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Google Chrome extensions improve productivity and organization, and allow you to optimize your efforts. So get to know 16 free Chrome extensions!

We increasingly use online services and resources. There is no denying it: most of us use browsers as a center of productivity.

From the various tools available, we were able to optimize our studies, jobs and even leisure.

In this process, it is very interesting to use resources to help enhance your browser experience.

How about getting the most out of your browser using extensions for Google Chrome? And if you are not yet accustomed to the many advantages of this type of functionality, this is your place!

We have selected 16 free Chrome extensions that will certainly be very useful. You will see applications for productivity, organization, security and other utilities.

Come on?

A simple and very effective task manager, Todoist allows you to organize your activities based on a methodology called Getting Things Done (GTD), which in London can be translated as “getting things done” or “getting things done”.

This model basically boils down to the creation of task lists divided and subdivided according to their degrees of importance, priority or order of execution, for example.

Its extension for Chrome is used by more than 500 thousand users, including companies like IBM, Fortune, HP and Oracle. Its use is widely recommended for those who want to be more productive.

Whoever stops halfway does not get anywhere! Although this phrase may seem a little exaggerated, here we are referring to a very common problem: distraction.

On the internet, this is not lacking, and it is precisely for this reason that StayFocusd was created. Clearly and objectively, the purpose of this extension is to make sure you don’t lose your focus, limiting access to environments that make you waste time.

Setting up StayFocusd is easy and practical, just specify your distractions. Blogs, social networks and YouTube can be selected, for example.

Few extensions are as appreciated as Pocket. With almost 3 million installations, this tool allows you to save articles, videos, images or a complete page, as you prefer.

Although simple, its effectiveness is guaranteed. By saving the contents for later viewing, you will contribute to your productivity.

No less prized is Evernote Web Clipper, the most popular “note taker” out there, with about 4.5 million users. Its objective is simple: to allow you to capture any and all information that you are interested in, and then include it in your Evernote notebooks.

In terms of organization, this is one of the main extensions for Google Chrome.

Also well known, Wunderlist is an extension that works as a task manager, with the difference that it can replace the “new tab” page.

This means that you will hardly forget your obligations, as all you have to do is open a new tab in Google Chrome and it will remind you what to do. The detail is that this will happen both on your computer and on your smartphone, as long as you synchronize the devices.

Similar to Wunderlist as a task manager and Evernote Web Clipper as a note organizer, Any.Do could not be left out of that list. Briefly, with it you can:

  • create task lists and subtasks;
  • attach notes (texts, images, audios and videos);
  • add single or recurring reminders.

Leaving the field of organization and productivity and entering security, nothing better than starting with LastPass.

With more than 6 million installations on Google Chrome, this extension is nothing less than a password manager, practical, secure and very effective.

Forgetting usernames and passwords will no longer be a problem, because with the use of a LastPass master password, you will be able to access all of your “places” without having to worry about login information.

To facilitate your understanding, consider this solution as a kind of “secret wallet” that will keep

  • usernames and login passwords;
  • documents (PDFs, images, audios, etc.);
  • credit card data and purchase profiles.

In summary, keep all kinds of information that you want to keep safe and at the same time accessible, remembering that the only password that cannot be forgotten is the “password for the safe”, that is, LastPass.

HTTPS Everywhere is another extension that deserves to be highlighted. Capable of encrypting the exchange of information that takes place between your computer and a web server, its use will provide a much safer navigation: HTTPS is an encryption protocol that was developed to make it difficult to intercept private data.

Sites that require logins, authentication passwords and / or credit card information usually offer this type of protection. However, it must be said that not all sites have a secure connection, on the contrary, there is a lot of instability.

In these, the HTTPS protocol is not enabled by default. However, when using HTTPS Everywhere, you will be triggering it as soon as you enter the page. This hampers the activity of malicious people.

When it comes to Google Chrome extensions, AdBlock Plus is praised by many! Used on more than 100 million devices, this tool allows ad blocking even on Facebook.

Its default configuration will only allow “white advertisements”, that is, considered non-intrusive. However, it is possible to block them as well.

Named the best privacy tool by the New York Times in 2016 and the best privacy and security software by the Innovation Award Winner for Privacy and Security in 2015, Disconnect is just fantastic.

With its powerful features, this extension is able to block invisible trackers that can collect your online activity. According to Disconnect itself, such functionality can increase your browsing speed by up to 44%.

Imagine giving your Gmail account the same functionality as Whatsapp for the messages you see? Well, with Mailtrack for Gmail and Inbox you will have this benefit at your disposal.

For those working in the commercial area, knowing who viewed the emails sent will be of great help, there is no doubt about that. And you know whats is most cool? That Mailtrack for Gmail and Inbox will notify you when messages are read, even if the recipients do not respond.

Of all the extensions for Google Chrome already listed so far, this will be the only one that will mess with your money, but in a good way! Honey will help you save money.

And how can this be possible? This extension will find discount coupons from hundreds of online stores in countries like the United States, Canada, England, Australia and India.

Although they do not yet have partners in London, foreign e-businesses that operate globally can be used in the same way. Believe me, there are discounts that are difficult to resist, making purchases valid even if the delivery time is a little longer than normal.

Capturing parts or an entire web page and making notes on them, these are just some of the functions of Awesome Screeenshot. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it even allows you to make videos with what is happening on your computer screen.

Everything that is captured will be saved and can be shared with whomever you choose. Anyway, as the name suggests, this extension provides tools that favor screenshots (screenshots).

Google Keep is one of the most classic extensions when it comes to productivity. It allows online notes to be created, which can be shared with your contacts and accessed by any other device connected to the Internet.

Clockify works as a timesheet, being responsible for counting the time spent for each project carried out. With it, it is possible to identify in which activities you have spent more time, in order to generate important insights so that you can optimize your day.

The most interesting thing is that it generates graphs that can be shared with the rest of the team, working as an agenda in which their tasks are recorded at a specific time.

A little different from the other Chrome extensions mentioned in the text, Noisli allows specific sounds to be selected to enable the collaborator’s concentration.

Thinking about the difficulty of trying to work in an environment with a lot of noise, its creators made a collection with the most varied sounds, which can also be combined with each other.

To conclude, remember that all the extensions presented here are in fact free: their main features will be available, don’t worry. However, some of them have more advanced features that will only be released with the adhesion of payment plans.

Also, don’t forget that you can use them when browsing tablets or smartphones, as long as you sync between your devices.

If you didn’t know them yet, try out the options that caught your attention the most and see how useful they can be.

For those who want to organize better and consequently be more productive, the extensions for Google Chrome will be excellent.

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