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Many decision makers do not know what to do to attract new customers, and one of the big problems is the marketing budget. In this article, we will see several low cost tactics that you can apply right now to get great results.

Have you ever heard that advertising is the lifeblood of the business? Very popular, this saying reflects a truth: most companies recognize that to be successful, they need to know how to attract customers when promoting themselves.

And reaching customers has never been as popular as it is today. While there are numerous channels, strategies and tools available in the palm of your hand, competition is also increasing.

Worse, the budget for marketing is hardly as big as the decision makers would like. Fortunately, neither the competition nor the lack of money need to be reasons for your company not to win more customers.

At least not with the 11 low cost tips that we will show you in this article! Not to mention the number 1 marketing rule that we will teach from now on. Come on?

Why do you really need a strategy to attract customers?

Have you ever seen someone talk about marketing as if it were a low-work, high-financial tactic? Successful businesses do not believe in this type of myth.

On the contrary, they understand that nothing can replace good planning and the willingness to follow it with the utmost commitment. In addition, they know that it is vital to closely monitor the results and adjust whatever is needed without delay.

But, what if you already run a successful marketing team? Past success does not guarantee future success. That simple. Everything in digital marketing changes very fast. With that, not even the best planning is unscathed for long.

To prove this, it is worth checking some statistics on the general competitiveness in the market, taking into account the effects of digital transformation.

According to a Sana survey, 70% of digital projects are driven by pressure from competitors. Among these, 35% are afraid of new players in the digital market.

This means that there are a lot of new people entering the internet, and whoever is already there wants to specialize more and more.

Marketing rule number 1: know your customer

Many companies still think it is possible to be successful for a long time without really digging into who their customers are.

Worse still, there are those who think that spending time to find out who the ideal customer is would take time from more important activities and could decrease sales.

Don’t be one of those people. The number one rule of marketing is: get to know your customer very well. For that, there is nothing better than understanding who your ideal consumer is, that is, your persona.

The persona represents that customer who will always buy from you, you will truly benefit from your products or services and, who knows, you will even defend your brand to other people.

Now, if you ignore this advice and target your actions to an overly general audience, you run a great risk of selling to customers who will not have a very good relationship with your business.

Eventually, those customers who are not part of your ideal audience leave the company and look for another solution in the market. But don’t do that before it gives you and your team a lot of headaches.

The best way to create your persona is to interview as many customers as possible. It is the patterns found in their responses that will help you find your persona.

How to attract low budget customers with these 11 proven tactics?

Anyone who thinks that investing in digital marketing requires a very large budget is wrong. On the other hand, consider that the less money you invest, the more time your team will spend learning the concepts and applying them in the right way.

So carefully consider what is worth doing internally and what marketing services are worth paying for outsourcing.

Now, see 11 low cost practices, but which can bring incredible results to your business!

1. Corporate blog

The blog is at the heart of the Inbound Marketing methodology, the main digital way to attract and retain customers today.

This method basically consists of generating value through content relevant to the persona. Like this, the more help you provide to your potential customers, even before trying to sell anything to them, the better.

Where does the blog go in all this? It is the main content channel that your company may want. Best of all, the cost of implementation and maintenance can be close to zero.

2. Social networks

With the billions of active users on the main social networks every day, sharing content, both organically and paid, has never been easier.

The best thing is that you can choose what kind of audience will be in contact with your message, since the segmentation power of these networks is great.

Social networks can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • selling products directly;
  • boost your content strategy;
  • gain leads for your sales department.

It is no wonder that many businesses use these channels to provide real-time customer support.

3. Affiliate marketing

There are those who think that affiliate marketing is only for those who sell infoproducts, but that is not true. Any company can offer commissions for other people to promote and sell their products.

This can be very advantageous, as you will outsource part of the promotion and sale process in exchange for a small part of the revenue.

4. Email list

Creating an email list is one of the best marketing investments your business can make. This channel is very powerful for cultivating and engaging an audience.

Email marketing still has the advantage of be a widely tested means of communication and do not suffer from major changes over time.

The same cannot be said of social networks, which can change their internal policies at any time and affect their entire marketing plan.

With the right actions, your email list can be key in generating many leads and closing multiple customers for your business.

ebook email marketing

5. Online ads

Who doesn’t know businesses that still insist on delivering printed pamphlets and advertising on sound cars to reach their customers?

On the internet, you can make a type of disclosure as direct as these traditional tactics, only more modern and effective. We are talking about sponsored links.

These ads can be carried out both on search engines (such as the powerful Google) and on major social networks. The great asset of this type of advertising is the chance to deliver a tailored ad to the right people (your persona), and get great results from it.

6. Referral program

Refer a friend and get a benefit. This is the basic dynamics of a referral program. The specific number of referrals and the benefit are at your discretion, but shouldn’t be too complicated for customers to understand or apply.

Even companies that today are giants in the digital market, such as Facebook and Dropbox, have used (and still use) referrals as an important engine of growth.

7. Loyalty program

If you’ve taken advantage of discount coupons anywhere, you know how successful they are with customers. But what if your business model does not fit with the use of this type of resource?

Just take what the coupons represent – the idea of retain customers by offering them real advantages. For this, a great option is to launch a loyalty program.

8. Partnerships

If your company is unable to carry out certain marketing actions on its own, how about joining forces with another business? Also called co-marketing, partnerships are very useful to increase the exposure of the two partners, and even generate sales opportunities.

Even its advantages go beyond the low cost. Proof of this is that even large companies, which have a budget to invest in marketing and are authorities in their market segments, bet on co-marketing.

9. Promotions

It doesn’t matter what your niche market is – there is always room to surprise customers with some kind of promotion.

Whenever you do a promotion, spread the word to all your customers and find a way to spread this information to potential customers who never bought from your company.

Just take care of calculate beforehand whether the discount can negatively affect your cash flow and hinder your campaign’s profitability.

10. Events

Has your company participated in fairs and professional events specific to the market in which it operates? With that in mind, search for the best events and ensure your presence at them.

An alternative, even lower in cost, is to participate in online events. Preferably, participate as a speaker or interviewee. And, if you can’t find any event of the type to participate, there is your opportunity to create one and further strengthen the brand.

11. Own website

Unfortunately, many decision makers feel that having a professional website is not a good investment. But this only happens when the site is poorly made and does not have a marketing and sales strategy behind it.

After all, it is the company’s exclusive channel on the internet, and knowing how to create a website or who to turn to for that has a single purpose: to attract and convince potential customers.

But, in addition to having a website, it is necessary to dedicate itself to fundamental aspects so that it brings the expected results, such as:

  • user experience;
  • IF THE;
  • attractive and relevant content.

After reading this post on how to attract customers, one thing should be clear to you: there are plenty of low-cost tactics to bring them closer to your business. The secret is in choosing the right strategies and devoting time and energy to make them work.

To start, it is important to invest in long-term tactics, which take longer to bear fruit, but pay off for longer. So, see in this article everything you need to know about local SEO!

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