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There are free video banks that you can use at will, such as Coverr, Videezy, Videvo, Clipcanvas, Vidsplay, among others. The power of this type of media on the internet is almost infinite, and every day we see incredible results from companies that have applied marketing strategies with great success.

The strength of the videos, originated mainly by YouTube, the longer use of the internet on smartphones and the emergence of applications aimed at this purpose, generated the need for free video banks, which made media available for use in marketing.

Digital Marketing and Content Marketing are the main users of this powerful visual tool.

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The advantages of using videos in marketing strategies

At a time when the amount of information becomes ever greater, public attention is one of the main goals of those who create content.

Videos are a great way to attract and keep attention, which is so scarce.

This is just one of the advantages of using videos in content strategies. See some more of them.

Ease of understanding

The videos, by transmitting information in an oral and visual way, are able to hold the public’s attention much more, in comparison with past content in other formats, such as texts.

Even more complex information can be transmitted better in videos than in any other format.

Recognition as authority

Recording videos, mainly showing the face, is one of the best ways to generate instant authority for those who create content, especially in small niches.

This helps to create public sympathy and identification with you and your company.

Ease of disclosure

Videos are easily shareable content, as they can quickly and easily get a message across.

In addition, apps and social networks make sharing easy.

But, for that, it is necessary to invest in the quality of the content and in the production, so that the viewers feel the need to show to friends and followers.

Engagement is very important when analyzing the results of content produced on video.


Some video scripts, even if they were previously recorded, may seem like a conversation with viewers.

Other formats are clearly focused on interactivity, such as lives on Instagram and Facebook, in addition to YouTube itself, which also allows the use of interactive cards.

They lead viewers to take action, such as subscribing or watching other videos on the same channel.


With the videos, it is possible to get the audience involved, get emotional and engage with what they see.

This involvement allows the public to get closer to the business and is one of the biggest benefits of creating videos, since it is possible to have a quick return in relation to what is produced.

The 15 best free video banks

For all the factors that we mentioned in the previous topic, this content format is very important for a good Digital Marketing and Content strategy.

According to a survey by RenderForest, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

But for those who believe that to invest in marketing using videos requires high investments in equipment and infrastructure, the good news is that they do not need to be produced in an authoritative way to generate great results.

To create quality content, free of charge and in a fast way, video banks have become essential to test ideas, pass on information and involve the audience without having to invest in filming equipment or recording time.

For this, we have listed the 15 best free video banks on the internet.

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1. Pixabay

stock video pixabay

Pixabay has an extensive amount of videos, including some in high resolution, such as 4K.

No assignment is necessary and the parts can be used for both personal and commercial use. It is also possible to do research in London.

2. Coverr

coverr video bank

Coverr is a bank that can be used mainly on websites, due to its high quality.

It even allows you to do a test to see how the video looks in the header of a website. The media can be downloaded in different formats and there is no need to assign them.

3. Pexels

pexels video bank

Pexels has an extensive amount of free videos, which can be searched in London, just by changing the language.

There is no need to assign authorship, as the media are licensed under Creative Commons, although they are not available in 4K.

There are time lapse videos and some with a green background, which can be replaced by some other image.

4. Videezy

videezy video bank

Videezy is a video bank with a wide selection, with both free and premium or paid media. They are available in several formats, including 4K.

The site has a very detailed search filter. There is also the option to search in London.

Due to the size of the collection, further research is needed, as there are some videos of somewhat dubious quality.

Other than that, the site also asks for attribution when using the downloaded part, which can be for both personal and commercial use.

5. Videvo

videvo video bank

Videvo is a website with thousands of options available for free download, including a small collection of 4K media with Christmas themes. You also need to do more research to find good videos.

The site works with 3 types of licenses, including some where videos cannot be used commercially.

6. Clipcanvas

video clipcanvas bank

ClipCanvas is very simple to use, but it has a limited selection of videos. You need to register to download.

7. Vidsplay

vidsplay video bank

Vidsplay offers media that can be used commercially, without the need to assign a license, including high definition videos, although they are not available in 4K.

8. Ignite Motion

ignite motion video bank

Ignite Motion has numerous HD backgrounds available for download, for commercial and personal use.

9. Footage Crate

stock footage footage create

This video bank is specially designed for those who want films or clips using special effects, in various categories.

10. Stock Footage for free

stock video footage footage

This site focuses more on quality than quantity. In addition, it makes a description of the video, to ensure that we know the correct message before downloading.

You need to register by email or social network to download, remembering that there are no videos in 4K format.

11. Life of Vids

life of vids video bank

Life of Vids has videos that can be downloaded by Vimeo, in different formats and sizes.

12. Clipstill

clipstill video bank

Clipstill offers free and paid videos, with a small selection of options available for free.

In addition, only personal use is authorized, and it is desirable that an assignment be made to the site at the time of application.

However, Clipstill has good quality videos and in different formats, which makes the visit worthwhile.

13. Mazwai

mazwai video bank

Mazwai has numerous videos that can be used for both personal and commercial use, and you can download them in MP4 or Webm format. The collection receives new additions regularly.

14. Vidlery

vidlery video bank

The Vidlery image bank consists of cartoons. There is no copywright right, allowing users to download, modify and use the videos for commercial purposes.

The media can be downloaded in MP4 or Webm format.

15. Beach Front B-roll

Beach Front B-roll video bank

This site has a less appealing look, but still offers a variety of video formats and animated backgrounds.

The main points that should be considered when choosing a video

Video marketing is not new, but because of the digital transformation, it has everything to get stronger and stronger.

However, just creating content, no matter how good it is, like those produced and stored in a free video bank, is not a guarantee of good results.

It’s needed analyze certain factors to choose the right videos to apply to your visual content strategy.

See what should be taken into account!


It is necessary to define which channels will be used in the dissemination to avoid choosing an inappropriate format for the platform.

Videos for stories on Instagram, for example, are in a totally different format than those in the feed.


The video must have the language used by the company in order not to generate communication failures and noise. In addition, it needs to be aligned with your brand values ​​and, of course, with what the public wants and expects.


To achieve the good results that a video can generate, invest in pre-production, that is, in a script that conveys the message in a cohesive and coherent way.

It is better to search the banks knowing what you want, rather than downloading one and seeing how it fits.

As you can see, there are many options for free video banks that can be used to enrich communication with your audience. Just be careful with the license issue and make sure you use them according to the rules of the platform, okay?

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