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In order to have a good LinkedIn profile, several factors must be taken into account. Discover everything you need to do to have a champion profile!

LinkedIn is a social network focused on business. Therefore, this is the internet space for you to work on your personal marketing and get new business opportunities.

There are so many people, possibilities and opportunities gathered in just one place that it is a waste to not pay attention to your LinkedIn profile.

In it, you can acquire new knowledge, meet good professionals who add value to your work and participate in discussions that will help you to leverage your professional career.

But beware: LinkedIn is not a social network that should be used only by job seekers. Doubt? So now see 17 secrets of a LinkedIn profile that can change your image in the market:

  1. Keep your profile up to date
  2. Use a good profile photo
  3. Choose a good cover image
  4. Capriche in summary
  5. Make good use of keywords
  6. Define your professional title
  7. Capriche in your professional experience
  8. Customize your profile URL
  9. Request recommendations
  10. List your skills
  11. Follow companies and be part of groups
  12. Do not participate in unnecessary discussions
  13. Customize invitations for new connections
  14. Don’t make London mistakes
  15. Do not lie
  16. Post good content
  17. Make good use of LinkedIn messages

Read on and see, in detail, how to put each of these secrets into practice!

1. Keep your profile up to date

Creating your profile is just the first step to being present on that social network. To be successful in promoting your image you need to update your page.

It is not enough to just choose a good photo and fill in part of the information. To have a champion profile, update your LinkedIn profile whenever there is new information.

Did you take a new course, participate in any training, win an award or have any new professional information? Include all the news in your account.

If possible, post photos of the events you attend and tag other users on the network. This will add value to your profile.

And remember: never leave your profile. Being successful on this social network is up to you!

2. Use a good profile photo

Regardless of whether you are shy or outgoing, you need to be clear that a profile without a photo is not the most attractive. This is a fact, and it makes a big difference when it comes to having the profile found on LinkedIn.

This is a different social network than the others. Therefore, most of the time, the photo you use on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook are not suitable for your LinkedIn profile.

To have an appropriate photo on your page, look for an image in which you have an appropriate professional appearance and that is sharp. Think about what impression you will give to people who will evaluate your profile.

Like everything that will be posted on LinkedIn, your photo has the power to show that you are a professional of excellence, not an amateur.

3. Choose a good cover image

Like Facebook and Twitter, you have the possibility to put a cover image on your profile and make your LinkedIn page more attractive to visitors.

So use this resource wisely. It aims to improve your communication, and can arouse the curiosity of people who will visit your LinkedIn profile.

A tip is to post images that portray your values, relate to you or show what your professional posture is. At that moment, let your creativity flow and make a good choice.

Remember that this image must measure 1400 × 425 pixels and be smaller than 4MB.

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4. Caprice in the summary

In this section, you have the opportunity to describe yourself in 2000 characters. So, present to the world how you expect people to see you. To use it in the best possible way, follow this script:

  • introduce yourself;
  • talk about your professional interests;
  • define your area of ​​expertise;
  • speak what motivates you;
  • include contact information.

5. Make good use of keywords

As you may already know, LinkedIn has a large number of users around the world. So, how will you be able to stand out among so many professionals?

A tip is to use keywords, both in your summary and in your professional title. Thus, your chances of being found by those who are interested in your profile are greater.

To choose the most appropriate keyword, think about your industry and what interested people would look for. This will vary according to your area of ​​operation and function.

6. Define your professional title

One of the most important information of a profile on LinkedIn is the professional title. After all, he is primarily responsible for attracting visitors and getting them to read your profile.

This information is so important that it is located right below your name, and a good way to use this space is to put your function (which can be your password) and your place of work.

7. Caprice in your professional experience

When it comes to creating the heart of your profile, do not measure efforts to make it as complete as possible. In addition to including the specific dates about the period you worked at each company, list in detail all the activities carried out in the position.

