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End of year always gives that feeling of “I could have done more”. And at the end of each year we make lists of everything we intend to achieve next year. Most of the time already in February we forget the list and we have a year very similar to the previous one. Many times because we create […]

End of year always gives that feeling of “I could have done more”.

And at the end of each year we make lists of everything we intend to achieve next year.

Most of the time already in February we forget the list and we have a year very similar to the previous one. Often because we create absurd goals, other times we choose to procrastinate. But the fact is that we rarely complete our lists.

To help you with this, we decided to make the resolutions for your company’s Marketing. A fair and reachable list. It will not be easy, but certainly aim to achieve these goals will lead your business to incredible results.

These resolutions are for us at Websites Are Us too!

So come on. Let’s see what the 15 things you need to do before you die – or before 2017 is over!

Qs: at the end of the post we will have a challenge. If you beat all of our goals you will receive a special Websites Are Us award.

Doubling your traffic

new Year's resolutions

The difficulty level of this goal will vary according to the current size of your blog. For example, do you remember that in 2015 we increased our traffic by 1,772%?

Yeah! This is much more than double!

But this year, our increase was much smaller than the previous year. Does that mean it was a bad year? No way!

If your traffic is currently 50 people you will need just 50 more people all year round to double your traffic.

If it is 100,000 you will need 100,000.

Therefore if you have still very low traffic put a more aggressive goal. Triple, quadruple, what you think is a great challenge and a number that you want for your blog!

I don’t even need to explain the importance of having great traffic on your blog, do I?

Well, and about the numbers of WAU:

This year we had an increase of 130% when comparing November 2015 with November 2016. The number is great since now our traffic is almost 400 thousand monthly sessions!

new Year's resolutions

You can better understand in this post by our Marketing Manager Renato Mesquita how we achieved these numbers in 2016.

Doubling it up next year will be quite a challenge for us!

Triple your number of leads

That’s right! Triple!

But relax. By doubling your traffic and following the other resolutions on that list you will (probably) reach that number!

Of course, the number of leads you currently generate will dictate the degree of difficulty here.

To do this, produce rich, worthwhile materials, create unique and compelling landing pages, create irresistible CTAs, etc.

Update content that ranks between 6 ° and 20 ° on Google

One of the biggest goals of any company that invests in Digital Marketing is to achieve the best rankings on the first pages of Google!

After all, the cheapest traffic is organic.

For you to better understand the importance of updating content I advise you to read this post: Content Update

Posts that are among those positions have the most potential to reach a top 3 on Google.

As you can see in the graph below, 70% of clicks on SERPS are among the top 6.

new Year's resolutions

You definitely don’t want to be left out of that group, do you?

To start updating, make a list with your content ranking in those positions and that have been posted for more than 6 months (articles newer than that may not receive much influence).

Review these contents, identify what is missing in each of them and better the content, making it more complete.

Compare with the content in front of you and identify what you need to know to overcome it.

For content between the 10th and the 20th an update may be enough to take you to the first page.

For the content that is already on the first page, in addition to the update you will need a good job of Link building.

This resolution can go a long way toward achieving the first! Update that content and see your rankings and traffic improving!

Decrease by 30% the number of leads that do not convert into sales

Have you heard of Vendarketing?

Well, the union between the sales and marketing sectors can greatly reduce the number of leads that are sent to the sales team and end up not converting.

This will require some alignment meetings (called SLAs) to generate consensus between the two sectors.

What is a Qualified Lead (MQL)? When is the right time to send a lead to the Sales team?

With that definition and everyone speaking the same language you will be able to get an improvement in sales conversions.

Here I have not only given you a resolution with the steps to achieve it! See our full post on Vendarketing and see the improvement in your numbers in 2017.

Increase your production (without losing quality)

Another major challenge we had this year was to increase our content production.

Until the month of July we had a daily posting frequency, from Monday to Friday we made a blog post.

It was there that our dear CMO Diego Gomes gave us the aggressive goal of doubling our frequency. But it was not a doubling of basic math (from 5 to 10). It was a deeper “folding” that included the Saturday and Sunday posts, which until then did not exist.

