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Digital Transformation is an increasingly recurring issue among companies worldwide, and with good reason. The advancement of technology has been causing a considerable increase in globalization and changing the way people think and consume. All of this forces companies to adapt and create ways to attract, engage and […]

Digital Transformation is an increasingly recurring issue among companies worldwide, and with good reason.

The advancement of technology has been causing a considerable increase in globalization and changing the way people think and consume.

All of this forces companies to adapt and creating ways to attract, engage and retain customers, all while seeking to create more efficient internal processes.

As expected, Digital Transformation brings with it some trends, which serve as pillars for companies to establish themselves in this new business scenario.

So, see 12 of the main trends of Digital Transformation that deserve your attention!

1. Agility in innovation

Innovation is the only way to break down barriers and solve problems that until then had no solution. One of the biggest trends in Digital Transformation is precisely to facilitate and streamline this process.

It is extremely important that organizations are quick to apply changes, something that still fails to happen, especially in medium and large companies.

For innovation to be carried out more quickly, it is not enough to use the best technologies. It is necessary to assert a corporative culture that makes internal processes less bureaucratic.

After that, it’s easy to align everyone’s mindset and use the tools necessary to innovate and grow the business.

2. The importance of the customer experience

The customer experience, as you well know, is one of the pillars of Digital Transformation. Because of this, it is natural that it is one of the trends to keep an eye on.

Every successful company today understands that its greatest asset is to have satisfied customers, as they will continue loyal and even will promote the brand to others whenever they get the chance.

With Digital Transformation, there are several ways to take the customer experience to a level never seen before.

This ensures a predictable revenue stream and creates opportunities to generate and convert even more leads.

3. The role of content in sales

Content has never been more important to increase sales, and Digital Transformation plays a major role in this.

Content Marketing, for example, is already adopted by more than 70% of companies in London. In addition, it is one of the best digital marketing investments that a company can make.

This proves how much the production of relevant materials and interesting have an influence on the buying decisions of the modern consumer.

In addition, it also serves as proof that this is a trend that is here to stay. Consumers want quality information, and they want it now.

The brands that deliver this come out (a lot) ahead in the dispute for their attention.

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4. More powerful business intelligence solutions

Business Intelligence is another essential tool for businesses looking to grow and grab bigger slices of their respective markets.

After all, these robust systems offer assertive information based on data collected in conducting the business.

This means that having a BI solution can help reduce costs, prevent risks and increase profits.

Therefore, if your company does not yet have a Business Intelligence solution, it is worth considering its adoption.

This will leave you in much better condition. implant Digital Transformation successfully.

5. The convenience that digital offers

Another trend of Digital Transformation is already so common for us that it may go unnoticed: convenience. But how so?

For any problem that exists today, it is likely that there will also be a digital solution, whether indirect or prototype. Maybe you’re still wondering how this applies to your company, right?

First, when looking for services that facilitate your daily life and the tasks you need to perform. Here at WAU we use several digital tools that have helped us on this successful path so far.

Pay attention to evolution of the digital market and the conveniences it brings us also serves to have ideas that can be applied in your own niche market.

You never know what kind of inspiration you can find to come up with ideas that create value for your audience.

6. Greater security in transactions

One of the biggest concerns of decision makers who have the role of implementing Digital Transformation in companies is with respect to security.

Of course, nobody wants to risk years – or even decades – of reputation and consolidation in the market to bet on strictly digital solutions without having Warranty that it’s safe to do that.

Fortunately, the growing demand for digital services is accompanied by increasingly stronger security mechanisms, even when they involve strictly confidential data.

This includes the use of crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, SSL certificates for websites and many other solutions.

7. Multichannel interaction with customers

I have already commented here how important the content is to customers, who want to have information easily accessible at all times. The same applies to contact them with the marks.

Whether when asking for a quote or sending a support request after you have already purchased your product, customers want agility and convenience in service.

This goes directly through multichannel support, that is, making available to the public several contact options, so that they can choose what they like best.

This is where the so-called SAC 2.0 comes in, which needs to be used in conjunction with a good CRM, to ensure that the service history is maintained regardless of the channel used.

8. Artificial intelligence

If you thought artificial intelligence was a movie thing, or a solution reserved only for large corporations, think again.

Artificial intelligence has never been as accessible as it is today, and it has proved to be an excellent resource of business.

Tools such as Chatbots, which offer automated initial service to customers, are simple examples of this utility.

In addition, there are AI-based tools that contribute to product pricing, distance communication and many other tasks.

9. The power of remote work

In the past, labor relations were limited to a staff that worked within the company for the specific hours, tapped the card and went home.

But over time this structure has become increasingly difficult to maintain. The logistical challenges involved in it made it necessary to innovate, and remote work began to gain strength.

It is increasingly common to find professionals working in the same company, but spread across the country – or even the world.

In addition to not compromising performance, remote work still helps to quality of life and it makes it easier for companies to find the best professionals, not just the best located ones.

10. Smarter ads

Advertising on the internet was once considered the only existing marketing solution, and after a while it seemed like a crime to talk about ads.

With the advancement of Digital Transformation, both the technology and the way of working with ads has improved a lot.

It is now possible to invest in this form of disclosure without ceasing to be relevant and offer a good experience for customers.

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram offer options of great cost-benefit, high segmentation and that certainly contribute to positive results when used well.

11. New business models and by-products

In view of all the changes we have considered so far, it is evident that the digital market evolves and adapts itself every minute. Again, this should be remembered as an opportunity.

As the needs of the public change, new market gaps arise to launch by-products and, in some cases, randdefine entire segments.

Take a look at the effort traditional banks are making to compete with Fintechs, for example, or how Taxi apps are no longer just for taxi drivers, thanks to the Uber effect.

Right here at WAU, we realized that in addition to Content Marketing, knowledge itself is a very valuable by-product, which is why we created the Websites Are Us University.

Observing customer behavior and generating new revenue sources based on it is one of the most interesting trends in Digital Transformation.

12. Collaboration between sectors

Collaboration between sectors, such as Vendarketing, which we highlight a lot here, is also one of the key points for Digital Transformation to work in companies.

It is impossible to have really expressive results, or even to say that this transformation is complete, if one area operates without knowing anything about how the other works.

The clarity and transparency that come from a general collaboration make all the difference in the fruits that will be reaped later, both in terms of sales and profit and in terms of employee satisfaction and motivation.

Something that these Digital Transformation trends make very clear is that technology serves only as a tool, because the biggest change needs to happen in corporate culture.

Only from a new way of thinking and planning business will it be possible to implement this essential transformation.

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