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Regardless of whether you want to be one or a great manager, employee or freelance professional, it is always important to be inspired by people who are rocking the market and talking. No matter how self-taught you are, you have certainly been inspired by someone and learned valuable lessons, right? Thanks to the internet, […]

Regardless of whether you want to be one or a great manager, employee or freelance professional, it is always important to be inspired by people who are rocking the market and talking.

No matter how self-taught you are, you have certainly been inspired by someone and learned valuable lessons, right? Thanks to the internet, it became even easier to approach amazing people.

In this text, we have prepared a list of 15 London SEO specialists. We hope that these professionals on the list become good mentors and can help you learn everything about the topic.

So, without further ado, shall we go to those names?

1. Vitor Peçanha

As many know, Peçanha is one of the founders of Websites Are Us, the largest Content Marketing company in Latin America. In the company’s culture, there are eight values, among which are: learn, teach and solve.

In this context, if there is something Peçanha always does – in favor of the market, WAU and its more than 300 employees – it is teaching. Among his skills, knowledge in SEO stands out. If you want to learn the technique, therefore, he is a professional for you to keep an eye on.

Between your balconies, you will understand that it is necessary to pay full attention not to an algorithm, but to win over the user. Peçanha is definitely one of the most didactic people on the market and you can learn from it through various materials available on the internet and outside.

Here, we leave hints punctual tips: the video series Content and Marketing, available on his LinkedIn, and his best-selling book, Thanks for Marketing. If I were you, I wouldn’t lose.

2. Fabio Ricotta

Without a doubt, this is one of the main references in SEO in London. After all, Ricotta is a name that works with a total focus on SEO – which, by the way, is something unusual in the London market.

He has been working with search engine optimization since 2005, when the vast majority of us had no idea that this technique existed. Ricotta founded Agência Mestre and also has his personal website.

On a daily basis, on his page and on social networks, he always produces diverse content with precious SEO tips for his thousands of followers. With a lot of experience and knowledge to spare, your ideas can be essential to your claims on this topic.

So, if you want to consume excellent SEO materials, you already know that you can count on Ricotta – in addition, of course, to marketingdeconteudo.com.

3. Cassiano Travareli

Travareli is fully aware that Google is improving at an impressive pace and knows that search results have undergone drastic changes in recent years. One of the factors to be noted, for example, is the importance of the website being responsive or having a mobile version.

In addition, he warns his audience that the most important thing in SEO techniques is to offer value to users. This means differentiated content, with information that meets needs and solves people’s problem.

Thus, for Travareli, once you generate value, people start to see it as a reference. Among the SEO tips, he points out three elements as essential:

  • page loading speed;
  • mobile or responsive;
  • quality content.

4. Renato Mesquita

Renato Mesquita is currently the head of Marketing at Websites Are Us and another benchmark in SEO in the market. It is not by chance that he commands the SEO course at WAU University.

Hank, as he is best known, has always shared lessons in SEO strategies with colleagues and the market. You can learn from him, for example, the art of taking a peek at competitors and learning from them.

To get a taste of his level of ability and knowledge, check out this post in which he explains what quality content truly is.

Before becoming head of marketing at WAU, he was responsible for the company’s SEO strategies and was the person who trained the current professional who is in charge of this area at WAU, André Mousinho.

5. Thais Bittencourt

Thais Bittencourt is a specialist in SEO and organic growth at Hotmart. Exactly 5 years ago, he started taking his first steps towards learning and applying optimization techniques and since then he has not stopped learning about the subject.

After a lot of accumulated knowledge, attempts and many successes, Thais talks a lot about the importance of making a detailed and careful strategy planning, so that, in fact, he can obtain the desired results in the online environment.

And it doesn’t stop there, she also clarifies a myth about SEO, because for her, optimization is not an equation or a recipe for cake, with ready-made techniques aimed only at search engines, but a constant effort aimed at the persona , your desires and, mainly, your experience.

6. André Mousinho

André Mousinho specializes in Content Marketing and SEO at Websites Are Us. Graduated in Advertising and Propaganda, he has a real passion for writing and producing content, which can go from web content – such as blog posts and rich materials, such as e-book – to the creation of scripts and stories.

With a scenario of changes and updates on Google so fast, Mousinho reminds us that writing for SEO is something very different from the old days. In this text, for example, he shows us Google’s changes to keep an eye on and also alerts to make the searcher understand its content.

7. Pedro Dias

SEO consultant and specialist in Usability, Analysis and Design of Complex Structures and Search Technologies. Currently Pedro Dias is a managing partner at apis3, a consulting agency focused on digital marketing, branding and innovation and former Googler.

It stands out in the Digital Marketing market with its vast experience in solving SEO cases in order to optimize and recover websites in negative moments and with low ranking.

8. Letícia Nonato

Letícia Nonato is a specialist in Digital Marketing, with a focus on SEO, in addition to the chief editor of marketingdeconteudo.com – the largest blog in the segment in Latin America.

From her years of experience in the field, she highlights that SEO is one of the greatest difficulties for people who are starting in the field or who have just set up a business on the internet.

According to Letícia, there is a feeling that Search Engine Optimization is still very technical and that competition at SERP is very difficult, especially for those who are taking their first steps in the world of entrepreneurship on the web.

With that, it is not uncommon to have the feeling that it is not worth it to try or invest in SEO. However, for those who have a strategic vision, it is possible to ensure that any business has significant results from organic traffic. In this article, it is worth checking out what Leticia has to say about basic SEO strategies.

9. Alberto André

Alberto André is one of the professionals to keep an eye on when it comes to SEO. With it, you can learn several link building techniques, for example, so that you can act to position keywords of interest to Google.