Conclusion “we doubled” our production of 5 weekly contents to 14. Our frequency then changed to 2 daily posts including weekends.

The great challenge was to maintain the quality of these contents and with efforts worthy of applause from the entire blog team (Dafne and Ana) the increase in frequency did not affect the standard of our content.

The results you can check below:

So I pass this resolution on to you too! No need to duplicate, let alone post 56 times a month. But try to increase your volume of posts and watch your traffic grow.

You are strictly prohibited from doing so if the quality of your posts drops!

Overcome your best post of 2016

Another very challenging resolution.

Check out which post of yours generated the most traffic this year and the highest engagement on your social networks. Now aim to make a top post in 2017.

Try to rank for a keyword with a high volume of searches, make a post with potential for viralization, in short, the idea I will leave to you!

To help, the next resolution may be the key to making the best post your audience has ever seen!

Make a post you never thought to do before

Another one is an interesting resolution and one that worked for us this year was this: making a post different from the one we are already used to doing.

A great example of this was content written by the author who speaks to you: how to make a great post, where I didn’t talk about absolutely anything relevant and yet I held readers up to the end of my post.

Content is a valuable lesson for anyone who has a Content Marketing strategy.

As a result he was one of our most engaged posts in the year.

Try to innovate and surprise this audience. X tips, complete guides, lists, top X best, etc. are important posts, but your competitors do the same!

Try to get out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be a sarcastic post like the one I wrote, but it may be a new format that you’ve never used.

To help, I will leave this list here for you to choose one that you believe may work best for your persona. Check out 58 types of posts to increase traffic to your blog.

Restructure your personas

How long have you been checking out your persona? Is everything all right? Are the data really complete?

Checking your persona data is very important. You may have reached a new audience that you’re not communicating as well as you should, you can see that there was a characteristic in the persona that was wrong during the year, Among other things.

Get to know your customers and make sure that everything you created as your ideal customer was really correct. Many data can change during the walk.

This year we did a restructuring of our personas and we realized that we would have new audiences to reach. For example, with WAU Jobs we want to reach the worker from college.

We also created a persona who would be the contact in Educational Institutions, to guide the production of content aimed at IEs.

marketing analyst

Fix SEO errors

One case that I have seen repeatedly is that of people and companies that do everything right, post with good frequency, produce quality content, get some external links, but even so, the blog just doesn’t move.

The bad news is that your blog may have several SEO errors that you didn’t even know about. Possibly in very old posts that you don’t even remember are on your blog.

The good news is that now you know!

So, it’s time to correct.

Possible mistakes that you need to check in old posts and in the next posts:

On Page Errors:

  • Non-optimized titles
  • Absence of meta description or duplicate meta description
  • Images not optimized for SEO
  • Broken images
  • Unfriendly URL
  • Do not use the Heading Tags (H1, H2 and H3) correctly
  • Shallow, non-traffic content
  • Do not use the keyword correctly in the content
  • Excessive keyword repetition (keyword stuffing)
  • Slow loading pages
  • Lack of internal links
  • Don’t be optimized for mobile

Check out these two posts to avoid and correct these errors:

SEO On Page Checklist

Blog content

Off Page Errors:

  • Broken links
  • Duplicate content
  • Receive domain links (bad)

Find out all about link building here!

Start a Newsletter (or improve the one you already have)

Having a Newsletter is essential to achieve several of these resolutions here.

Increase traffic, generate more leads, educate your customers, lead them through the sales funnel, among other things.

If you are reading this post already have a Newsletter, have a resolution to improve it. Generate greater engagement with your readers, reduce the cancellation rate, among other goals.

This is the simplest resolution of the year, but it’s here because you can’t live without a Newsletter!

Email marketing: achieve an open rate of 30% and a CTR of 3%

Email Marketing is one of the most important tools for a successful Digital Marketing strategy.

