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Thinking about strategies to advertise a company is not an easy task. It is necessary to think about size, budget and several other issues before investing in any brand promotion. To reach your audience, you always need to innovate! After all, the more people your business reaches, the greater the sales possibilities, […]

Thinking about strategies to advertise a company is not an easy task. It is necessary to think about size, budget and several other issues before investing in any brand promotion.

To reach your audience, you always need to innovate! After all, the more people your business reaches, the greater the sales possibilities, isn’t it?

Do you know how many marketing actions can be taken only in the virtual environment? In this post, we have prepared 20 tips to inspire you!

No matter the size of your strategy, follow this list and get inspired right now!

1. Invest in Content Marketing

It is possible that you came to this blog because you have heard the term out there. Or are you starting to understand that Content Marketing can be an excellent marketing action for your company.

We have a complete and indispensable material for you to understand the concept!

Anyone who thinks that the concept is only applied in digital marketing is wrong. Since long before the internet, companies have spared no effort to impact and delight customers through content.

Have you heard of the Michelin Guide? Yeah! For many years, marketing has delighted people and customers! Nowadays, the shares gain strength with the use of the internet.

The best part is that it is now much simpler to understand and measure exactly who and how your company is engaging the public!

2. Learn about SEO

The English term Search Engine Optimization is widely used in any digital marketing strategy.

Quite simply – and so you don’t forget – SEO is what will make your website (or your company’s) appear to Google. Well, for more than a decade, it is not enough to create a domain and wait for visitors to arrive! It is necessary to optimize for the tool to see value in its creation.

In this post, you can learn several tips on the subject. They are a series of good practices that will be decisive in the success of your digital strategy!

Everything about SEO you can learn from this complete material on the topic:

seo guide

3. Believe in email marketing

There are people who swear that email marketing does not generate more results. The data proves the opposite: more than 92% of adults use email and 61% use it every day!

Yeah! If you are not investing in it, you can start prioritizing this tactic in your marketing actions!

We have several articles on the topic that will help you a lot to understand the importance of this technique!

Remember that your email list shows exactly how many people have allowed you to create content and make an impact with your business! No spamming, okay?

4. Nutrition of leads by email

More important than generating your email list, is knowing how to manage it. There are several tools that can help you with this, but in addition to knowing what software to use, you need to know what to do.

Sending interesting messages, segmenting the audience by interests and personalizing offers are excellent marketing actions!

Make tests and don’t forget to follow metrics: how many emails are being opened, which links are more successful and which are being ignored!

5. Focus on social networks

This is a subject that generates a lot of interest when we start thinking about marketing actions. People of all ages, social classes, genders and ethnicities use social networks.

How many hours do you spend on Facebook yourself? In fact, this is the network that holds us most.

Turn and move, we end up on a website and using that “connect with Facebook” button. We even make purchases with the information we leave on this network!

Nowadays, it is already possible to buy directly on platforms that are within these sites, so be sure to invest in it!

In addition to understanding the subject, learn about its metrics and ignore the infamous vanity metrics. Those data that give the false sense of visibility in these networks!

Download our free Social Media Marketing Kit

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6. Take A / B Tests

So far, we haven’t talked about anything essential to any marketing strategy: testing!

There are several guides that present every type of possible marketing action: from the simplest as banners on your website, to the most complex, with customization and creation of a call center for your audience.

In addition to implementing actions that make sense for your business – a virtual store does not necessarily need actions offline, for example. It is necessary to understand what is working.

A / B tests divide the same page into two versions (A and B) and seek to measure what is generating the most conversions.

Which colors draw the most attention? Is there any type of text that is engaging your leads more? Test!

A simple change can make all the difference to your strategy!

7. Create a corporate blog

We already mentioned that Content Marketing is very important for your business. A simple way to apply it in practice is to create a blog for your company.

Creating a blog will allow your company to communicate not only with your target audience, but with the thousands of people who use Google every day!

So, nothing to create content that is just about your brand. Always keep people’s pains in mind and focus on solving problems!

Want to know how to create and leverage your corporate blog to generate results for your company? Download the ebook “The complete corporate blog guide”!

definitive corporate blog guide

8. Have a Whatsapp for your company

This tool is a national preference! There are hundreds of millions of Brazilians using the Whatsapp app every day! We are second only to South Africa.

