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Getting likes and followers on social media is easy. Just invest in a few ads and you’re done. But the real goal of any brand is to create a lasting relationship with people through the production of content on social networks. For this, brands need to behave as close friends and follow some important rules that […]

Getting likes and followers on social media is easy. Just invest in a few ads and you’re done. But the real goal of any brand is to create a lasting relationship with people through the production of content on social networks.

For this, brands need to behave as close friends and follow some important rules that we list below. There are 11 tips that will help you build a good relationship with your audience and get a good engagement on social networks.

1. Know your audience

Yes, we will start with the most obvious point. The intention of this post is to teach you some tips on producing content for social networks and there is no tip more important than this. Whether working with digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing or just some social media techniques, knowing your audience is essential to the success of any strategy.

Defining your personas (simplified representations of your company’s ideal customers) will ensure that all content developed by you and your team will be in line with what your audience wants to see and is interested in.

To create your persona, use the Fantastic Persona Generator!

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2. Speak the language of your audience

As essential as knowing your target audience, understanding the way they communicate is critical to getting your message across the way you want it.

Each company will have different ways to approach its subscribers. For example, you are not going to talk the same way with a businessman and a young student. Each of these people understand and identify with a different type of language.

Understand who your audience is, how they communicate and how you should approach them.

3. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes

When posting any content, put yourself in the place of your audience and ask yourself:

  • What do I get with this content?
  • Is this content useful to me?
  • Does the post contain anything that can help me solve a problem ?.

This exercise seems simple but it is very important. By trying to answer this question with the eyes of your audience, you are able to produce more attractive content that will generate greater engagement from your followers. Bet on content curation to share relevant materials.

4. Keep an open communication with your followers

Ask questions, ask for opinions and listen to everything your audience says to you or you. Allowing this interaction between your brand and followers helps you to create a good relationship with your audience and also allows you to have new ideas about content that can be useful.

So whenever you post an article on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or another social network, ask what your audience thinks. Incite a discussion. In addition to your audience feeling included, they will be more willing to interact with you.

5. Create tailored content for each platform

This tip goes to you who post the same content, in the same way, on all social networks. Copying and pasting text or images in different places may not be such a good idea.

Each social network has a content format that engages more. Posting unique and exclusive content on different platforms ensures that your content will be delivered in the best possible way to your followers.

Use images, videos, podcasts and any other formats that make sense to your audience and the social networks you use.

6. Invest in different formats

Varying the format of the content you produce is a great way to get attention and gain relevance. The more you diversify your message, the less people will get bored and the more they will engage with you.

Include images, illustrations or even videos in text messages. Twitter, for example, places a high value on imagery content. Facebook has already given great results for video content.

7. Gamify your content

Gamification is the act of transforming content into an experience, into a game. It is delivering something fun that brings together different platforms and formats to offer an interactive and interesting experience for your audience. This type of action guarantees a great degree of interactivity and is able to involve your audience in a unique way.

8. Be human

When replying to a message on Facebook, a tweet or a comment on LinkedIn, remember not to be a robot. Act as a person and not just as a business profile. Be polite, friendly and remember to show that you are there to help your audience.

Having this type of relationship with your audience will ensure that your page is well regarded by your followers.

Some companies take this tip so seriously that they’ve created characters for their pages. Great examples are the PontoFrio and Magazine Luiza profiles on Facebook.

9. Choose where you need to be

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat, Foursquare, Reddit. With each passing time, a new social network is created with a different purpose and proposal. It is very important to be aware that you do not need to be present at all of them. It is necessary to analyze, when choosing where you will act some items, such as:

  • What is the difference that each one offers
  • Where it fits within your digital marketing strategy
  • Where your audience is most present
  • If you have the conditions and staff to feed content on so many networks

The last item is very important, because there is no point in going out there registering your company profile in each new social network that is launched and leaving it to the flies without being fed.

Rather do consistent work on some that are key to your strategy than divide your efforts and not do a good job on any of them.

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10. Have goals

Imagine a football match that has no goal posts to delimit the goal area? It is difficult to know where to kick the ball, do you agree? Likewise, we must consider our digital marketing strategy on social networks.

Each piece, each content, each strategy must be executed according to a previously established objective. What do you need most?

Increase your visibility? Improve your image?

Improve the relationship with your audiences? If you do not know where you want to go, you will not know which actions are more efficient to obtain a certain type of return.

11. Track the metrics

Measuring your performance is a fundamental process in all stages of digital marketing, including for sustaining your content production for social networks.

Some important metrics to analyze are: the visualization, engagement, conversion and behavioral information of your audience in relation to each content posted.

Through metrics, you can gain powerful insights into what, when, how and how your content best impacts your audience.

Understand more about metrics for social networks with our complete post!

12. And use the metrics to your advantage

And that’s where business intelligence comes in! Metrics analysis is an incredible ally when creating your content strategy, as you will extract the information that your own audience will provide you through their actions on your pages!

By analyzing the data obtained, you can see what type of content is impacting your audience the best and invest even more in this format.

In addition, through tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and several other available, free and paid, you can view data about your audience and their behavior.

Imagine that you discover that a large part of your audience is also very fond of, for example, Olympic games? Or that you know that most of them have the habit of accessing social networks at lunchtime?

What’s more, how many of them are accessing from mobile devices? Do you realize the possibilities that all this information offers you?

The good news is that the internet has a very competent data analysis intelligence and you can use this to your advantage!

13. Your audience isn’t always you (or your boss!)

We know that it is very difficult to distance ourselves from our personal values ​​and tastes when thinking about the production of content for social media and the language we will use when talking about the brand we are working for, but this is very important!

It’s not because you think the Beatles are better than Molejo that your audience thinks the same way, understand?

And it is essential that your managers, especially the CEOs of the company, also know that their opinions do not always represent those of Persona.

This distancing is difficult to achieve, but, once this importance is internalized by everyone who works with the company’s content marketing, the results improve significantly!

14. Have an identity and maintain that standard

Social networks are environments made, in general, to promote conversation between people. Let’s say that, in a way, your brand is almost an “intruder” in this environment.

That is why we have already talked about the importance of being “human”. Another tip related to this, is to create an identity.

How about creating a Persona of your brand? It does not need to be open to people, like Luiza, from Magazine Luiza, but it is interesting that you maintain a certain constancy in the way you speak and leave an implicit personality.

A brand with a strong presence is one that, when posting some content, everyone already knows that it was she who posted.

A good tip is to create an identity manual, with ways in which your brand usually greets, answers questions, says goodbye, and even how it writes some words that have written with varied possibilities.

For example, if your brand always writes “e-book”, it is interesting to keep writing “e-book”, instead of varying between “Ebook” or “ebook”. The cool thing about having the manual is that several people can consult it, and thus, the personality of your brand on social networks becomes something independent of a particular professional who is producing the content at that time.

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15. Pay attention to what is happening

Using some current situation as inspiration, commenting on an event of importance to your Persona or playing with some famous meme of the moment are excellent tactics to create engagement with your audience, so it is very important to always be aware of what is happening.

A good idea should come at the right time, as losing timing is the limit between creating a viral and losing the joke. In addition, observing how your audience is relating to a particular event is essential, as you can give a ball away by making a comment that is not appropriate or contrary to the opinion of the majority of your audience.

When in doubt, it is always good to avoid very controversial subjects, but common sense can be a good guide when defining what can be used.

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