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Stop being an employee to be an entrepreneur. Increasingly, this search is increasing, and this has generated a new wave of entrepreneurship in London. Many want to start this movement, but have doubts about which area to follow, after all, there are opportunities for many businesses.

Why keep working for someone if you can run your own business? This is a growing thought in London, especially due to the current economic situation, which is complicated.

The number of young people aged 18 to 35 who took this first step increased to 57% in 2017. However, there is an issue that still raises doubts: good ideas of entrepreneurship!

There are no restrictions when opening your own business, only that you need to evaluate some issues. Investments, the market, daily work and the possibilities of profit – all of these must be carefully studied, since the success of the enterprise depends directly on these details. There are many great ideas that can be evaluated!

In this post, you will see some developments that have given great results in different regions, for specific audiences and with a good range of products and services. Next, find out the 15 best entrepreneurship ideas for 2020!

1. Barber shop

Men have been deconstructing the idea that care for appearance is a woman’s thing. A space that has helped this is the barber shops.

With more and more services, they have also been thinking about create receptive and pleasant environments, that offer more than just a haircut, but a whole club experience and feel.

One of the first investments is a space, owned or rented. There are also professional equipment and products. Thinking of an efficient and outstanding business, but small, you need to start with a capital of around R $ 10 thousand.

It is also important to have at least one more professional, if possible. This could be the start of a very successful business!

2. Kennel

Forget that old idea of ​​a kennel for abandoned dogs. This is not one of the entrepreneurial ideas that we are going to present. Kennels work as daycare centers, or even hotels for dogs.

They can stay there during a trip by the owners, while one of the dogs in the house is in heat, or on a number of other occasions. For this, the offer is a specific service, with an appropriate area and trained professionals who know how to deal with dogs.

The initial investment does not have to be very large, relying only on specific equipment for care, a good space and an initial volume of feed and water.

About R $ 8 thousand it should be enough for the business to start moving and then working capital to sustain operations. With good publicity and dedicated work, the chances of the business growing are very big!

3. Dog walkers

Still in the area of ​​pets, a dog walker company is a great alternative. Very common in the USA, in a profitable market $ 1 billion in 2018, the idea has arrived in London successfully.

They are people who create their own businesses and are responsible for pick up dogs in neighborhoods and take them on the street. This is a very important habit for animals, but the lack of time prevents some owners from being able to do it.

The most interesting thing is that the investment is very small. Therefore, anyone who has experience in dealing with dogs and is interested in the business, needs to invest around only R $ 1,000, which will take place with advertising and publicizing the service. One of the best entrepreneurship ideas!

4. Jewelry store

Accessories make up a great market, always with space for entrepreneurs with good ideas. The jewelry is cheap, beautiful and offers the possibility of more options for those who like it, that is, for each look, there is a different item!

You can already see how advantageous it can be to be a reseller, right? With one good strategy marketing, publicizing the work in social networks, this can be a chance to succeed! You can choose two business formats:

  • in a physical space, which would require a larger investment, of about R $ 5 thousand to receive customers;
  • sell via e-commerce and Instagram, an option for which R $ 2 thousand it would be enough.

Just decide on the best form of operation, work on disclosure and reap good results.

5. Infoproducts

With the growth of the digital market, infoproducts gained more prominence.

Infoproducts are information materials – free or paid – distributed in the online environment.

With the growing number of digital marketing strategies, you can already imagine their popularity and importance today. Infoproducts are mostly focused on online and distance learning courses.

The main types of infoproduct are ebooks, audiobooks, video classes, podcasts, kits. The most sought-after topics in infoproducts are: food and well-being, career, business, personal development.

To put this type of enterprise into practice you will need a computer and editing tools (text, audio or video, depending on the format you choose). An initial value of R $ 1,000 enough is already done.


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6. Accounting services

Very important, accounting services do not always have their due value, at least, until the fine mesh catches companies or individuals. For qualified professionals, it is essential to put yourself on the market to offer your work, well beyond the time of the Income Tax.

One of the secrets is know how to publicize your work, positioning its services as fundamental and showing what the consequences of not having the support of an accountant can be.

Your work can even be in the home office regime, which only generates the cost with computer and equipment, in case you don’t have one. The initial investment can range from R $ 1,000 to 5,000.

