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Among the main ideas of videos to record for YouTube, there is a large selection of options of all types, from humor to product reviews. Those who create content for the social network must know these categories, so that they can take advantage of the one that best communicates with their audience.

Looking for video ideas to record for YouTube? Democratic, the social network hosts millions of channels from all types of content producers, for different audiences. Amid so much interesting content, standing out becomes a challenge. Therefore, the best way is to find the best video models, that is, the ones that generate the most interest.

If you know your audience well, you certainly understand what types of content they are generally interested in. Interviews, challenges, daily vlogs and even unboxing videos are very interesting.

There are some channels focused on just one of these types of content, while others are not tied to a format – which can be a good proposal!

To find the best path, ideally, you should know the main video ideas for your YouTube channel. In this content we will show the top 10:

  1. Questions and answers (quiz)
  2. Daily vlog
  3. Chat with guests
  4. Reviews
  5. Do It Yourself (DIY)
  6. Product unboxing
  7. Challenges
  8. Reacts
  9. Parodies
  10. TAGs

See below how each one works, learn how to explore with your content and see an example for each format!

1. Questions and answers (quiz)

The good old quiz never fails! The game of questions and answers is a very simple game, but it can be very interesting, since everything depends on the context. Ideally, you should know how to explore these questions according to your channel’s theme.

For example, if your content is about games, you can invite a gamer and take a quiz about a particular game, or about the history of video games. The idea of ​​this type of content is precisely to create interactivity. The questions generate curiosity in those who watch and, generally, people also want to test their knowledge.

As a result, the content is light, fun and still brings knowledge to those who watch it. This is one of the simplest, but equally accurate video ideas for recording!

For those who follow famous, quiz with these personalities are always cool! The couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are no longer together, but they have already participated in a fun question and answer board on the GQ magazine channel.

2. Daily vlog

Vlogs were the natural transition for personal blogs, which were previously meant to be a kind of virtual diary. With the advancement of Digital Marketing, blogs became more used as a platform for content strategies, and then vlogs gained strength.

They are videos in which people show specific parts of their routine, which does not always have a script ready. In the beginning, some of the first vloggers guided each of their videos by a certain subject, talking about it, always showing a point of view.

Today, vlogs are more focused on events, such as the daily lives of these people, a trip to an event, or any daily activity, be it special or not. You can adopt this model mainly if you already have an audience. The vlog makes people feel more intimate and part of their routine.

One of the first vloggers in London, perhaps a pioneer, PC Siqueira still has a large fan base and has this model as one of his favorites. From the beginning commenting on topics, his vlogs also started to show his daily life.

3. Chat with guests

Another lightweight format and one of the main video ideas to record today, chatting is nothing more than an interview with a guest on the program. The theme does not always need to be defined, but the ideal is that the participants have a relationship with the channel.

This proximity will generate the necessary identification so that the public is really interested in the content. As for the approach, it can be any way, as long as it makes sense for the program format. Some channels are totally focused on interviews, while others receive guests sporadically.

One that has been successful in this line is Matheus Mazzafera’s channel. He welcomes personalities in a relaxed and comfortable chat, in a comfortable environment, always looking light and very fun.

4. Reviews and reviews

Product reviews or reviews are also a success. The formula is effective, and the reason is simple: before you buy something, do you usually research it online? Many people choose this path and, in that sense, the reviews are accurate in delivering the answers.

They are channels of all types and that evaluate all products, such as makeup, beauty products, clothing, sneakers, electronics and many others. In these reviews, the channels talk about technical specification, appearance and mainly, we test products! Therefore, the reviews are complete and help very different audiences on the web.

For those connected to technology, one of the indispensable channels is Canaltech, and they recently launched a review on the new iPhone 11. Enjoy and check out the format!

5. Do It Yourself (DIY)

Do it yourself, or, Do It Yourself, from English. The DIY category is a success and usually catches the attention of anyone, and this is a great differentiator. This category of videos is very democratic and versatile, since YouTubers invest in DIY of anything.

Home decoration, costumes, tools, makeup, clothing customization, in short, any type of content works very well, since it is the proposal of the format that draws attention.

Learning how to do something interesting, using cheap resources and on your own, is one of the most simple and interesting video ideas for recording.

One of the channels that is quite successful on YouTube is 5-Minute Crafts. Without a specialty, they teach everything from Halloween costumes to fun cell phone cases!

6. Unboxing of products

In the same line of the review, unboxing has a more “received” footprint, something very common for those who follow influencers. The idea is to propose to those who watch what the complete internet shopping experience is like, from opening the box to checking the product.

Unboxing videos are often more associated with the topic that each channel addresses. Whoever talks about technology, for example, will unbox a new laptop, for example. Those who have a sports channel will unbox a newly launched boot.

7. Challenges

Controversial, but with a high capacity to generate views and engagements. This video format always generates a lot of discussion and, above all, reinforces an important question: anything goes to get attention on YouTube? For some content creators, the limit is left aside, which can even displease the audience itself.

With the justification of humor, many channels end up creating meaningless content, in the name of views that, not always, generate good ratings. On the other hand, there are many challenges that are really interesting and fun, without having to appeal to anything very shocking.

Of course, it is possible to do fun challenges and with the proposal to make the audience laugh, without having to appeal and extrapolate limits. Who also stands out in this category is the Desimpedidos channel, always with challenges that count on the participation of big names in football.

8. Reacts

Among the most successful video ideas for recording are reacts. You can create content by reacting to just everything you want: music, other videos, games, movies, sports and whatever else is possible.

This is a category that starts from two motivations: first, knowing a person’s choice about certain content. In addition, the react has a touch of humor, since reactions can be in different ways, amusing the viewer.

Precisely because it does not have a specific focus, exploring this category of videos is very interesting, since it is well accepted among YouTube audiences.

9. Parodies

Another good option among the ideas of videos to record in the humor category, the parodies are a tribute that, sometimes ironic, interprets films, series, video clips and famous songs. The proposal is really to play. Changing lyrics, remaking clips and definitely parodying any work by famous people.

For those who have a talent for humor, this is certainly a great way to create authorial and fun content, taking advantage of something that already exists. The parodies are nothing new in comedy, but on YouTube the success is great and it is worth investing.

There is no way to talk about parodies and not to mention Whindersson, a YouTube phenomenon that today has its own stand-up comedy show. One of the great influencers in London, in addition to vlogs on general subjects, he was very successful and got a good laugh with his parodies, such as his hilarious interpretation of the hit Hello, by singer Adele.

10. TAGs

The TAG category has won many fans among content creators on the web, especially the influencers who have their channels on YouTube. The proposal is as follows: a certain theme is chosen and, based on it, that person answers a certain number of questions related to the subject.

The questions, however, can be defined on their own or through a compilation made up of suggestions sent by those who watch the channel. The idea is that those people who have an engaged audience can ask questions about a certain topic or simply talk, from their point of view, about a topic that interests the audience.

Who always produces this type of content is the actress and also YouTuber Fernanda Souza. Check out this playlist with all the TAGs on her channel!

Too many good video ideas to record! Depending on the style of your channel and, most importantly, the preference of your target audience, some choices will perform better.

Since the subject is YouTube, here are some essential tools for those who create content and manage channels on this social network.