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Changes in the labor market, of course, lead to the extinction – or appearance – of professions. With this, countless new possibilities of action are created at all times! In this post, we will list some of the most interesting and show the main reasons why they are likely to gain space.

When you go to the mall and, when you leave, go to the payment terminals, you probably don’t see practically any attendant at the windows as before.

Technologies took over the space of human beings who, as a result, needed to seek new areas of activity.

The subject “professions of the future” can scare many people, after all, thinking that your own career may not exist in a few years is really challenging. But don’t be afraid!

With the rapid development of technologies and digital transformation, it is natural for professions to change: there are no more cinema lanterns, telephone operators or telex operators, and everything is fine. After all, with the disappearance of several careers, the creation of many other.

In the next topics, you will get to know some very interesting and curious professions of the future – who knows your next area of ​​expertise is not in this text?

1. Waste manager

The world produces a lot of garbage and the trend is only to increase. When we think about the number of Earth’s inhabitants, added to the lack of awareness about recycling and aggressive industries that produce more and more pollutants, the prospects are not the best.

That is why, careers in the environment and sustainability business are big bets of the professions of the future. The waste manager enters as the person responsible for understanding, studying and thinking about ways to deal with waste.

Its function is to develop technologies and strategies that transform waste into a source of income and energy, practices that already exist with a certain timidity in the market, but tend to grow exponentially.

2. Environmental engineer

The environmental engineer has been around for a long time, but the trend is that the profession will increase sharply. In addition to the reasons already mentioned in the post, related to garbage and waste as a whole, issues such as global warming and the health of our planet will grow – and a lot.

A current practice that affects the quality of life not only of nature, but also of citizens, is engineering and construction in general.

A series of data from the year 2010, even though it is already 9 years old, says a lot about the impact of this market: civil construction, at the time, was the largest generator of solid waste!

That is why, it will be necessary to “think green” in each action, and the environmental engineer enters as a consultant or executor of works and actions that bring the least possible impact to the environment.

In addition, he will also be responsible for adapting habits that already exist and are harmful to the environment: there are already laws in relation to the size of buildings in large cities and others that require the builder to reserve a green area in the work, for example.

3. Specialist in Artificial Intelligence

There is no way to write a post about professions of the future without thinking about the famous Artificial Intelligence: 26 London companies have already specialized in offering this service exclusively, and the market is boiling!

Within the entire universe that involves research and development of incredible technologies, there will need to be professionals who know how to deal with these practices.

From scientists and engineers responsible for building, in fact, software and AI mechanisms, to analysts who provide consulting, support and sales.

4. Hospital engineer

Another profession that already exists, within an umbrella of the area, but has not yet undergone a major explosion. Medicine is experiencing incredible advances that happen practically every day – and they only tend to increase.

It will then be necessary to have professionals responsible not only for the discovery and development of new technologies, but also with those responsible for sales strategies, equipment maintenance and training of the medical team.

5. Telemedicine technician

There are still many controversies on the subject, but there is no denying: certain types of medical care are already carried out remotely.

The Federal Council of Medicine regulated Telemedicine for specific cases earlier this year, and always with great care and ethics.

The increase and development of technologies combined with the need to reach remote areas means that the movement to create platforms that facilitate medical care is already perceived, with great possibilities for an increase in the future. Thereby, technology and health professionals will benefit greatly.

6. Walker or Talker

Have you ever watched the movie “Her” – “Ela”, in London? If not, the film is basically about the relationship between a man and an operating system, like Siri, from iOS, which becomes a companion of the character, being part of his whole routine as a friend (and a little more than than that).

Similarly, the profession of “Walker” or “Talker”, something like “Walker” or “Talker” consists of people responsible for keeping company for the elderly, mainly from an online platform.

Their role is not that of a caregiver or nurse, who has physical responsibilities such as helping with locomotion, for example, but rather talking to them daily and making these people feel less alone in their routine.

7. Online store guide

A characteristic that can be negative when buying products through e-commerce is the lack of advice and quick help.

Currently, if they do not have enough information on the store’s own website, either the customer buys even when in doubt, or pauses the purchase and leaves in search of information on Google.

In the future, the trend is the rise and explosion in the number of people responsible for tracking online buyers.

It will be a kind of real-time customer support, with the function of helping and advising on purchases made on that platform in question.

8. Curator of personal memories

This particular profession is, as they say on the internet, “very Black Mirror”! There is even an episode of the Netflix series dedicated to the subject, which is already becoming a profession.

The personal memory curator is responsible for search a person’s whole life and develop a collection of memories. How was your life, most memorable moments, trips and memories of unforgettable people – all this will be done by the professional.

One of the highlights of the profession is the union of practice with augmented reality: it is the case of recreating remarkable places for the client, with the union of images, sounds and even smells that represent that place and bring good memories.

9. Augmented reality developer

The augmented reality is already gaining space in the job market, but the trend is for very positive growth. Using this technology in the sales area as a whole will become practically routine!

Architecture and construction companies, for example, have already been enjoying augmented reality experiences to sell houses or buildings: when you put on your glasses, you will see a very realistic version of what that place will look like after it’s done.

With the increase in investment and training of trained professionals, the forecast is that the quality and price (currently, technologies are still relatively expensive) will become much more accessible.

10. Cloud computing specialist

Cloud computing is a concept that is already widely discussed and studied, but, like all the other cases cited in this post, it tends to grow – a lot.

The professional in the field will be responsible for organizing and managing cloud computing, as well as discussing and developing new storage possibilities.

In 2016, data traffic on the internet was expected to surpass the “zettabytes” house, a measure that is equivalent to a sexillion bytes, that is, it is necessary to know how to deal with all the weight of information and data that comes with the internet very well.

11. Big Data professionals

We don’t even need to discuss the fact that the internet has become a complete giant in recent years. As a result, the amount of data stored online is just as stratospheric, as you saw earlier.

All the availability of data – which only grows – makes it necessary to have professionals able to analyze what can be taken from this volume of information, with strategic objectives.

From the data analysis, it is possible to obtain valuable information on a persona’s purchasing behavior and information consumption, as well as very powerful trends from practically any niche that exists today on the internet.

The Big Data professional will be responsible for categorize, treat and analyze all this information that arrives at fast speed.

As much as the focus of the professions of the future is inevitably in areas of technology, health and the environment – after all, they reflect the moment lived by humanity and its trends, if we continue with our evolutionary behavior -, it is possible to find several possibilities of very interesting activities in other areas.

The very evolution of advertising and the way of doing marketing is proof of that! Make sure that if you are reading this post and have any kind of involvement with content marketing, for example, is already riding the wave of the professions of the future.

Whether in a profession of the future, or in a “traditional” career, we should not forget, at any time, the curriculum. What’s up? How’s yours? Discover the best curriculum templates available for free!