In addition to investing in your email list, it is interesting to start segmenting and engaging your contacts via whatsapp. Creating campaigns that involve your contacts is a good choice!

To make everything even more powerful – and professional – have a specific number for your company. Nothing to use your staff!

It is possible to take advantage of this channel to have a more direct link with your target audience. Answer questions and ask questions. Depending on the response of people, it will even be possible to sell using the tool!

Be sure to take advantage of that Mark Zuckeberg put the stories function on Whatsapp too! Post exclusive promotions and even material to promote your brand.

Optimizing your blog and website is also important! Add a button to “send by Whatsapp” to your pages. Track the rates of openings of your messages and the return that this tactic is having.

9. Get direct traffic

Appearing for your customers’ searches on Google is very important, as you already know. But it is not the only way to leverage your website.

Direct traffic corresponds to all the visits that your site receives from people who have not sought you on any search engine. Got confused? It is quite simple.

When we want to access a news site that we like a lot, it is possible that you just type the first few letters and let your browser autocomplete the rest.

So, when creating the site for your business, think about the practicality that the URL should represent for whoever is typing. Or the idea you want to convey.

A good example is this blog that you are reading! We have the institutional website, with the name of Websites Are Us, but we generate most of the leads through the blog Content Marketing!

Choose a strong name, easy to remember and that makes sense for your business when registering your domain.

10. Have a Community

Remember when we talk about social networks. Most companies only invest in promoting their products or services on the internet, but do not focus on relationships with people through these tools.

Investing in internet marketing actions must overcome the idea of ​​advertising campaigns. People don’t just want to see promotions or their brand, but want to feel heard and welcomed.

Does it make sense for your company to have a Facebook group? Building a community can start from that!

The important thing is that the environment created is one of respect and the exchange of information is mutual. While your customers learn more about your business, you will have the opportunity to chat and even have ideas to innovate and serve in the best possible way!

11. Visit Quora, Reddit and other social networks

We already mentioned that it is important to be present in social networks, especially in the most famous ones like Facebook and Twitter.

There are not just these tools. There are platforms like Reddit and Quora that are little explored and can offer you great insights into the needs and pains your customers may be experiencing.

These sites also allow you to learn about a multitude of issues ranging from series and cooking tips to marketing and physics!

At first, do not worry about creating a corporate profile, but exchange experiences with users. This will help you to have new perspectives that can generate ideas for materials on your blog and even improvements in the relationship with your customers!

12. Invest in ephemeral marketing actions

Ephemeral media resources are increasingly embedded in everyday life. Another statement that seems complicated, but we are talking about Snapchat and the stories that spread through Instagram and Whatsapp.

From TV channels to more traditional companies, all have invested in it.

In addition to promoting promotions, your brand can publicize events, seek partnerships, contacts and even disclose how your product or service is used. Enjoy that the reach of these tools is much better than those of other social networks!

Ebook Instagram Stories

13. Add Calls To Action (CTA)

The way we use the internet has changed a lot since the past decade. There are millions of content vying for our attention all the time!

To make sure that whoever reads it will remain on your page, it is always necessary to call for an action – the Call To Action (CTA).

In a direct and simple way, literally “call” whoever is reading your page for something: be it downloading rich material or even getting in touch!

Don’t forget to measure and compare the conversions from the CTAs you implement on your page!

14. Optimize your website for mobile

Nowadays, it is more common to use the internet on smartphones than on computers.

Optimizing your website and content for mobile is essential. Not only because the user experience is important, but also because Google has taken this into account when ranking pages.

After all, it’s very annoying to not be able to open something on your cell phone, isn’t it?

15. Partner with digital influencers

The internet has even changed who we admire. It is not uncommon for people to be fans of those who have a career based entirely on the digital world.

Choosing these people to promote your brand can be a great marketing action, but it is important to be careful. In this post, you will find tips to implement this idea!

16. Make videos

YouTube leveraged the way we consume video content on the internet.

Investing in a channel may seem like something exaggerated for your marketing actions, but remember that this type of format can be used in other social networks!

Facebook videos, for example, allow you to measure the number of views and m