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(Click on the player to hear the narration of our post! Leave in the comments what you think.) If the question that brought you to marketingdeconteudo.com was “How to get more followers on Twitter?” I have good news for you: I prepared 19 tips that will help you! Whether for your personal, business or company profile […]

(Click on the player to hear the narration of our post! Leave your comments in the comments.)

If the question that brought you to marketingdeconteudo.com was “How to get more Twitter followers? ” I have good news for you: I prepared 19 tips that will help you!

Whether for your personal, business or store profile, having a profile with multiple Twitter followers is extremely relevant.

Although it is not one of the main metrics to measure the ROI of a campaign on the social network, getting followers on Twitter is something that helps you to attract attention.

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So, without further ado, check out 19 tips that will help you get more followers on Twitter!

1. Be engaged with your followers

We will start with the most basic points.

After starting to follow your followers (on Twitter this is very important) show that you are also interested in what they have to say.

Keep an eye on your feed, watch your tweets and never fail to comment, like or retweet something that is posted by your followers and that you find relevant.

This kind of attitude demonstrates to other people on Twitter that your profile is not a one-way street.

Connect, interact and be engaged with your followers!

2. Share valuable content

Although Twitter is a social network that ensures fast and accurate information, the 140 characters can and should be used to share valuable content.

To increase your follower base, it is not enough to just share any news or news that happens at random.

Curate content, evaluate what your followers would like to receive in their respective feeds and go after these contents.

Using your profile as a source of relevant information is a great way to gain new followers.

A great example of a profile that does this perfectly and achieves good results is the author Guy Kawasaki.

Follow Kawasaki for a few days and look at how he uses his Twitter account. Every 15 minutes he shares or retweet something incredible that really makes us want to click.

3. Make sure your content is shareable

Now that you’ve made sure about the quality of the content, here’s another tip: is the content shareable?

Does it have an interesting title, attractive images and a subject that is relevant to a social network like Twitter?

Think that although the content is incredibly complete and important (a scientific article produced by a PhD. In Quantum Physics) it will not always be ideal for social networks.

People are looking for information that is easy to “digest”.

4. Retweet other people’s posts

Retweet is an incredible tool to create a certain relationship with your followers and other Twitter profiles. Look for hashtags that are similar to the purpose of your profile and find the best tweets you can.

When we say “the best tweets” remember that it must be quality content!

This type of engagement is critical to increasing your follower base and requires almost no effort.

5. Write a professional bio

You created your profile, updated your cover and profile photos, and started tweeting and sharing amazing content! So far so good, but how is your account description?

In order for new followers to feel interested in your account, it is essential that you include an accurate description of your profile.

Be it personal or professional, correctly describe who you are, what you do and what your goals are on Twitter.

6. Use the strength of hashtags

Twitter was the social network that launched the hashtags. This tool is great for conducting targeted searches and finding people who are interested in certain subjects.

Whether it’s to find possible people interested in your profile and in subjects similar to yours or to search for topics that are becoming trends on Twitter, using hashtags is a great tool to find new followers.

7. Find and network with influencers

Do you remember the example we gave of Guy Kawasaki?

This time we will use the Neil Patel’s profile for example.

The digital marketing specialist is one of the most well-known and respected figures on the subject.

Finding influencers in your area, following them and trying to create a relationship with them is also a great way to be seen by others who are interested in the subject.

Be engaged with professional profiles that are a reference in your market to gain new followers.

8. Link your Twitter profile with other sites

Another way to be found on Twitter is to make it clear that you have an account.

This tip may seem quite obvious, but be sure to include buttons on your blog and the link to your profile on other social networks.

Thus, whenever you receive new access on your website or other social networks, people will have one more way to find your Twitter page.

9. Be active

We have reached the last tip and it is extremely basic: be active.

Twitter is an extremely dynamic social network. In just an hour you can lose incredible things and your followers can lose an incredible share that you did a few moments ago.

10. Use a well-chosen cover photo

When you use a cover photo with a good resolution and with an image that carries a well elaborated context, hardly the user who has contact with your profile will think if it is a fake profile or any spammer.

One of the main secrets for acquiring new followers is the credibility conveyed by a profile and this issue is closely linked to the care you take when setting up your profile on Twitter.