These chosen numbers have an excellent opening and click-through rate for your campaigns! They are considered by the greatest experts as excellent goals for your email.

It will be a great challenge.

To do this, make good segmentations, understand the personas you will have restructured (right!), Create flashy subjects and irresistible CTAs and see your rates increasing!

To help you achieve these good numbers, check out our complete email marketing guide!

Clean up your contact base

Cleaning up your contact database can go a long way in reaching the above resolution!

How long have you been doing this? How many people in your base are serving only for your negative statistics?

Check who are the contacts who never open your emails and give one last chance. Make a list of subscribers who haven’t interacted in the past 90 days. Make a shot to try to engage them again. If not, remove them from your list!

Look for invalid emails in your database, many leads go a long time without engaging with the brand and end up canceling the email account and you keep shooting for an invalid email! This is very common for professional emails. Generating what we call hard bounce (permanent errors).

Wrong typed emails with server problems will also result in hard bounce.

Be on the lookout for spamtraps too, which can be detrimental to your lists. Some of these spamtraps can even generate false open rates for your shots.

Spam complaints and cancellation requests must also be removed from your lists. Always provide the option so that your subscribers can unsubscribe.

Social Networks: increase one decimal place in your number of followers

Just like the first resolution, the difficulty of this resolution will be directly linked to your current number of followers.

If you have 10 you need to reach 100, if you have 100 you must reach 1,000 and so on.

Remembering that increasing one decimal place does not mean multiplying by 10, but reaching the next numerical place.

If you have 910 followers, for example, challenge yourself to reach 10,000.

It will be quite a challenge! If you have 100,000 followers, challenge yourself to at least double that number in 2017. Getting 900,000 in one year would be a little absurd!

To help with this challenge, check out these contents:

How to gain Twitter followers

How to get more followers on Instagram

How Facebook’s algorithm works

Paid Media: Multiply your ROI

In that resolution I will not give a very specific number. But the idea is that you increase (and a lot) your ROI in 2017.

Understand more and more the operation of paid media campaigns that you invest and find out how you can multiply your numbers.

Test, improve your audience’s segmentation, understand the behavior of people who click and don’t convert, etc.

To help you in this mission check out our full posts:

Google Adwords

Facebook Ads

Understand these two paid media better. It is not enough to just put money in there if your campaigns are not absolutely optimized to generate clicks and, above all, conversions.

Be copied!

You must be a little confused by this resolution. But being copied is not a bad thing!

After all, people just copy that is good, isn’t it?

Nobody stuck with the boy who was doing poorly in the exam and didn’t copy the duty of those who didn’t know the material – it’s just an example, mother.

If someone is copying what you do, it’s a great sign for your brand. It means that you are doing something very right and you are setting trends in your market.

Of course, I’m not talking about someone ctrl C and ctrl V on your page. If someone duplicates your content, take immediate action to prevent Google from punishing you.

I’m talking about producing something so unique that your entire market will want to replicate content in that style. And there is nothing wrong with learning and exploring the kind of content that has worked for you.

A good example of this for us this year was the use of quizzes. A strategy widely used by Buzzfeed that we decided to use, applying in our Digital Marketing niche.

Many partners and customers asked which tool we use for them to use as well. And several other companies in our market started to use quizzes (we are watching).

This is a great thing. Knowing that you are a reference for competitors and partners makes you an authority in your market.

If you’re curious, check out some quizzes we produce:

Test your content marketing knowledge

Quiz who are you in Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones) Marketing

Quiz who are you in the Marketing Justice League

WAU Challenge

As promised, here’s the challenge! If you complete all of these New Year’s resolutions you will receive an exclusive award, a complete Websites Are Us kit that includes:

  • A surprise kit from Websites Are Us
  • A free year at WAU University

Yeah! In addition to helping you with incredible goals for the coming year, we still have these incredible awards for you.

Just don’t tell me that you completed everything without the proper prints and numbers ok !?

I wait for you!

And don’t tell me it’s too difficult a challenge. We beat all these resolutions in 2016!

Our late Walt Disney would say:

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!