The wealth of details at this point can be the differential for a possible appraiser, headhunter or even a professional in the field in search of new connections to do networking.

8. Customize your profile URL

Sharing your LinkedIn profile on your resume or email signature can be a little tricky without a friendly URL.

Therefore, access the profile editing panel and modify the destination URL of your page to a term that resembles your work, brand, company or your own name. Below we list some examples to insert after “br.linkedin.com/in”:

  • /your name/
  • /your company/
  • /your brand/
  • / a specific message /

9. Request recommendations

On LinkedIn, the recommendations that your connections send about you are extremely valuable.

If you haven’t received any yet, a great alternative to getting some is to start by writing recommendations for people you’ve worked with. By creating recommendations without asking for anything in return, people will feel more open to giving back.

If that doesn’t work, nothing prevents you from formally asking some acquaintances, people who have studied with you or coworkers, to write recommendations on your profile.

10. List your skills

Use the skills tab to your advantage. List at least 5 of them on your profile and let your connections evaluate you. Like the recommendations, you will not be able to evaluate yourself, just create the list.

To earn points on your skills, use a strategy similar to the one used to mine new recommendations. Visit several profiles and start listing the main skills of your acquaintances that are true. In this tab, LinkedIn also allows you to create a skill for a contact, if they have not already listed it.

The skills section is extremely relevant to your profile, so don’t leave it blank. At the same time, do not include any information just to fill in the space.

11. Follow companies and join groups

To remain active on LinkedIn, it is essential to be part of groups on subjects that are relevant to your performance. So, participate in constructive discussions on topics that you know and that arouse your interest.

This type of conversation will help you gain visibility, in addition to helping you to position yourself before other professionals in the field.

Another tip to stay updated on what happens in the market is to follow the profile of some companies that are a reference in their segment.

12. Don’t participate in unnecessary discussions

As we have already seen, participating in constructive discussions, that is, in which different people present healthy opinions different from a professional subject, helps you to gain visibility on LinkedIn.

On the other hand, getting involved in unnecessary discussions, such as fighting over politics, trying to compel other people to accept your opinion as the right one, or simply chatting without respecting other members of the group, damages your image a lot. .

In addition to being a very boring situation, people will see you as inconvenient, and it can affect new networking opportunities.

In short: be participatory, but be careful with the image that you will pass on to other people.

13. Customize invitations for new connections

Contrary to what some people might think, you don’t need to know someone to want them to be part of your network of connections. As said, adding people who work in the same field as you is a great way to network.

When requesting a new connection, be sure to introduce yourself properly and make it clear why you want to be part of the person’s network.

14. Don’t make London mistakes

You can twist your nose, you are not joining a common social network.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, where it doesn’t matter how you communicate with your friends and the world, on LinkedIn the hole is further down.

It is essential to take extra care with all content that you include in your profile. Make sure that there are no typos, concordance and London errors in any of the areas where you specify your experience or in your personal summary.

Just like any other time in your professional life, London mistakes will be detrimental to your image.

15. Don’t lie

This is one of the most important secrets for the good use of LinkedIn: don’t lie – never, at any time.

Don’t lie to look better and don’t lie to look less worse. Your lie will sooner or later be discovered and, instead of providing professional growth for you, it will decrease your credibility in the market.

16. Post good content

A good way to always keep your LinkedIn profile attractive is by writing and publishing articles on subjects you have mastered. This way, you can share your professional experience with others, attract the right people to your page and show what other professionals are looking for.

17. Make good use of LinkedIn messages

Maintaining good communication with your contacts is an efficient way of knowing what people who reach your profile are looking for. To do this, use the LinkedIn message space and get to know your contacts.

This space also serves to thank the recommendations you receive. Being cordial helps you to have a good image.

We have reached the end of the line, but I am sure that the secrets to having an unbeatable LinkedIn profile will be useful for you. Always stay tuned, share relevant content, be engaged and enjoy the benefits of this social network.

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