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How about using creative elements in your email marketing strategy and increasing the open rate? Learn how!

You may have heard that email marketing has incredible potential: high ROI, low cost, broad membership … In short, any marketer’s dream.

But, without a well-designed strategy and an extremely creative message, you will hardly reach the nirvana of this universe.

And, well, we already talked about strategy in this post. So, now we are going to help you with the 2nd part of the challenge: good ideas.

But, before we go on to the most interesting part, we need to remember some details. Follow:

Care with a creative email marketing campaign

“Creativity is the lifeblood of the business.” You have probably heard this phrase – which also applies to email marketing, but requires some care. For example:

Study your persona well

Not every audience will react well to the topics that we will suggest in this post.

So, before implementing them, think about your persona, the type of language she uses and how these ideas communicate with your brand image.

If you still consider putting these ideas into practice, be sure to take the 1st step of any marketing strategy …

Guide to creating personas

Test your hypotheses

If you are unsure about the impact these practices can have on your subscriber base, test them with a small sample from your list.

This is the best way to control risks, gather information and analyze the success of your hypothesis.

Tips for creating a creative email marketing

Now that you know the main points of attention on this topic, let’s go to the fun part: 13 tips to win the hearts (and clicks!) Of your recipients.

1. Study the subject of your emails

For a good email marketer, there is nothing more frustrating than email with a low open rate.

And no wonder: do you create incredible content, plan your editorial calendar and fail to convince users to open your message? Speak seriously?

So it’s important create extremely flashy email subjects and study their performance.

More than that, stay tuned to the email subjects you receive.

Subscribe to the newsletter of other sites that may be interesting for your persona and keep an eye on the subjects they use.

Make a collection with the most attractive and use as a bank of ideas. Then, just create your adaptation and test. Who knows, you might discover a mine of clicks?

Email Subject Generator

2. Use the full potential of preview text

If you use an automation tool, you can probably include a short text right after the email subject.

This space is known as:

It is a great way to keep your message suspense and, at the same time, a 2nd opportunity to convince your readers to open your email.

But beware! Keep in mind that the greater the number of characters in your subject, the smaller the space preview text.

Thus, if your subject is very large, there is no point in filling out the supporting text, as it will not appear.

Here are some examples to inspire you:

3. Create special dates and actions

Easter, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year… The list of holidays is immense, and everyone already knows them.

So, think outside the box and innovate. Celebrate bizarre dates or create new dates especially for your audience.

For example: if your persona is a fan of some very popular series, create a specific action to celebrate the day the pilot episode aired. Or rather, celebrate a special date for one of the characters!

J.K.Rowling and fans of Harry Potter they are always celebrating the little wizard’s birthday and other occasions through social media.

Why not launch this trend via email too?

4. Use a new sender

Do you want to innovate in the relationship? Change the sender’s name!

Probably, you should have already sent a welcome email showing who your company’s voice is, as dictated by good email marketing practices. Because of this, your audience already knows what to expect from your messages.

By changing the sender, you will feed an extremely powerful feeling: curiosity. With it, the chances of you seeing an increase in your opening rate is very high.

But be careful! This tip should be used sporadically, on special occasions. If you change the sender all the time, you will spoil the element of surprise and the different will become “normal”.

In addition, your subscriber base may be confused or, worse, irritated.

So always use common sense and don’t forget to introduce who the new sender is, of course.

5. Be good-natured

Creativity and good humor are always hand in hand.

When a person is having fun, he associates everyone involved with positive feelings and, in the case of brands, this is wonderful.

Preferably, use a humor related to your area. This reinforces connections with your market and may even generate some referrals.

Bonus tip: if you work in marketing, you can get inspired by this post with marketing jokes.

6. Use custom fields

If you already use an automation tool, invest in the use of personalization totems.

They make your message much more exclusive and increase engagement rates.