7. Maintenance of assets

Machine shops, gardening services, electronics repair, property renovation and many others.

O maintenance work is essential in several segments, and it is possible to have a profitable business when you find the right niche within your locality. There will always be someone in need of this kind of work.

All that is needed, initially, is to have broad and technical knowledge certain area that results in maintenance services. So, invest in promoting the work, always thinking about your persona. Between physical space to serve your customers and equipment for work, you should invest about R $ 10 thousand.

8. Healthy frozen foods

Healthy eating has given rise to great ideas for entrepreneurship in recent years.

Fit, vegan or simply lighter meals they are the search for those who work and do not have time to cook. To meet this demand, frozen foods are essential! Without preservatives, they maintain healthy flavor and properties.

To take advantage of this opportunity, it is necessary to have an industrial kitchen, especially if the demand is high. Initially, a budget of around R $ 20 thousand.

And don’t forget: marketing is essential to reach people who are interested in these products!

9. Plus size fashion

Acceptance is an important step for overweight people, and plus size fashion is a way of giving these people the possibility to feel beautiful without the need to fit into standards.

Are clothes in larger sizes that generally do not exist in more traditional stores.

If you are a fashion designer, you can work on your own pieces, or just resell. This breakdown of concepts and standards is growing, and the result is a market ready to be explored. The initial investment revolves around R $ 5,000 to 10,000.

10. Beard products

In the same way that barbershops grow, the most daily care also wins over men. At beard care lines are successful and they are essential to take care of the hair on the face

From cleaning to hydrating the wires, a bearded man needs to have everything at home! This market is not limited to cosmetics: there are combs, necessaires and items that reinforce the pride of being bearded, such as mugs and T-shirts.

A reseller can make good profits if he knows how to publicize his business. An initial budget of R $ 5 thousand it may be ideal.

11. Sustainable items

For some time now, sustainability has been an important topic around the world, and this also impacts consumption and items that society uses. A good example is plastic straws, which are already banned in several regions of London. Why not dedicate an enterprise to produce these items?

Despite being a market that requires more technical knowledge, it is also a segment that concentrates great business opportunities.

It is possible to make good profits and still help the world to become a better place for future generations. To make the initiative feasible, an investment of R $ 10,000 to 20,000.

12. Specific subjects blog

Blogs have never stopped being popular, but in recent times, they engage much more. After learning how to create a blog, you can talk about the subject that best masters: fashion, food, sports, movies, series and whatever else you want.

This is one of the ideas of projects with less cost, but that can have a good return. This profitability usually comes through advertising. If your content is good and has access, companies with products and services related to the topics you address will want to advertise.

This increases the authority of your blog and still makes you a respected personality, which opens up other business opportunities. To start, just have an internet connection and a computer!

mini blog checklist

13. Digital solutions for companies

The era of digital transformation is already with us, and a number of services are already adapted: food delivery, marketing, business systems and many other alternatives.

In that market, you can offer the software and application development or work with digital marketing. It is not necessarily necessary a physical space, which reduces investments. With disclosure, for example, the budget is around R $ 2 thousand to start.

14. Streetwear fashion retailer

The streetwear market is going through a real boom! Clothes, sneakers and accessories – all within a concept started in the USA and popularized in London over the years.

The inspirations of skate, graffiti and rap are the starting point to generate this market that sells a lot.

You can have your own brand or be a reseller. For both, it is necessary to have study, knowledge and experience of this culture, in addition to an initial capital of about R $ 5,000 to R $ 10,000.

15. Foodtrucks

Foodtrucks are everywhere, and you find all kinds of cuisine, from craft beers to hamburgers! Just be talented with cooking, find a suitable spot and regularize the situation of your trailer with the local city hall. It is sure of success!

In this procedure, your cost may be a little high if you don’t have the right car. If you have, between equipment and documentation, its cost can be R $ 30 thousand to R $ 40 thousand, but the profit promises to be quite high.

Good entrepreneurship ideas are everywhere! Find one in which you see the future and have enough preparation to make it take off. This is your chance to work for yourself and achieve the long-awaited financial strength.

Stay a little longer with us! Take advantage of the subject and understand how to calculate your business budget!