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Want to meet 18 profiles and people to follow on Twitter? We analyze newspapers, magazines, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors to bring the main accounts that you can follow on the social network. In addition to getting informed and staying on top of news, you can gain valuable insights for your professional performance.

Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has been changing the way we interact on the internet. The number of characters allowed per post, which today is 280, encourages short and dynamic texts, facilitating real-time communication between users.

In the beginning, the main appeal of the social network was the presence of celebrities who, in an unusual attitude for the time, shared information about their daily lives and behind the scenes. Today, however, its reach goes far beyond.

With the speed in the exchange of information in the current scenario, using the microblog is an excellent way to keep up to date on anything: from daily news to entrepreneurship tips. For this, however, it is crucial to ensure the credibility and quality of the profiles you are following.

That will be the subject of this post. In it, we will indicate 18 profiles and people to follow on Twitter, briefly detailing the relevance, credibility and content of each profile. Check out!

7 profiles for you to follow on Twitter and get informed

The digital transformation that has taken place in recent decades has not only affected the internal processes of companies. The communication area also needed to reinvent itself to keep up with the new trends and reach the public’s new consumption channels.

Therefore, it is difficult to find companies that do not include the presence in social networks in the Digital Marketing strategy. Likewise, the press noted that if it did not adjust its activities, it would end up lagging behind.

In the following, we will indicate 7 Twitter profiles that are excellent information sources.

1. Forbes

Are you interested in learning about technological, financial and commercial trends in general? Waiting for them to be published on any London portal can cost valuable time. That is why, going straight to the source is an excellent alternative.

Many of the news reported here are imported from foreign websites. Among these, Forbes stands out.

With content ranging from its famous lists to news involving international politics and the world of investment, the profile that Forbes Keeping on Twitter is essential to your network experience.

2. Jornal Nexo

Launched in 2015, the Nexus is a digital newspaper with the proposal to diversify the format of press content.

To that end, it optimizes the user experience through the use of infographics, interactive materials, videos and podcasts. Their reports value the depth and impartiality, being available on the Twitter profile.

3. Exame Magazine

The profile gathers the most relevant news, research and tips that are posted on the website.

With highly updated content and political analyzes that take into account different points of view, follow the Exam it’s a way of make sure you’re aware of the most important issues at the moment.

4. Small Businesses Big Businesses

Homonymous with the TV program, the magazine Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios brings precious tips and news for those looking for the growth of an enterprise.

As with other channels, the magazine’s profile on Twitter is used to highlight the main content of the site.

In addition to new features, PEGN usually reports successful cases and encourages managers to share experiences. Thus, it also ends up becoming a great networking platform.

5. Entrepreneur

More than a magazine, the Entrepreneur it’s a real celebration to entrepreneurs. With the purpose of inspiring and informing, this profile brings the most relevant publications on the website.

There, you will find live updates of the stock exchange, financial market information and, of course, trends and news.

6. Harvard Business Review

That account is used to gather content published, cited or related to the magazine published every 2 months by Harvard University.

If you like to receive tips accompanied by studies that prove its relevance, following this profile can be a great find.

7. Lupa Agency

THE Agency Lupa it has a different approach from the other accounts mentioned, but it is extremely important for the reader, especially in the question of credibility.

In times of completely democratized information, it is common for different versions of the same story or fanciful data to emerge.

The Magnifying Glass, known as the first fact-checking agency in London, verifies the information posted on other portals and reports the truth to the public.

With objective texts and corroborative links, it is a reliable source to check if a content brings true information or not.

11 people to follow on Twitter and gain knowledge

Another phenomenon caused by the development of digital communication was the emergence of influencers.

These profiles, specialized in their areas, are good sources of tips, indications and knowledge. Check out 11 of them.

8. Guy Kawasaki

Author of no less than 15 books, the entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki has a long and intense history in the corporate world.

His lectures, which include topics such as entrepreneurship, social networks and innovation, are disputed by large companies. He has already been hired to share his knowledge in the Apple, Microsoft, Google and Nike.

On his Twitter profile, Kawasaky shares his routine and expertise with more than 1 million followers.

9. Eric Ries

What do you know about startups? Creator of the Lean Startup methodology, Eric Ries summarizes his activities in his Twitter bio. There, in English, he says he’s trying to change the way startups are developed.

To that end, he wrote specialized books and maintains a website focused on the subject. In your microblog account, share tips and news from the area with followers.

10. Rand Fishkin

If you work in Content Marketing, you’ve probably heard of that name. Rand is a co-creator of SEOmoz, which soon became one of the most popular resources for content creators and IF THE.

Currently, the entrepreneur is working on the development of the SparkToro software, which promises to facilitate the expansion of the audience of blogs and websites.

In your account on Twitter, Rand is very active and is dedicated to topics ranging from mental health alerts to Inbound Marketing strategies.

11. Ann Handley

Ann Handley is content director at MarketingProfs, a company focused on training of health professionals marketing.

On Twitter, Ann does a similar job. In addition to specific tips, she shares articles that bring information of enormous value to anyone who wants to improve their own skills.

12. Scott Galloway

Graduated from renowned American universities, Scott Galloway is a New York marketing scholar. With a taste for entrepreneurship, Scott created L2 inc., A company specialized in benchmarking corporate. The sudden success led to it being acquired by Gartner in 2017, for $ 155 million.

The author, who is also a staunch investor, uses Twitter to share his work and discuss the main topics of the current market.

13. Gustavo Caetano

Gustavo Caetano is, at the moment, one of the main names of London entrepreneurship.

Creator of Samba Tech and successful speaker, he has considered the CEO of the year, in addition to accumulating national and international awards.

According to LinkedIn, he is among the top 10 influencers of the London internet.

14. Ricardo Amorim

Another famous businessman in the London websphere is Ricardo Amorim. Elected by Forbes as one of the 100 most influential people in the country, he is widely celebrated for creating high quality lectures without using very complex language.

Following your Twitter profile means having privileged access to ideas and constructive debates for any manager.

15. Lee Odden

Lee Odden is a B2B marketing specialist. On Twitter, he usually reproduces the content posted by Top Rank, the company in which he is CEO.

In addition to being a businessman and speaker, Lee is a successful author of books, which accredits him as good source of knowledge.

16. Bill Gates

We don’t even need to explain who it is bill Gates, it is not? It is likely that you already know the trajectory of one of the richest men in the world, who today is dedicated to philanthropy activities.

What you don’t know, perhaps, is that the creator of Microsoft uses Twitter to share his knowledge with the world. Without a doubt, a great opportunity!

17. Elon Musk

The eccentric CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is successful on the social network. With over 26 million followers on Twitter, Musk usually gives his opinion on several subjects.

Most of your posts, however, brings information considered relevant with respect to the news of the technological market.

18. Joe Chernov

Joe Chernov is vice president of marketing for Pendo, a company that, through consumer insights, helps other companies create great consumer experiences. The great popularity of your Twitter profile is easy to understand.

Along with the tips and shared content, Joe often uses everyday situations, such as dialogues with his children, to start debates creatively. In addition, he likes to use real examples to illustrate his thoughts.

Choosing the right people to follow on Twitter is one of the most important practices to enjoy a good experience on the social network.

As your feed is composed of the account publications you follow, it is worth saying that you can characterize it as you wish.

Therefore, you can use your profile to consume a specific type of content or mix different subjects of interest. That said, explore the microblog and get to know the profiles that bring you the most enjoyable posts.

So, what did you think of these social media accounts? In addition to entertainment and information content, the website is a widely used space for official profiles. Take a look at this post that lists what you can learn from the best brands on Twitter!