12 channels that every Social Media Analyst must follow – WAU

The best channels for social media analysts to follow bring perspectives, news, tips and insights on the daily life of the profession. For those who work in the area, keeping an eye on them is essential.

The dynamism of Digital Marketing brings frequent changes and news that need to be closely monitored. For this, the main channels for social media analysts follow help produce true daily clippings of information that will make all the difference in everyday life.

The best thing to do is to define a selection of content vehicles with a focus on Digital Marketing to follow daily. Through the Web, you can find blogs, websites, newsletters and several other types of media that bring interesting news, analysis, tips and discussions about this segment.

In this post, we will help you stay on top of everything that is relevant about social media and Digital Marketing! Check out our selection of 12 information channels that you must follow.

1. WAU Brasil Blog

How about starting our list with this blog that speaks to you? The WAU Blog is the largest in Latin America when it comes to Digital Marketing, its segments, strategies, techniques, tools and everything that involves it.

You can find tips, news about news from the digital world and lots of content that will help you understand various issues related to social media.

The Blog da WAU also provides a series of more detailed materials, such as e-books and infographics that delve into important topics. It is a great opportunity to learn more through the perception of experienced market professionals.

2. Social Sprout

Certainly, you already know Sprout Social for what it is, in fact: a platform that supports to manage multiple customer accounts on social networks.

However, the company’s expertise in this segment was what motivated it to also create a platform where it can generate important content and attract the attention of people in the area.

The company now also has its own blog, in which it publishes interesting articles on social media, many of them with data inserted in graphics to help understand the market.

There, you can also find some good work tutorials, tips on how to use Sprout Social and other educational content.

3. Quintly

Another important tool that has become a producer of relevant content, Quintly is one of the best known solutions on the market, with very important features for those working with social media.

The authority that the company has with the analysis of data and results from social networks has given it the property to create a successful blog!

Basically, the contents are geared to practical tips for very common situations that a social media analyst deals with on a daily basis.

The blog brings content that talks about optimization and analysis of results, performance with tools and perspectives of the company on various topics, based on working with your customers.

4. Social Media Today

Beginners, experienced and professionals who are looking for insights and information: for all these profiles, Social Media Today plays an important daily role in terms of knowledge and updating.

The blog is one of the most important and accessed channels for social media analysts to follow. In this channel, you will find everything from tips to daily news content on very important topics. It is safe to say that it is possible to find everything you need to know to stay up to date on this segment.

What is being talked about lately will be found in the form of posts, many of them generated by a qualified network of collaborators. To facilitate your daily clipping, Social Media Today brings in your home the ranking of the 5 most accessed content recently.

5. News from Liliane Ferrari

Liliane Ferrari is one of the leading Digital Marketing professionals in the country, focusing on social networks.

Good, if you have Pinterest on one of the main strategy platforms, you need to follow the Liliane Ferrari News, professional profile at Refind. She specializes in Pinterest and you can learn a lot from her insights, ideas and content she posts daily.

There, you’ll find an excellent curatorship of news from major world media outlets on social media – of course, always remembering that everything went through Liliane’s sieve.

Everything that is really relevant, not only about Pinterest, but about Digital Marketing in its breadth, will certainly be addressed by it and related to content.

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6. Digital Results

Resultados Digitais is one of the leading experts and references in Digital Marketing in the country, also having its solution for social media analysts, RD Station.

The platform is geared towards marketing automation, that is, your blog is one of the main channels for social media analysts to follow. They know what they’re talking about and bring a lot of great content!

On their blog, you can find a multitude of tutorials, posts that bring the news of the week, articles on very common issues among professionals and practical tips very useful in everyday life. It is a true fundamental information platform for any analyst.

7. Neil Patel

Considered one of the great “Digital Marketing gurus”, Neil Patel really knows what he talks about, even if this title is very generic and repetitive.

What matters is that, for some time, he has had a blog entirely in London, with a accessible language and a plethora of content on all important topics within digital strategies.

From SEO to social media, Neil’s blog brings most of the content in a very didactic way. There are also some articles on important topics and trends in the segment, in which solid perspectives are transmitted.

8. Hubspot Brasil

If you have been working with social media for some time, you should know that Hubspot is one of the giants in tools for Digital Marketing.

Your blog is one of those channels for social media analysts to follow, with the certainty that there will be a lot of relevant content. Like other portals of this type, there are many articles on all subjects in the segment.

With educational posts, you’ll understand from strategies for social media to more specific tips from everyday work, such as advice for those who work from home. The language is quite light and fun, in some posts containing even good-natured GIFs. It is worth keeping the Hubspot Brasil blog on your radar!

9. Shopify

E-commerce and social media are getting closer! Company profiles can integrate campaigns and products to achieve better results and, within this strategy, Shopify is one of the most used virtual store platforms on the market.

It is not by chance that the company also has its blog to attract a good flow of readers, delivering very interesting content in return.

Despite the focus on e-commerce, on the Shopify blog, you can also find very relevant publications on social media, which is very interesting, since they are developed from a different perspective.

This is the case with posts that teach, for example, how to use the features of the e-commerce platform to generate ads for Facebook, without having to leave it.

10. Buffer

If you have no difficulties with English, you will certainly find that the Buffer blog is one of the main channels for social media analysts. The most interesting thing is that his focus is totally focused on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and other media.

There, you will have a wide selection of content ranging from trend analysis, discussions about news and also very valuable tutorials.

The market analyzes proposed in this channel are extremely interesting and help the professional to have very valuable insights. Now, they also make much of their content available in podcast format!

11. Hopper HQ

Hopper is a very efficient tool that has the function of automating social media posts, as well as providing metrics on these actions.

The platform is widely used in the market today, but the company has also attracted attention due to the content with which it has fed its authorial blog.

In this endeavor, Hopper’s focus is clear: help professionals to obtain the best performance in their strategies and actions on any social platform.

Therefore, the blog is full of tips, tutorials and tricks to achieve good results within each scenario. It is worth subscribing to the newsletter to stay on top of everything!

12. Social Media Examiner

Another great company that stands out with platforms and that also made a bridge of success to stabilize itself between channels for social media analysts to follow.

The Social Media Examiner blog features educational posts, with analysis, news and also curates diverse content. As a result, professionals in the field have a world-class information platform!

Despite the focus on social media, if you like to always stay tuned to Digital Marketing in a broad way, on the blog, you will also find a lot of useful content.

These 12 channels for social media analysts to follow will make all the difference in the daily lives of those who need to be tuned in the segment! Everything changes very fast in the digital environment, and keeping up to date is essential to survive.

Among social media, Twitter is one of the most used and important in the world, especially for customer service. Enjoy and check out the brands that stand out the most when using this platform!