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For some time now, a real “smear campaign” has been shaking people’s and companies’ confidence in the power of email marketing to win customers. In fact, what is happening is a confusion between the real potential of results in winning customers of email marketing with the misuse that many have […]

For some time now, a true “smear campaign” has been shaking people’s and companies’ confidence in the power of email marketing to win customers.

In fact, what is happening is a confusion between the true potential for results winning over email marketing customers with the inappropriate use that many have made of it.

Buying email lists, sending spam, using unprofessional layouts, lack of segmentation and planning, use of heavy and unresponsive files, and even virus dispersion are not characteristics of email marketing campaigns themselves, but of people and companies that don’t know how to use all the benefits and advantages that a good email marketing campaign can bring, in order to win customers.

Exactly to demystify these beliefs and convince you that email marketing should be part of your strategies and campaigns, is that we research and bring you a number of reasons, digital marketing tips, data and research that prove once and for all the effectiveness of email marketing to win customers and sell products over the internet.

20 indisputable reasons to win customers with email marketing

The fee of conversion of purchase of email marketing is 40 times greater than that of social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook together, according to a study by McKinsey & Company (USA – 2013).

1.The same research indicates that consumers are 3 times more willing to buy through this channel and that 91% of them check their emails every day.

2. Another survey of the same year, carried out by Serasa Experian 1,000 companies and monitoring the behavior of 500,000 users, revealed that e-mail marketing is the channel that presented the best sales conversion rate among digital channels. See other data from this study:

3. Email marketing represents 9.39% of total traffic.

4. Corresponds to 14.14% of purchase conversions.

5. The conversion rate for email marketing is 2.53%.

6. 45% of companies consider increasing revenue of sales the main utility of email marketing.

7. 65% believe that this channel generates Return on Investment (ROI) and that is why they intend to continue using it in their campaigns.

8. 90% of the surveyed companies say they invest in email marketing actions.

9. Data from a third survey, carried out by Econsultancy in 2014, point the e-mail marketing as the channel with the best ROI. And more:

10. 68% of marketing executives consider email marketing to be a good or excellent tool.

11. But not only research shows good reasons to win customers with email marketing. And one of them is pretty obvious: don’t waste all your efforts and investments to get a huge email list of leads through content marketing and other tactics.

12. Manage your sales funnel in a more punctual and specific way.

13. The segmentation of email marketing campaigns can be very well done, allowing you to reach the right consumer at the right time of your shopping journey.

14. Combining your tracking and capture data with sending well-written and well-designed emails is an excellent way to win over buyers with specific offers and promotions for a limited time or on seasonal dates.

15. E-mail marketing is ideal for trying to win over customers who started buying at the online store, but abandoned their cart before making payment. Send an email saying: – We found your cart in the store and saved it for you, click here to complete your purchase!

16. Whoever receives an e-mail marketing is because he gave permission to do so by contacting his website or being interested in some material that you made available to him, so you are much more likely to know your offer.

17. E-mail marketing used correctly, with appropriate CRM techniques, is an important tool to retain customers.

18. E-mail marketing is a personal message, different from an internet banner, a link on Google or a post on social media. Therefore, it can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer and surprise him.

19. Your customer entered your store and found that the product you wanted was missing. He asked to be remembered when it was available in stock. Surely your email marketing warning about this will be an excellent way to win customers.

20. These are just some of the reasons for believing in the power to win over email marketing customers. Therefore, do not leave this important channel out of your communication strategies and sales campaigns.

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