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Producing quality content for your blog is certainly not an easy task. This journey involves discipline, creativity and a good deal of research. But the results are certainly worth the effort – so much so that most companies, in London and worldwide, use content marketing in one way or another. […]

Producing quality content for your blog is certainly not an easy task. This journey involves discipline, creativity and a good deal of research.

But the results are certainly worth the effort – so much so that most companies, in London and worldwide, use content marketing in one way or another.

But one of the highlights of this strategy is the creation of guest posts, that is, articles that are written as a guest on other blogs.

Want to see why it’s worth investing in right now? Then see 11 reasons to do a guest post and how it affects your company’s success.

Is it worth making guest posts?

Responding quickly, for sure! It may seem like extra work, but the truth is that guest posts represent one more opportunity to make your blog – and all your digital strategy – work.

It doesn’t matter if your blog is new and needs to focus on attracting traffic or if you already have an audience, but you lack authority. Writing as a guest on other sites brings immense benefits.

11 reasons to make guest posts

There are plenty of reasons to do a guest post (and, therefore, it was not at all complicated to list the following 11 topics).

The goal of any corporate blog is to create a qualified audience that can be engaged, and, ultimately, convert as many readers as possible into customers.

Based on this principle, see how exactly the reasons shown here contribute to this:

1. Attract traffic to your website

Attract traffic for your website is essential to establish a process in which it is possible to convert at a high level.

If your business is based on the digital market (as in the SaaS and e-commerce markets), attracting interested people is a matter of survival.

Publishing posts on other blogs, especially those that are references in your industry, is a way to attract qualified traffic to your website or blog.

The idea is to get people to take advantage of your material so much that they want to know more about you. As guest posts accompany a link to the destination site, they will get to know your company better.

2. Establish market authority

On some sites, the name of the author and the company is credited, while others are more generalist, citing only the name of the business.

In any case, it establishes authority in the market. Whenever possible, having the name of the author – especially if you are one of the founders – associated with the content is interesting.

After all, the person will serve as a banner for all brand content and help to disseminate it more efficiently. WAU is an example in this.

Two of our founders, Diego and Peçanha, usually publish guest posts on other blogs. This gives weight and credibility not only to them, but also to WAU. As well?

They have become national references in sales and marketing. Because of this, they are often invited to speak at events, which again takes the Websites Are Us brand to a new level.

Do you see how good personal marketing leads to more complete corporate marketing? Guest posts are an integral part of that.

3. Impact new audiences

When writing for a blog different from yours, one of the benefits is to reach a larger audience, made up of many people who did not know your company yet.

The focus of guest post planning is to write articles for websites that have a similar audience but don’t compete with your business.

So, think about the jump in visitors you can get by creating quality guest posts for several blogs that already have a “ready” audience to hear your message.

4. Opening doors to larger partnerships

Another factor to consider is that, even if it is a win-win partnership for both sides, a guest posts agreement is just the gateway to a relationship that can be even greater.

Think, for example, of co-marketingthat involve the production of rich materials like ebooks and tools. Or maybe even creating a joint event.

The important thing is to know that strategic partnerships have the potential to take a business to new horizons, and the first glimpse of this can happen with a guest post.

5. Grow your email marketing list

It is very likely that your blog already has a newsletter (and, if you haven’t already, hurry up to do one!), A great tool to keep readers’ interest alive.

From the moment that new readers are brought up to your content, the chances of increasing the list of subscribers is much greater, right?

As a tip, try to highlight this list in each of your posts, as well as in strategic places, such as the sidebar and the beginning or end of the posts.

6. Improve search engine positioning

Search engines, like the powerful Google, are always aware of the ability of sites to offer exactly what people search for, that is, satisfy search intentions.

One of the ways used by the algorithms to deliver the most relevant sites is to look for signs of trust. This is where backlinks come in, that is, links where another site points to a page of yours.

Why is this important to Google? It is as if these sites (even more so if they are respected vehicles with recognized authority on the network) recommend your page and say “I guarantee, you can trust”.

Therefore, search algorithms tend to consider sites with many quality backlinks as relevant and rank them better on search pages.

7. Improve your ability to produce content

Writing for a new audience, with editorial guidelines different from yours, forces you to improve your ability to produce content.

As similar as the persona is, each blog has an identity and a type of language that must be respected when producing a guest post.

Therefore, when writing articles on different topics for blogs other than yours, your ability to tell stories in an interesting way and deliver value will have to be constantly renewed.

This represents a personal and professional growth that cannot be measured only by the immediate results of the strategy.

8. Drive the launch of a product or service

Creating expectations about the launch of a new product or service is one of the best reasons to do a guest post that we can imagine.

Usually, this type of launch involves the creation of a landing page, which aims to capture emails.

Directing people to that page right after they have taken advantage of its content and are eager for more information is a good trigger to get interested to the point of registering.

9. Optimize your reach on social networks

Social networks are known for their great potential for dissemination and viralization of news, campaigns etc.

That is why, they are the perfect channel to promote your content . But when we talk about guest posts, the story changes in an interesting way.

It is not just your content that is promoted, but also your social media profiles.

A brief mention or response to the partner’s profile when the post is promoted may be enough to arouse fan interest in the networks as well.

10. Stimulating creativity

THE creativityis an important element of digital marketing, especially when it comes to producing quality content.

Writing on different topics – sometimes not directly related to the niche you dominate – for different blogs can be quite a fuel to find innovative ways to tell stories.

This has a direct impact on your internal content strategy, motivating new formats and changing the frequency of posts and even the language used.

But, in addition, it can serve as inspiration even for more strategic business decisions, such as the creation of new products or an evolution in the way of providing customer support.

11. Stay relevant in your niche

Reaching a level of authority and being recognized as a reference in your niche is time-consuming and requires consistent effort, as well as a good deal of planning.

But staying relevant may be even more complicated. Note how common it is for influencers and opinion leaders to write guest posts.

This is a good way to keep up to date with the most important issues in the operating niche and to be present in discussions on the topic.

These 11 reasons for guest blogging show how useful this tactic can be in your marketing and sales strategy. Therefore, do not consider it as just another task, but as a new strand of lasting results, with a base you already know: the content.

There are so many reasons to do a guest post that you may already be wondering how to do that, right? So download now our definitive guest blogging guide!

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