But be careful! Just send a personalized email to the contacts who have all the fields filled in or your super creative idea can become a faux pas:

Creative email marketing: example of a mistake made in an email

7. Campaign for specific segments

Another creative way to innovate in email marketing and improve your metrics is to work with specific segments.

The possibilities are endless… or almost, because it all depends on the amount of information you have in your database.

There is no point in wanting to send a message according to your subscribers’ favorite football teams if this type of information is not relevant to your company and therefore has never been requested on any registration form.

8. Use behavior triggers

A mention on Twitter, a cart abandonment, a form that was visited but was not filled out …

Behavior triggers are a great opportunity to hook clicks.

If you have a good marketing automation tool, it’s easy to track your leads ’actions and send messages on time.

With the knowledge about the context in which that person is, it is possible to build a specific and well personalized message.

9. Bet on GIFs

Bearing in mind that using videos in emails is a little more complicated (and still isn’t accepted by all email providers), GIFs are a great way to spice up your message with a little action.

For the more formal personas, GIFs that show the evolution of a graph can be a great attraction to download a new report, for example.

But, if your audience allows a little humor and fun, GIFs are a guarantee of success! A great idea is to use gifs from series and music clips that your persona already knows, which makes it easier to connect with the message.

In the end, the main question with GIFs is: never fail to fill in the alt text! This helps the email server to understand your message and, even if someone cannot see it, that person will still be able to understand your text.

Letícia Abrantes, from Saia do Lugar, is an expert on the subject. Take a look:

Creative email marketing: Email from Letícia Abrantes

Gif already thought

10. Use emojis and emoticons

If you still don’t know the difference between emojis and emoticons, find out here. If you already know, don’t waste time and start using them in your messages.

Be in subject matter – to stand out in the inbox – or in the very email body – to emphasize the content – the important thing is to be consistent with the theme in question.

Creative email marketing: email marketing with broken heart emojis and headphones

Emoticons, for example, are great for conveying a more informal idea without taking your attention off your CTA.

11. Don’t forget the #hashtags

The darlings of Twitter and Instagram have already reached Facebook and, why not, email marketing. Using a hashtag is a great way to work a multichannel campaign.

You can launch a campaign, publicize it on social media with a specific hashtag and include it in the email.

Creative email marketing: GrowthHackers emails with #growthideas

You can even go further and place a call to action by inviting your readers to post and search for content with that #, helping to viralize your campaign.

Creative email marketing: Tweet from GrowthHackers with #growthideas

12. Play with CTAs

Another creative way to get clicks to your message is to play with calls to action.

Whether in text, image or button, don’t be afraid to dare. Your message has a purpose and you need to be very persuasive to convince the reader to stick to it.

The internal emails from the Websites Are Us marketing team are the best examples. As the company has more than 200 employees, whenever they launch a tool or strategic content, the entire company is invited to share.

And emails are extremely creative:

Creative email marketing: Creative CTAs in Luiza Drubsky's internal email sent to the Rock Content team

13 – Stay tuned to the most commented subjects of the moment

Do you know when you are looking at your computer screen and do not know how to start your email? Or even worse, when you write, write and produce nothing interesting?

A good way to decimate this creative block and gather new ideas is to use Google Trends!

Check out all about the tool in this post!

This amazing (and very simple) tool tells you what are the most searched topics on Google that day, that is, what are the topics that have a good chance of generating engagement!

In addition, Google Trends allows you to segment your search according to different categories such as business, sports, entertainment, health and more.

And if your email is “for yesterday”, you can also find out what’s “pumping” through the Moments and Twitter trending topics!

After these searches, just look for connections between the subject you are going to address in the email and the news you saw. Okay, say goodbye to creative blocking and low engagement!

Twitter Marketing

In short, yes, it is possible to do creative email marketing without damaging your reputation with the email servers or harming the results of your strategy.

And now you have enough material to revolutionize your communication.

Take the opportunity and learn to create a killer nutrition flow. This is a great way to test our tips and, of course, win a few more customers!

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