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LinkedIn is one of the leading social networks in terms of user numbers, both in London and worldwide. However, its corporate characteristic is quite strong and it is necessary to follow a book of good practices to be successful on the platform. Check out a list of the main national and international profiles to follow and get inspired!

Currently, about 13 million people are unemployed in London. On the one hand, this data accelerates informality and the search for the development of skills that allow self-employment.

On the other hand, it also encourages the use of platforms that help relocate to the market.

LinkedIn is one of the most sought after resources in this regard. Its features bring out its characteristics of social networks: encouraging conversations, individual chats and constant gamification in the construction of the occupational profile.

However, this network is quite different from others, such as Twitter and WhatsApp. The corporate environment is very visible: in addition to the tools available, shared issues tend to be more serious and exchanges are more formal.

Whether to create brand authority for your business, or to facilitate the process of selecting new employees, accompanying companies that stand out in this network is an important step in collecting references and also to learn about the platform’s best practices.

Continue with us and check out 12 profiles to follow on LinkedIn!

National profiles to follow on LinkedIn

LinkedIn already has 562 million users around the world. London is the 4th country among the 200 reached by the platform – we have 34 million registrations there, divided between personal and business profiles.

In this list, we bring some London names for you to follow there. Check out!

1. Luiza Helena Trajano

Creator of the retail chain Magazine Luiza, Luiza Helena Trajano is one of the most influential names on LinkedIn.

Through texts on the network, Luiza Helena addresses very well topics with which she has great experience, such as the presence and performance of women in the labor market and how to manage family businesses.

His profile adds up to 27 published articles, all of which are always very well received. The amount of comments and shares in each of them certainly demonstrates this.

2. Camila Fernandez Achutti

If you work with entrepreneurship and technology, you need to follow Camila Fernandez Achutti. Born in 1991, which is young, the businesswoman also has an innovative vision. She founded MasterTech, an education company that offers courses in technology and business.

Camila was selected in the platform’s Top Voices in 2018. The choice of these profiles considers, in particular, engaging content and generating conversations from it. With that in mind, we can understand the relevance of your work on LinkedIn.

3. Cezar Taurion

Are you curious to understand more about the impacts of technology on people’s lives and the future of business?

This is the main topic covered by Cezar Taurion on LinkedIn. The partner at KICK Ventures and president of the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute is also on LinkedIn’s Top Voices 2018 list.

He already has more than 30 thousand followers on his profile and also brings content aimed at those who intend to innovate in the business of startups, as well as topics on digital transformation and the future of the job market.

4. André Forastieri

Journalist and communication consultant, André Forastieri is very close to politics and economics, and usually writes about the London context on his LinkedIn. However, most of his texts even talk about innovation, technology and career.

The provocative and opinionated tone is usually its main differential, which has already gathered half a million followers in its profile.


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International profiles to follow on LinkedIn

For those who master English, it is also interesting to follow LinkedIn’s foreign influencers.

Many times, several trends are launched abroad and those who have the ability to adapt them to the London reality are ahead of the competition. Shall we go to them?

5. Arianna Huffington

This surname is probably familiar to you, right? The founder of the Huffington Post and CEO of Thrive Global – this to name just a few of its many performances – has an impressive 8 million followers on LinkedIn.

Perhaps it is irrefutable proof that it is possible to be influential in this network too!

Communication tips (with a focus on non-violent communication) and discussion on current world issues (mainly about the President of the United States, Donald Trump) are among the topics most discussed by Arianna Huffington.

6. Richard Branson

Richard Branson is the founder of the Virginia Group and has an incredible 15 million followers. In his texts, he brings tips for professional improvement and career learning.

Productivity, social responsibility and entrepreneurship tips are also among his favorite topics. The good news for those who don’t speak English is that some of their publications can be found even in London.

7. Bill Gates

One of the main pioneers in the world of technology, Bill Gates, remains relevant to this market and LinkedIn is one of the platforms he uses for this – Microsoft, one of the most valuable brands in the world, including, is the owner of the network. The deal was closed in 2016, for the trifle of $ 26.2 billion.

In addition to publications on technology, education and climate change, Gates also uses LinkedIn to post videos. This format is relatively recent on the network.

Native videos on LinkedIn have been allowed since 2017 and contribute to the engagement of the Microsoft co-founder with his 19.5 million followers.

8. Gretchen Rubin

The business world has many difficulties. How about following someone who can provide tips on how to facilitate this process?

This is Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling The Happiness Project (in London, The Happiness Project), whose motto is that, if time is money, money can buy happier moments.

As a happiness coach, your texts are especially focused on maintenance of well-being in small daily tasks, and how to reconcile this with professional life.

Brand profiles to follow on LinkedIn

As we said, the social network is divided between business and personal profiles. While the profiles to follow on LinkedIn that we brought here can bring inspiration and knowledge about their respective fields of activity, those close to our list can provide insights into best practices for brands in that network.

It is worth mentioning that even small businesses can benefit from a company profile on LinkedIn.

Unlike other networks, like Facebook, over there, it is still possible to have a considerable reach with organic publications, something very sought after by those who invest in content marketing.

The relevance of the content remains more important than the format. Speaking what your audience wants to hear, you can stand out, even without major productions.

9. Evernote

In 2014, Evernote was already among the most prominent brands on LinkedIn. A lot has changed since then, but the profile of this software remains a good source of insights.

With a visual identity that is both clean and striking, the brand follows a pattern in the contents that go to the feed.

Another good practice of the brand was the adoption of a character that works a lot like the face of the company. Periodically, Forrest Bryant appears in short, fun videos with tips on organization and productivity.

10. Hays

It makes perfect sense that a recruiting and selection company is one of the most loved ones on LinkedIn, doesn’t it?

The choice of the best companies in the network during 2018 was made by the users themselves. The 13,000 nominations gave victory to Hays, a company that also topped that list in 2017.

With publications that direct to the company’s blog, content relevant to the network’s public is one of its main attractions. In addition, the profile also brings a standardized aesthetic, which reinforces your branding on LinkedIn.

11. GE

GE has a unique LinkedIn profile, where you can find publications from the London and American companies.

One of its main differentials is present complex content in a simplified and interesting way.

The company knows how to use videos well: the editions are complemented with short texts, which make it easier to get the message across and also assist in viewing the content during autoplay, in which it is broadcast without audio.

12. Teleperformance

Teleperformance is a company specialized in omnichannel solutions and consumer experience, and also appeared among the best business pages on LinkedIn during 2018.

The visual identity of the page is also very striking: attractive images with short texts and positioned so as to attract the attention of the reader.

In addition, its content is commonly presented in the form of “editorials” and the hashtag #QuoteOfTheDay (or #AFraseDoDia) is a campaign that usually brings a lot of engagement to the brand.

LinkedIn is a social network focused – especially – looking for opportunities and talent selection.

In this sense, also has become a hub where content creators publish their main insights on career, entrepreneurship and job market trends.

Knowing profiles to follow on LinkedIn – whether national, international or companies – is a way to keep up to date and learn about the best practices in the network.

Do you want to further improve your knowledge on LinkedIn and learn how to position yourself as an authority there? Get to know the WAU University course on this platform and register now!