He has more than 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing and was Majestic’s ambassador (formerly Majestic SEO) in London for several years. Among its endeavors, events such as UAI SEO and FiveCON stand out – which are among the most representative of Digital Marketing in the country.

10. Gustavo Bacchin

Gustavo Bacchin has been working with SEO for over 12 years and highlights that not only SEO, but the entire digital context, has focused the focus on mobile. In this sense, he is betting that small screens will increasingly become the center of digital brand planning and communication.

So, bringing this debate to the world of SEO, it is necessary to map the visibility of your business in organic results, in order to define the best ways to improve positions on Google.

Like other professionals in the field that we show here, Bacchin also highlights the need for a special look at practices and techniques aimed at the best possible user experience. In this context, it is also very important to keep an eye on the content planning part.

You must know the audience more and more deeply and understand what their motivations, needs and problems are. With this, it will be possible to produce increasingly relevant materials, which will be shared and will generate value for people.

In addition, Bacchin also points out some of the best SEO tools. Responses often indicate Google Analytics. After all, user engagement and behavior with the website or blog are the best indicators of SEO strategy success.

Remember that having the best ranking is not enough if you don’t deliver what your audience is looking for.

What really counts is content that is extremely relevant to your audience – and Bacchin recalls that all of this can be measured using Analytics, which is a kind of SEO best friend.

11. Rafaela Lemos

Currently as an SEO analyst at Sympla, Rafaela Lemos started his story with optimization back in 2013, when he was gradually discovering how this universe of search engines, analysis and constant focus on the customer experience is incredibly broad and really exciting.

Rafa has been gaining more and more space and takes advantage of it to show that he really understands a lot and knows the best ranking techniques. One of his tips is in relation to the use and optimization of visual content, specifically images, a practice that has become essential in successful content strategies.

According to her there are three basic elements to make this optimization:

  • Alt text of the image (descriptive text)
  • Image title
  • Image compression

In addition, she believes in the importance of more people knowing what SEO is all about, after all, after so many changes in the media, knowing at least a little more about it is paramount in a world of digital marketing and micro moments.

12. Rafael Rez

Another professional with many years of experience in SEO, Rafael Rez points out that Google has always valued good content, but that now it is worth more than ever.

After all, the main search engine of the web has the ability to measure the interaction in any content and balance its popularity through links, the author’s reputation, length of time in the content, comments, bounce rate, posts on social networks, among others. several other issues.

In this way, rich content, such as infographics, animated pages, illustrated posts and videos, gain an increasingly evident reputation. Among the SEO techniques that generate the most results, Rez points out that videos with transcription have gained prominence.

When you post a video on Youtube, for example, Google has the ability to transcribe the audio and create subtitles. However, if you do this transcription yourself – or produce complementary content – and publish it on your blog, this material will have a lot of value.

Among his tips for people to enjoy the benefits of SEO, he indicates the production of rich materials consistently. For Rafael, it is not enough to just create one or two e-books. The ideal is to produce several of them. Likewise, it is worth producing infographics, blog posts and videos.

With various formats, the user experience ends up generating a high value for SEO, since it attracts more organic links.

13. Rodrigo Nascimento

Another name to keep an eye on when it comes to SEO, Rodrigo Nascimento indicates that the content is king, but that its size is not necessarily in charge.

He says this because sometimes, a single paragraph can answer a question or solve a problem – thus, it is naturally something of extreme quality.

Among the tactics and strategies that work best, he recalls that Google is increasingly connected in the context as a whole and not just in the links that are being pointed to the pages. For someone starting today, it tells you to establish good relationships.

If it is a service company, for example, the ideal is to serve customers in the best possible way. In addition, you must also generate content, always remembering that quantity is different from quality.

For Nascimento, it is necessary to have an overview and not get attached to SEO. After all, it is necessary to look at everything that exists in the scope of digital marketing to explore the maximum possibilities and, thus, conquer opportunities.

14. Maria Eduarda Paschoal

At 18, Maria Eduarda Paschoal started her professional career as a media analyst and, at 23, she is already a Marketing Manager at CM Tecnologia, impressive, isn’t it?

It is also worth mentioning that she, alone, managed to increase the traffic of a company by more than 400% through the application of her most basic knowledge of SEO. After that, we don’t even need to talk about how amazing it is and have been emerging on the scene of London specialists as a force to be recognized.

In addition to all this, it also produces high-quality content on the topic, in which it emphasizes, mainly, the importance of quality for materials developed for the web, the constant need for re-optimization and the countless advantages of applying techniques of SEO in your marketing strategy.

15. Victor Gamarra

Last name on our list, Victor Gamarra also highlights the fact that Google values ​​good content more and more. Thus, sites and blogs with a broader view and comprehensive content end up leading the way.

Today, the concern must go far beyond keywords. The focus should be on search intentions. Therefore, it is essential to focus on works that aggregate different types of content, with sections and complete information, that is, working on really rich pages.

Among the tips for those working with SEO, Gamarra points to the SEOLyze tool. Through it, it is possible to measure the diversity – and, given the proportions, even the quality – of the content.

In addition, it is also possible to promote the necessary improvements in the contents, according to the terms worked on the pages.

Did you like to know a little more about some of the main London SEO experts?

Without a doubt, they are professionals who are making a difference in their business and in the market as a whole.

Therefore, it is very important to be attentive to listen to an advice or learn the newest technique related to the subject and that can be essential for your growth.

We hope that you are now prepared to put your SEO strategy into practice and achieve great success with it. Before, however, we recommend that you download our Complete Guide on SEO, which has been accessed by more than 20,000 people and is now updated with more tips and information.

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