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It is essential that every design is up to date with market trends. To follow these changes, nothing better than following the main design blogs. We made a list of the top 11. Check out!

If you follow our blog closely, you already know: keeping up to date and following the main news in the market is essential for any professional to succeed.

That’s why we’ve already created posts to recommend the best Digital Marketing blogs, the best SEO blogs and the sales blogs, with tips that can help you stand out with your business.

And following specialized blogs is even more important for the Design professional, who needs know the trends of the profession and know how to use the new tools on the market.

With that in mind, we will share some of the best national and international graphic design blogs, which can serve as inspiration and reference for the designer’s daily life.

All the design blogs on this list are used as a reference by us, and we believe they are essential for any graphic designer. Come on?

National design blogs

1. Designerd

Designerd is a blog that was born as a college project and today is one of the best design blogs in the country.

The blog has already received several awards in London and abroad, reinforcing its relevance for any designer who wants to stay informed.

And in addition to News and curiosities about design, at Designerd you can find tips on graphic design and web design, helping in the development of any project.

It also has a section full of materials that can be used as inspiration source – be it photographs, illustrations, advertising campaigns and examples of typography.

And, if you’re still not convinced, Designerd still has a section created especially for sharing free tools, suggestions for stock photos and various tools that can make a designer’s job easier.

2. Room 7 Design

Sala 7 Design is another very popular national design blog, created by designers, advertisers and other professionals in the creative market.

The blog receives publications about the entire universe of design, with an exclusive section to deal with art in general, decoration, technology and photography, with news, tips and curiosities from the market.

In Sala 7 Design you can still find information about the main design events in London, as well as an exclusive section for sharing materials that can be used as a source of inspiration.

3. Design on the WAUs

Design on the WAUs is one of the most traditional design blogs in our country.

Created with the aim of being a reference bank about design and its aspects, the blog is a great source of inspiration for any designer who is developing materials.

In it, you can still find a section created exclusively for sharing tips and several tutorials, teaching everything from modeling 3D materials to creating sculptures in Photoshop.

One of the distinguishing features of Design on the WAUs is the attention it gives to product design, showing creative examples of design that go beyond the creation of packaging, but that can improve the experience and add value to the products.

4. Brainstorm 9

Despite not being a blog that deals exclusively with design, Brainstorm 9 is indispensable for any professional who works with Communication it’s the development of advertising pieces.

On the air for over 15 years, B9 has sections that deal with games, movie theater, music, photography, social media and Business – all from the perspective of communication professionals.

In its design section, Brainstorm 9 shares News important, case studies and some smart solutions in advertising campaigns and art galleries.

And a differentiator of Brainstorm 9 are its podcasts, who treat the challenges of the profession in a good-humored way, market news and details about pop culture in general.

5. London Designers

As its name suggests, Designers Brasileiros is a blog that discusses main problems faced in the daily lives of professionals of our country.

Not by chance, it has already been on the list of the main blogs in London on 3 occasions, a testament to the quality of its content and the relevance for any design professional.

One of the great differentials of London Designers is the variety of topics discussed on the blog, including the game design, automotive design, interior design, graphic design, packaging design and many others.

The blog also has a section dedicated to technology, increasingly important for the work of designers.

6. Creatives

Criatives is a blog that deals with art, design inspiration and creativity with a simple and easy to understand language. This makes this blog a great option for those who already work with design but have not yet mastered all the details of the profession.

At Criatives, you will find analysis of promotional campaigns, tips for manipulating digital images, photos, architecture and a host of other design-related topics.

And in addition to sharing content that can serve as inspiration for creating promotional campaigns, Criatives also shares a series of courses and free materials who can help broaden your knowledge of design, branding and entrepreneurship.

And, as the name of the blog suggests, Criatives has a series of posts that deal with creativity and innovation, content that can serve as a great source of inspiration.

7. Learn with Canva

Learn is Canva’s blog, the design platform disseminated in London. The publication focuses on teaching the lay public to create professionally finished artwork for free and intuitively.

If you are not a designer and want a little help to create your company’s visual communication material or pump up your social networks, you will find what you need in Learn.

The content is divided into four categories: Design, Business, Education and Photography. For each of the categories, there are several easy-to-follow tutorials and expert tips to help you discover new solutions – without wasting time and without compromising your budget.

And, of course, you also don’t want to be without a hint of inspiration when you’re really good at design, right? That’s why the Canva blog still offers you dozens of special articles on fonts, colors, trends and more.

International design blogs

8. Designboom

Designboom is one of the most widely read design blogs in the world.

Created in 1999, the blog aims to share the latest news related to the design, architecture, technology, decoration and the art, presenting in detail the best projects and explaining the design and application of each one.

The blog is undoubtedly one of the best places where the design professional can find information about trends and news in the design area.

In Designboom, you can find over 450 thousand posts with curiosities, interviews, analysis and all kinds of content that can be used as inspiration in the work of any designer.

9. Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo is a blog created by London designer Fabio Sasso and today it is one of the main design blogs around the world.

The blog is an excellent source of inspiration for designers, as it has several materials to give ideas for the development of advertising pieces, websites and other materials.

And just like the other sites we list in this post, on Abduzeedo you can also find free tools, templates and tutorials that can help you create even more effective campaigns for your business.

10. Designmodo

Designmodo is a very useful blog for professionals working on creating blogs, websites and other digital materials.

It has an exclusive section for WordPress tips, where you share tutorials, themes and even plugins that can help in the development of more beautiful and interactive blogs.

Your tutorial page is even more complete than the other blogs we list in this post, going beyond the tips for using the Photoshop and Illustrator, teaching good practices for the use of HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap and everything needed for good digital material.

One of Designmodo’s differentials is its repository of free fonts, icons and templates, helping to develop more beautiful, interactive and efficient websites.

11. Creative Review

The Creative Review is undoubtedly one of the most important design blogs that deserved to be on this list just because it is the online version of one of the most traditional magazines in the world, founded in 1981.

On the Creative Review blog you will find the latest News from the creative market, analysis in-depth and discussions about the design world, creative advertising and the influence of pop culture in digital productions.

In addition, you will have access to sections that discuss the most diverse areas of design, such as social media, advertising, digital media, photography and a number of other topics related to design.

The publication also organizes a series of contests that evaluate the best campaigns of the year, with a detailed analysis of each competitor for the prizes. A great source of inspiration in the development of promotional campaigns.

Now that you know the best national and international design blogs, which can help you stay up to date, read our post with the 9 basic principles of responsive web design and how they can help you build an efficient website!