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Looking forward to starting a Google Adwords campaign? We are also always looking forward to starting new things. But doesn’t knowing the platform better, how it works and some basic tricks to ensure the success of your sponsored links not seem a better way to avoid wasting money? We were sure you would agree! That is why […]

Looking forward to starting a Google Adwords campaign?

We are also always looking forward to starting new things.

But doesn’t knowing the platform better, how it works and some basic tricks to ensure the success of your sponsored links not seem a better way to avoid wasting money?

We were sure you would agree! That’s why we’ve listed 11 things you need to know BEFORE running a campaign on Google Adwords. Check it out and don’t fall into traps!

1. Learn how it works

Google Adwords is an investment and should bring financial returns to your company.

Otherwise, why do it? So, before you get lucky, research, read about it, see the Google Adwords Beginners Guide and learn how it works.

In a very simplified way, it works as an auction, where those who “give more” take the advertising space.

But this “give more” is not just about the bid you make, but also about your ad’s quality score and the use of ad extensions (we’ll talk about them later).

2. Google Adwords is not just the search network

Google Adwords allows you to show your ads in four places: on the search network, on the display network, on Google Shopping and also on YouTube.

Those who do not know about these variables can lose great business opportunities due to a simple segmentation error.

The search network is broad and generally leads to a higher number of conversions, however the display network can help reach a more specific market niche, due to its audience segmentation format.

Google Shopping is for direct product sales and YouTube is for you to reach audiences who are always watching videos.

3. Activate geolocation

No, it is not enough to define your own location in Google Adwords.

You can go deeper into your geographic segmentation and define streets, neighborhoods, perimeters, cities, states and countries where you want your sponsored links to be displayed.

For example, if you have a restaurant and offer a buffet at lunchtime, you only want to reach people who can come to it at that time, do you agree?

The way is to activate the geolocation and establish a perimeter of 2 to 5 kilometers away, reaching an audience that is much more likely to reach you.

4. Device targeting also makes a difference

The audience that is a hard user of mobile devices is different from the one that is used to searching the desktop.

Then create different ads for each platform, respecting the profile of users and the limitations and potential of each device.

This way you will be able to achieve more effective results with each ad and still evaluate which of the devices brings the greatest return to your sponsored links strategy.

5. No goal, nothing done

Why do you want to run a sponsored link campaign? What should this investment bring to your company? Leads? Sales? Visibility?

Having well-defined goals helps to target your Google Adwords campaigns and thereby reach the right people at the right time, when they are looking for what you are offering.

Otherwise, it’s like shooting around a target hoping to hit the center.

6. The ad is only half the success

In addition to having a spectacular ad, you also need to have a sensational landing page that provides a unique experience for the visitor.

Fancy the design, information architecture, quality of images and navigability, ensuring that the visitor stays for a long time.

Create urgent with CTAs and do not delay in conversion.

The faster the process, the less chance that the visitor will get away without doing what you expect.

7. Watch out for keyword matching

There are 5 possible configurations for keyword matching:

  1. Exact: your ad will only be shown if the user types exactly the same;
  2. Phrase: your ad will only appear if the user uses the same phrase or something;
  3. Wide: your ad will appear for variations of the same keyword or phrase;
  4. Modified wide: your ad can appear in different contexts and searches;
  5. Negative: your ad won’t show when a negative keyword is linked to the search term.

Note that in the “broad” and “modified broad” settings, your ads can appear to a huge number of people, but that are not always interesting for your company.

Therefore, change the keyword matching setting to make your ads more focused by selecting “exact”, “phrase” or “negative”, depending on your goals.

8. Never lose sight of the search terms report

The search terms report lets you know which keywords were searched for the user to reach your ad.

This knowledge is for you to evaluate your list of keywords, eliminate those that are not yielding results and emphasize those that are generating traffic.

In addition, you can also evaluate the quality of your ads to see if they are really attracting potential customers or people who are not interesting to your business.

9. Enable ad extensions, always!

Ad extensions are additional information that may – or may not – be displayed alongside your sponsored links.

They can be location, contact, URL, among others.

Google decides what and when to show, but if you don’t enable it, you’ll never have that information displayed with your ads.

Remember here that they help you better rank your ads and thereby increase the score for the auction, so be sure to enable extensions!

10. The search network is not always more attractive

Usually people run to advertise on the search network, but the competition is so strong that the bids become higher and with that many entrepreneurs and small companies give up betting on Google Adwords.

It’s important to know that the Google Adwords display network, where your ads are shown on partner sites, is up to 5 times cheaper to advertise than on the search network and still allows for deeper targeting of your audience, making your even more assertive campaigns.

It is a good idea for those who have a tight budget or still want to reach a very specific niche of customers, so be sure to consider this possibility!

11.Google Adwords doesn’t work miracles

Yes, Google Adwords is an incredible strategy to increase your company’s results, but he alone does not work miracles.

To be successful with sponsored links you need, first of all, to know if your company offers quality products and services that are attractive to your target audience.

That is, before advertising on Google Adwords, structure your business, create processes, hire committed people and make sure that your company will be a success. Then communicate that to the world!

Now that you know everything you need to know before investing in Google Adwords, how about learning even more about the topic with our free ebook?

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