So for those who want make yours more productive spare time, this format is a great option.

So, how about checking out some podcasts to follow? We have listed the ten best programs that you should follow closely to combine learning and entertainment in a single content and optimize your moments of relaxation. Check out!

The growth of podcasts in London

In the United States, a country where the format has gained notoriety and strengthened since 2014, statistics indicate that 44% of the population has heard a podcast and the numbers are increasing year after year. In London, the growth has been happening only more recently.

Here, the first podcast appeared in 2004, with Digital Minds, and today there are more than 250 thousand programs available in this format.

According to data from ABPod (London Podcasters Association), just over half of users listen to episodes daily, creating great demand in the sector.

In addition, just over 45% of listeners follow five or more podcasts and 62% of respondents listen only to national programs.

Another interesting fact is the number of users who listen to all the available content, reaching 91%, which indicates the quality of what is made available on platforms.

When made available on popular streaming platforms – such as Spotify and Deezer -, in addition to greater investments from major communication portals in different programs in this format, the trend is that podcasts are increasingly consolidated in London.

The 10 best podcasts to follow

To help you find the best podcasts to follow, we’ve made a list of the 10 best programs for you.

After all, in an increasingly busy routine, it is essential to select the content you are going to consume very well, right? Therefore, we have separated the programs that will make your free time more productive. Check out!

1. Braincast

Weekly, the presenters address various topics about the world of marketing, making important topics and deep discussions about the future of this market more relaxed and facilitating the understanding of those who follow this podcast.

The idea is to always debate on subjects that have to do with technology, digital culture, innovation, business and, of course, creativity.

Braincast is an excellent option for those looking to learn about these important topics in our daily lives while having a few hours available in the middle of a busy routine.

2 . Of Head

Digital marketing is a reality increasingly present in our society and it is essential to be aware of the main issues and news about the area.

For this reason, the De Cabeça podcast is an excellent option for those who want to have access to rich and fast content about an important strategy for the success of any business.

For who is running their own business and needs more knowledge about these matters, this podcast is highly recommended.

Its episodes cover areas of marketing, ranging from tips on using Google Adwords on its platforms, through debates about the importance of omnichannel, to tips on how to open a successful e-commerce.

3. Marchwill

As practical and fast as a podcast is, it is not always possible to find time to listen to all these programs at some point in your daily life, especially if they are very long.

This problem is solved with Marchwill. With it, you will have access to rich content about technology and the impacts of these innovations and tools on our professional and even personal relationships.

The great differential of this podcast, however, is the objectivity of the conversations and debates held in the program. As important as a subject is, the presenter rarely exceeds 30 minutes in length, but always playing an educational and quality role for those seeking more information about technology.

4. Lidercast

For those who manage their own business or occupy a management position, Lidercast can be a great learning tool to deal with important daily issues for those who have many responsibilities.

The program addresses fundamental themes for the success of a manager, ranging from entrepreneurship to psychological challenges.

Always with a guest, the presenter is able to touch sensitive management and leadership topics in a practical and efficient way.

Always seeking to offer rich content, the podcast aims to present stories, tips, challenges and innovations for those who want to grow professionally.

5. Trainee’s life

Despite being a podcast aimed at those who are starting their careers, Vida de Trainee addresses important issues in the job market that are valid even for those who already have more professional experience. After all, the sector is constantly evolving and it is important to always stay tuned.

Many episodes are composed of tips on how to stand out in interviews, for example, but it is possible to find content relevant to other approaches.

Techniques used to increase the focus and, consequently, the performance of your daily life and the importance of organizational culture are some of the topics discussed in this program.

6. Verbal Chess

The podcast format allows you to use it to delve into more important matters without having to spend a lot of time or dedication to do so.

Verbal Chess, for example, proposes debates and conversations about international politics in a relaxed and easy to be absorbed way.

After all, it is necessary to stay tuned to what is happening in other countries, including because of the impacts that this can generate in the world economy or even in London.

Presenters manage to turn an often complicated topic into relaxed and enriching programs.

7. Data Science

Data and information are increasingly fundamental to the success of marketing strategies. However, it is not such a simple matter to learn, especially when there is not much time available.

Data Science, however, manages to address important topics in this sector in a didactic and simple way.

With interviews and conversations with professionals in the field of Data Sciences, the podcast seeks to clarify more complex subjects, but which can be important for the most varied types of business.

In addition, it addresses broader and more useful topics, such as tips on how to build a data culture in a company.

8. The Tim Ferriss Show

For those who are familiar with English content and want to know more about productivity and decision making, The Tim Ferriss Show – one of the most heard podcasts in the world – is an excellent option.

Always receiving guests with relevance in their respective areas of expertise, the presenter helps you understand what were the processes necessary for these people to build a successful career.

9. The Minimalists

Also in English, The Minimalists is another program that is very successful abroad and addresses issues related to the broader concept of minimalism, that is, how to live better with less things.

Although it seems to be a more comprehensive subject about the impact of human beings on the environment and sustainability actions, the podcast addresses other important issues, such as the challenges of those starting their own company or the importance of finding passion in their daily work.

10. Open Source

Understanding the trends and challenges of the future of media, technology and communication is essential to be able to adopt innovative and efficient strategies within your business, regardless of the area of ​​operation. And that is precisely what Open Source addresses in its episodes.

The podcast always has the participation of a guest who is usually an influential professional in the market.

In the program, experiences and ideas about the future of the market are discussed with the manager of social networks, a bank or even the director of innovation and digital transformation in a technology company. An enriching content for those who are looking for market trends.

Podcasts can be very useful for those who do not have so much time available to learn about topics relevant to the professional environment. With options for all tastes and preferences, it is now easier to access rich content like the ones listed above.

Now that you know some podcast options to follow, you already know about the growth of these programs in London and how they can contribute to your development as a professional, how about understanding how to use this format to engage your audience?