12 best tips on how to sell on WhatsApp – WAU

Companies are every day looking for new alternatives to sell through WhatsApp. After all, who doesn’t want to be present in an application that has more than a billion active users in the world? See how to increase sales through this platform!

WhatsApp is one of the best tools to increase sales and automate customer service. Sending quick messages and multimedia features allows you to create a closer relationship with your audience.

However, most entrepreneurs are still unable to use this tool in the business world.

The mix between personal and professional accounts is one of the main difficulties in creating a service routine and understanding the needs of the public.

Therefore, it is essential to know the best secrets to delight customers in this application. And it is on this subject that we separate several tips.

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1. Use WhatsApp Business

The first step is to install the WhatsApp Business version, which is aimed at small, medium and large companies.

The application has several features that help to increase your sales. One is the ability to check metrics.

Gone are the days when marketing was based on “guessing”. Now, working with data is fundamental in any communication channel.

The numbers facilitate decision making in your company, in addition to identifying which strategies were successful in WhatsApp Business.

To give you an idea, the application provides important information such as: number of messages that were sent by your team, which messages were delivered to customers and which messages were read by the user.

Besides that, the application allows you to send automatic messages and organize contacts according to the moment in customer purchase journey. Through labels it is possible to create groups named “new customer”, “new order”, “paid” among others.

2. Bet on the catalog function

Since 2018, WhatsApp has been studying the availability of a catalog function within WhatsApp Business accounts.

In the second half of 2019, the function was released to London users with the promise of increasing sales.

The tool allows customers to see the products available in the store, along with the value. This makes the entire sales process faster and more dynamic. So be sure to upload your products there.

product catalog on whatsapp

To do this, enter the account settings and click on “catalog”. Then, upload an image of the product and complete information such as: name, price, description, link (if you have it on another page, such as a website) and code.

It is important to note that this tool gives more flexibility to small entrepreneurs, who do not have their own website. If this is your case, abuse the tool!

3. Take time to attend

One of the biggest mistakes of companies that invest in WhatsApp is not giving full attention to the tool.

Some organizations disclose the contact, but do not leave a collaborator exclusively for this type of service.

A customer who sends a message to a company wants a quick response. Otherwise, you will buy with the competition.

Therefore, train a person on your team to learn how to deal with the public on the Internet.

4. Automate processes

WhatsApp work needs to be practical. After all, you will have several contacts to share information.

Imagine the difficulty of sending a personalized message to each user?

To make your routine easier, the transmission line was created. It will increase your productivity as it allows you to send a single message to several people at the same time.

In practice, the process works as follows: you add the numbers of your customers and send the message as if it were in a group on WhatsApp.

The most interesting thing is that your customers will receive a individual message, as if each sentence was designed according to your goals and desires.

It is essential to make it clear that messages are only sent to customers who are already on your list.

To increase the number of contacts, disclose your number in the email marketing signature, inform customers at each meeting or service and install a plugin on your website so that the user is taken immediately to your company number.

5. Understand the customer stage

Your work on WhatsApp must follow the theory of sales funnel, after all, each contact on your broadcast list will be at a different stage.

Therefore, the same content cannot be sent to the user who has just met his profile and to that person who has been communicating with his team for a long time.

A very interesting tip is to create a message schedule.

In practice, you can already leave separate what content will be sent to customers who are at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel.

Undoubtedly, this organization helps your customer move to the next stage of the funnel.

Remember to use the WhatsApp Business version to find out who viewed and read your content.

6. Invest in Content Marketing

A company cannot use WhatsApp only to advertise its company’s products and services.

On the contrary, one must also invest in Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is an excellent alternative for attract and engage your audience on WhatsApp through materials that are relevant and valuable.

This strategy is capable of generating value for people, ensuring a positive evaluation of your brand.

Content Marketing can also bring more consumer confidence, increase the sales of your business, leave the customer ready for purchase and even facilitate after-sales.

If you have a tennis store, for example, you can present your contacts with practical tips on how to keep it longer, how to store it carefully, how to wash it, among other issues.

The material can be sent in different media: photo, video, infographic and even audios.

Without a doubt, your engagement will increase over time. And, if the user likes the content, you will gain more trust from your customer.

7. Publicize your contact

Your WhatsApp sales cannot be restricted to just the customers you already have contact with. Therefore, it is essential to create strategies to attract new consumers to your network.

At this point, it is always important to remember that you cannot send messages to those people who have not authorized you to receive this type of content.

So, what to do to increase the contact number? Simple! Offer a digital reward.

Deliver a gift in exchange for your customer’s contact. You can use different types of benefits like e-books, infographics and discount coupons.

If the content is interesting enough for your audience, they’ll accept the gift.

To get these contacts, you must make a landing page with a good design.

In it, the potential customer will leave contact and other important information for your business. Then he becomes a lead and will be part of your sales funnel.

8. Be objective

The consumer likes fast and objective messages. If you are going to send audio, go straight to the point. Avoid sending content longer than one minute. Otherwise, the customer will not have the patience to listen to you.

During more complicated situations, call the customer and answer their question, since the message can bring several interpretations.

9. Discover other features

Instagram and Facebook have a tool that draws a lot of attention from its users: the famous Stories.

It makes your publication available only for 24 hours.

The feature is also part of WhatsApp. Although it is not yet a phenomenon in the application, some people already publish content frequently in this tool.

In WhatsApp, the feature is called Status. It is an excellent alternative for you to create urgency with your audience. In this space, use lightning campaigns with discounts or advertise a new product.

With this tip, your customers will be very excited about a new feature.

10. Use your audience’s language

The message to your customer does not have to be formal all the time. Depending on the subject and your market, use more relaxed language.

If your audience is more cool, bet on emojis to get closer to your consumer.

11. Listen to the customer

The good old feedback is critical to your business. Make a broadcast list of all those consumers who made a purchase in the past twelve months.

Ask how was the experience, what were the negative and positive points of the business, how was the post-sales, among other questions.

At first, you may be frightened by the opinions, but use each piece of information to improve your business or to maintain what is bringing good results from the beginning.

12. Train your team

After listening to your customers’ feedback, train your employees so that the message is sent in the best possible way.

If possible, try to offer training on empathy, how to solve problems quickly, what to do in conflict situations and how to innovate in service.

It is also important to listen to employees so that they can share their main difficulties. In this way, it will be possible to create more personalized training.

In WhatsApp, there is no point selling your product or service at all costs. You will only damage your reputation and gain your customers’ impatience.

Test new content formats, use your audience’s language and automate processes to increase your sales.

Remember that WhatsApp Business is the best option to chat with consumers on the app, as it generates more credibility and brings features that impact your business.

Now that you know how to sell through WhatsApp, how about creating a direct link to your profile. Find out in this article how it can make your customers’ lives easier and boost their results.