11. Beware of excesses

We have already said that it is important to be active on Twitter so that you can engage your followers and thus increase their number even more.

But that doesn’t mean you have to post something every minute.

The follower who sees that you have filled his page of messages will hardly read all and seriously consider not following him.

The main reason for this is that it is very difficult to stay relevant and consistent when you fire messages in a very short time. As we said earlier, activity, but with consistency and relevance, is everything on Twitter.

12. Ask your followers questions

Using the resource of asking questions to your audience is another way of provoking the involvement of people who encounter your Twitter profile.

Nowadays people use the internet as much more than a simple means of informing themselves of the latest events.

People want to give their opinions and know what people and brands think about a certain type of issue.

But remember that for this strategy to work, it is very important that each interaction is answered.

13. Spread your Twitter URL around

Attach your Twitter profile URL to your Facebook page or profile, business cards, email signatures, your websites, and any other means you use to interact with people.

Usually people who have just met you or your brand, either through email marketing, or a call to action where the call is to like the Facebook page associated with you, will want to get to know you better.

And in the case of Twitter, this is a great and easy option to get new followers.

14. Involving is not promoting yourself

To better explain the issue of public involvement through your posts, understand that Twitter is not a megaphone in your hand in a public square.

Hardly anyone sympathizes with a brand or person whose main objective on Twitter is to ask users to enter pages, buy products, etc.

Remember that the sales funnel is a path in which all the steps must be respected so that the construction of a brand is done in a solid way and that transmits relevance and authority to the users.

15. Use tools to find more people

While Twitter’s advanced search itself does the job of finding the right Twitter followers for you, based on age, demographics and other data, such as keywords in the Twitter bio and posted tweets, it is always beneficial to use a tool that is built to help you with that.

One of the many tools that we could recommend is TweetAdder and use the program’s filters according to your needs.

16. Failing to follow some people is also important

But how so? What crazy topic is this? As strange as it is, it is true.

Use a tool like followers.me or socialbro to stop following non-followers or those who have unfollowed you.

These tools are free and very useful in controlling the average follower / following.

By regularly unfollowing non-followers or those who have no activity on your profile, you will not only have more targeted followers, but also be able to attract new followers!

17. Use “Twitcams”

Participating in Twitter chats through a TwitCam will help you to get more followers, and also to attract attention in a way that would be impossible in other types of situations.

In case you didn’t know, TwitCams are special live streams, accessible through a URL created especially for the event.

By participating in these conversations, you start to show your skills to an untapped audience and also connect with these followers and still end up making more friends and more followers.

Your disclosure in this case has to be good. Discussion forums and other social networks are great ways to get people to see and hear what you have to say.

18. A little humility doesn’t hurt anyone

Most of the time, getting more followers on Twitter is a matter of get to appear.

In this case, asking a celebrity or some authority in your niche to follow you, or retweeting something you posted, is not a sin, but a way of trying to associate your name with someone who already has your name known by all, and consequently has several followers.

Just be very careful about how you are going to do this and who you are going to do this to.

The risk that the shot will backfire is considerable if you miss the approach, or interact with some kind of negative leadership.

19. Always stay well informed

No, this is no longer one of those generic advice from Master Yoda or Mr. Miyagi.

The point here is that Twitter has its secrets about best times for posts, in which the possibility of obtaining a greater number of views and shares it’s bigger.

Therefore, it is necessary to always be aware of the best means of obtaining this information, in relation to places of interest, segmentation of users and various other aspects.

BONUS: Be patient!

My dear padawan, now here’s a bonus tip for you who want to reach 1 million Twitter followers in just one month: be patient.

Although Twitter is extremely dynamic, this does not mean that you will be able to increase your follower base overnight.

Follow all the steps we have listed, produce content, interact with your followers and wait. The more you dedicate yourself to Twitter, the more results you will get.

After analyzing all the tips we gave, the message is that in order to get a good number of followers, to be engaged with your audience and to be recognized, you must be extremely active in your account.

One tweet a day is far from enough!

And you, already invest in Twitter? Do you apply these tips?

And the other social networks: are you dedicating yourself to them in your strategy? To help you in this mission, we have prepared a Complete Kit of Social Networks: understand everything about Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and how to be successful on networks. Check out!

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