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In addition to theory, one of the best ways to learn something is to see it applied in practice. Even more when we talk about marketing, since it is very important to study successful cases to know what works or not. However, if you haven’t been able to find good examples, there is another way to understand how marketing can […]

In addition to theory, one of the best ways to learn something is to see it applied in practice. Even more when we talk about marketing, since it is very important to study success cases to know what works and what doesn’t.

However, if you haven’t been able to find good examples, there is another way to understand how marketing can be applied: watching series and movies. That’s right!

Through works of fiction, which in many cases are inspired by real stories, it is possible to understand how marketing works and learn techniques that can be used in everyday life.

To help you, the Content Marketing invited us to make a special list with 15 best movies and series to learn how to do marketing. Check out:

1. Mad Men

With the motto “it doesn’t matter what you are or what you want, but how you sell yourself”, Mad Men is one of the biggest successful series on the world of marketing and advertising. The story takes place in the 60s and tells the daily lives of employees of Sterling Cooper, an advertising agency that tries to sell the idea of “American dream”.

Seasons: 7

2. The Crazy Ones

This series shows the relationship between Simon Roberts, a talented publicist and agency owner, and his daughter, who, unlike her father, is totally focused and responsible for freeing the company from the trouble that Simon created. As a comedy series, The Crazy Ones shows the reality of a modern advertising agency with a lighter tone.

Seasons: 1

3. Selfie

Selfie tells the story of a young woman who, after having her video viralized on the internet, hires an advertiser to change her image on social networks. As you can see, the series teaches about personal marketing in the online universe.

Seasons: 1

4. Thanks for Smoking

This is one of the most famous films on the subject and it shows how much the work of the publicist and the marketer can be used for “evil”. In the story, a spokesman for a large cigarette company needs to manipulate information to cut down on the risk of this legal drug and boost sales. In addition to learning about advertising, the character needs to appropriate some marketing practices in order for his plan to succeed.

Duration: 92 minutes

5. What Women Like

After suffering a serious accident, an advertiser begins to listen to the thoughts of the women around him and uses this “advantage” to stand out in his position. One of the great teachings of this film is about understanding the point of view of other people, whether they are co-workers or customers, to improve your marketing practice.

Duration: 127 minutes

6. Fight Club

The Fight Club is one of the most famous films in the history of cinema. In it, a depressed and shopaholic man meets an unknown salesman. After a while, the two start a club where men fight each other. This film is important for marketers to learn how harmful consumerism can be and, therefore, act consciously in their work.

Duration: 139 minutes

7. Contract Love

An invisible marketing company sends a “perfect family” to a small town. Over time, this family starts to serve as an example for all the others, influencing the consumption of everyone in the city. This film shows the power of marketing strategy and that “word of mouth” still survives and works in some cases.

Duration: 96 minutes

8. Jerry Maguire: The Big Turn

After losing his job for advocating that sports agents take care of his athletes’ careers in a more humane way, Jerry Maguire lost all his clients except for a football player. The film addresses the importance of brand management, ways to captivate the customer and also how relevant relationship marketing is.

Duration: 138 minutes

9. Scandal

The Shonda Rhimes series tells the personal story of Olivia Pope and also the day-to-day life at her crisis management agency, “Pope & Associates”. Despite the unorthodox means, the series shows what it is like to deal with political and business crises, hiding everything that cannot fall into the mouth of the media.

Seasons: 6 (so far)

10. The Wolf of Wall Street

Starring Leonardo Dicaprio, the film tells the life story of Jordan Belfort, one of the stock exchange brokers in the United States. Despite not exposing situations experienced by a marketer, the story shows sales strategies and how to work with goals and under a lot of pressure.

Duration: 180 minutes

11. Lemonade

This documentary shows the life of a newly unemployed publicist. This film can be a reality check for those who believe that advertisers and marketers live only in glamor.

Running time: 35 minutes

12. Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is a mandatory film for everyone who works with communication. Despite being made in 1941, history is still a reference as a great example of storytelling and how to build a compelling narrative.

Duration: 119 minutes

13. The Man Who Changed the Game

The film tells the story of the general manager of Oakland A’s, the American baseball team. After the team lost an important game and several of its players, the manager decides to put together an analytical strategy to create a successful team. It is a great inspiration for product managers and marketers.

Duration: 113 minutes

14. The Chef

A chef tries to get back on the job market after a disagreement with a food critic who went viral on the internet. Showing the ups and downs in the chef’s career, the film shows how to deal with crisis management, digital marketing and also about consumer relations.

Duration: 115 minutes

15. The Lord of Arms

After being disillusioned with life and work, a young Ukrainian man, residing in the United States, decides to start working in the arms trade. Although not a good example, the film shows how to select a niche and develop a “successful” job in it.

Duration: 123 minutes.

Did you like the series and films chosen and are you in the mood to learn more about marketing?

Do you know of any other series or film that can help you understand the world of marketing that is not on the list? Tell us in the comments!

This post was written by Isabela Giordan, a journalist for Revista QB. Quero Bolsa is a scholarship company for undergraduate and graduate courses in London.