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For an Adwords campaign to have good results at first, you must have basic knowledge about the tool and know how to apply it safely. Having completed this stage, more advanced planning must be practiced in order to avoid grotesque errors that occur in many campaigns out there. A large number of advertisers are […]

For an Adwords campaign to have good results at first, you must have basic knowledge about the tool and know how to apply it safely. Having completed this stage, more advanced planning must be practiced in order to avoid grotesque errors that occur in many campaigns out there.

A large number of advertisers get frustrated or even give up on Adwords-related campaigns, which is why, in this post, we point out some errors in Google Adwords that you may be making. Learning how to fix them can make all the difference to your campaign!

1. Errors in geographic targeting

Imagine selling seashells to natives on the beaches of Espírito Santo? Many advertisers have been trying to do this. Wouldn’t it be much easier to sell this type of product to those who live far from the beaches? In other words, it is much more profitable to invest R $ 1.00 per click in a place where buyers will actually appear than to make the R $ 0.10 investment where they will laugh at your proposal. The ideal is always to make this reflection and make tests with smaller values, always measuring the results that appear.

2. Advertise nonexistent products

In several Adwords campaigns the URL ends up leading to an unavailable or out of stock product. That is, the product no longer exists. Due to lack of attention, CPA (Cost Per Action) ends up being very expensive because of this. Never forget to pause or cancel your campaigns when this happens.

3. Do not update the value of website products in campaigns

Constant optimization is the most important part of campaigns.

You update your site with new payment methods, change the amount, shipping conditions, but end up forgetting your Adwords campaign. This can cause a hint of misleading advertising, or you could also lose a sale if the current purchase conditions are better than advertised. Work with a checklist whenever you make any changes to your website.

4. Schedule of announcements

Be very careful with that. Make the necessary configuration for your ads to appear at a time when you can serve a potential customer.

Start by lowering the cost of these ads for times when the possibility of converting to purchases is less.

5. Errors with the destination URL

Remember: The less clicks your visitors need to make, the higher the conversion rate.

Several times people click on ads and simply do not find what they wanted in the place where they were directed. A customer wants to access the address where the details of the product that interested them are, and not to the homepage of your website.

6. Bad keywords

Keywords are the “heart” of any AdWords account and are where most go wrong. Below are some tips to improve this important aspect of the campaign.

  • Start with more focused words and expand only if necessary.
  • Exact and broad phrase matches should be explored.
  • Pay attention to the search terms and know what users have been looking for the most
  • Try to invest in the words that convert the most
  • Think about whether your words really have to do with your ads
  • Remember that the words must be compatible with the destination URL’s.
  • The index score of words must always be high. Pay attention to that.

A lot of attention also with negative keywords. This avoids spending on anyone who will not buy your product in any way. To be more explicit, always try to check the results related to words that have been clicked but are only generating expenses, that is, they are not generating conversions, and consider removing them.

7. A single ad per group

Comparing is necessary. This is an aspect that has a high error rate in AdWords accounts. How do you know if your ad has worked, if there are no parameters? Tests are extremely necessary and here are some tips to increase the chances of getting it right.

  • In each group, create at least 3 ad types.
  • Make well differentiated ads for comparison.
  • Pause the worst and enjoy the ones that performed better.

8. Incomplete campaigns

Google AdWords has many features, use them! There are several campaigns missing items, which is fatal when using AdWords. Below are some tips on what can be done about it:

  • Add sitelinks and URL’s relevant to the conversion to the extension.
  • If so, be sure to include your physical address.
  • Do you have contact phones? Make sure to fill in the call extensions.
  • In the app extension, always include your business’s app.

9. Conversion tracking code setup

Do you invest in AdWords and don’t know your ROI (Return on Investment)? You have no idea which words converted the most? The time that sold the most, you know? What types of ads are most profitable? Please know that only with the conversion tracking code installed and properly configured will these questions be answered correctly.

If you don’t have a conversion code, never invest in AdWords. If you don’t know what it is, try to learn more about it. You can read more about it here. Know that it is very important for you to have 100% control over your account. Best of all, over time you will know how to convert more by investing less through the numbers presented.

10. Remarketing without proper configuration

One of the campaigns with a high conversion rate at a low cost is Remarketing.

This is another code that must be learned and mastered by you, in addition to being properly configured in your AdWords account. The serious mistake here is not to take advantage of this opportunity, in view of the high ROI it can provide.

11. Leave your account abandoned

One of the secrets of AdWords is constant optimization, it is not enough to simply create the account and replenish the credits when they run out. Try to enter every 3 days and make the necessary changes to avoid unnecessary costs. In the absence of time, leave someone assigned to do this. Without this constant optimization, having an AdWords account becomes something that can make you spend more than you earn.

12. Language setting

Did you know that many Brazilians leave their operating system in English simply to train the language? The configuration should be geared to the user’s consumption settings, and not automatically to London. This prevents the loss of qualified clicks.

13. Make a mistake in device targeting

Google offers the option for campaigns to be carried out on multiplatforms, but it is possible to remove those that are giving less return or try to correct possible errors. Enjoy and check if your ads and if your site are working well on mobile platforms.

14. Mix search and display campaigns

These two types of campaigns must be separate. It’s okay that Google allows this to be done in campaigns with only local targeting or with low investment, but it really isn’t recommended. Separate campaigns facilitate the comparison and analysis of metrics, in addition the CTR (Click-through Rate) of the campaign made by display does not influence the CTR of the one carried out based on research.

15. Low investment… high expectations

The lower the investment in your campaign, the lower your expectations for returns should be.

Expect results according to the size of your investments. Conversion averages are usually between 1% and 8%, and hardly more than that.


Google AdWords is a fantastic Digital Marketing tool, but as much as it is a great help to businesses on the internet, it cannot do everything alone.

Working on optimizations, research, testing and investing in knowledge is fundamental to the success of your website or blog in the tool.

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