2020 Content Marketing Trends – WAU

The year 2020 is approaching and, of course, brings questions about what will be the next steps of Content Marketing. The user will have more and more decisive participation, just as the videos continue to increase. Among news and continuities, the sector will have more and more depth in content, with quality being a priority!

Undeniably, Content Marketing is already part of the reality of the strategies of large companies that want to attract interested audiences and generate conversions.

Over the past few years, new proposals for this practice have been applied, giving rise to different ways to create content.

The constant study of Content Marketing trends, once again, opens up new perspectives, this time for the year 2020, which is already approaching!

The news can already be seen and, certainly, many of them will mark the way of making content and implementing strategies from now on.

We have prepared a selection with the main trends that promise to become facts next year. Some have already been tested, while others have everything to grow.

Read on and understand why these trends are worth keeping an eye on!

User generated content

Consumer 4.0 is a technical profile that describes to whom brands direct their products and marketing actions today. These people are demanding and want much more than a good product or competitive prices.

They want cutting-edge services, outstanding service and also want to be part of the brand, that is, to have a closer relationship.

This has been the main starting point for the practice of companies that take advantage user-generated content to use in your strategy.

The relationship is simple: through campaigns, brands encourage the public to generate these contents, which can be text or video, to later use them within a Content Marketing strategy.

There are some main advantages, such as increased engagement, which comes through mobilization to create and also by those who consume this content. The public likes to participate and also interact with these materials.

In addition, there is much less work and investment in this practice, since the content is generated by the brand’s own audience.

Maintaining the growing video

Talking about Content Marketing is automatically thinking about blog posts, that is, texts. As much as this format is traditional, the video is always very strong and draws a lot of public attention, even combined with blog strategies.

video content in texts

Over the past year, the use of this format has grown considerably in content strategies and, given that, the trend is to follow consumption.

Recent research has shown that 80% of consumers switch their basic text searches to videos before making a purchase decision. So, whether or not they are complementary to blog posts, it is undeniable that this type of media cannot be given up in strategies.

By the way, the visual appeal that the videos have are strong and justify the reason for this increase in consumption.

For 2020, brands should continue to bet firmly on this possibility, especially in funnel bottom content. The decision stage needs to be more incisive, since the consumer is ready to convert.

When it comes to products, videos showing usage and features are a great idea for decision content.

Voice and audio strategies

Voice and audio actions, also known as Audio Marketing, took over the strategies in 2019. As much as the use was wide, it was still a year of affirmation and tests for strategies from different perspectives.

And everything indicates that this trend will continue to grow, especially when we come into contact with the following data: the audio consumption on blogs grew 90%, according to VOOOZER.

The acceptance was good, people have the resources to search and receive audio content, so it is very likely that the exploitation of content suited to these formats will be strong for 2020.

In the Blog da WAU itself, we observed remarkable results, and in 2019, our audio posts engaged the audience on average during 07:53.

audio content

Thinking about SEO, it becomes essential to adapt written content so that it is more easily detectable by Google algorithms.

The schema marker is a fundamental tool that helps to rank better. Smart assistants like those from Apple and Amazon are the tools that allow voice searches to be in a natural crescent.

Now, thinking about content by audio, the current reality also indicates great growth for 2020, especially when we think about the format for podcasts. In London alone, the increase in consumption of this type of media was 67%.

The increase in receptivity is important for the exploitation of the platform as a basis for content from companies that are of interest to the public. The important thing is to create relevant content that delivers value to those who listen.

Augmented reality

The application of augmented reality in different Digital Marketing strategies has been recurring recently. Simple Instagram filters, for example, show how this technology is increasingly accessible and that not everyone realizes that they use it.

Because of this greater accessibility, today it becomes more viable to think about augmented reality in content.

One of the most successful examples is that of IKEA: through an app, the store allows the consumer, using the cell phone camera, to project the image of a piece of furniture in any room of their home.

It is with this type of use that Content Marketing can take advantage of technology to support different content, helping to illustrate products or simulate experiences.

The trend is that in 2020, more and more companies have their eyes open to the different possibilities of inserting augmented reality in their strategies.

Just like in the videos, the content that will most benefit from this resource is the funnel bottom. Designing a reality with the support of digital resources can be decisive to generate the decision that the company wants.

Less surface content and more quality

The positive results that Content Marketing generates for companies is also an inviting factor for excess.

After all, if it works, why not bet heavily on this strategy? This would not be a problem, only that many companies choose to produce a lot, but with low quality and with superficial approaches and that bring little value to the public.

Little by little, especially due to the understanding that Google’s algorithms are more rigorous, companies have stopped thinking about volume in favor of quality.

The public has very specific desires and wants to have them translated into good content. From that, brands have thought of developing content that only meets what is desired.

Thus, trying to untangle a theme as much as possible and generate several superficial contents of it is no longer interesting. One of the Content Marketing trends for 2020 is to generate in-depth content and, from them, work on ranking strategies, to attract, and trigger, to get them to your contacts using strategies such as email marketing.

Live streaming

Lives have taken over the internet and, no matter the occasion, there is always a loyal and engaged audience in order to watch interesting, educational and engaging content.

A recent survey conducted by the Vimeo platform found that 80% of users surveyed stated that they would rather watch a live than read a blog post. More than just video content, it is a live broadcast that still allows interactions.

Lives are available on several platforms: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, among the main ones.

It is more and more common to see influencers adopting this resource, but the number of brands that use the space to educate, share internal moments, show events and generate powerful and highly engaging sources of engagement is also growing.

In the face of such positive numbers, it’s easy to see that live streaming is one of the models that will be one of the Content Marketing trends for 2020.

Communication is direct, video is always an attractive possibility and the public can consume interesting content that still allows them to interact and ask questions.

Ultra-targeted content

The year 2019 marked the search for content strategies that were closer to its consumer. Companies understood that the priority should be to respond to the main demands of their audience, generating content that is capable of that.

In practice, there was an increase in ultra-segmentation, which marked the strengthening of relations with the public.

The great differential that will mark this proposal as one of the main Content Marketing trends for 2020 is the mechanism for understanding the pains of persona.

In an almost “artisanal” way, brands will search with increasingly limited niches, in order to have an understanding, in detail, of what they seek as information.

Based on that, the content production will be focused on very small and tapered segmentations, but with great quality delivery capacity.

As a result, consumers will get the content they are looking for, with precise answers to their questions.

These contents, because they are so qualified, are better ranked, even though the demand is not so high in volume. Google has prioritized this type of material, especially since they are dedicated and deliver precisely what the audience is looking for.

Produce related content to generate authority

The authority of a website is an important page ranking factor that Google imposes.

When thinking about Content Marketing, achieving this good evaluation is something extremely necessary and that has been seen in a strategic way by companies, more and more.

The best way to achieve authority is to create complete content funnels that can be correlated.

If your blog is about running shoes, the most appropriate thing is that all of his posts have a direct relationship with each other. The closer these posts are, of different subjects, but within a universe, the better evaluated the general context will be.

Currently, algorithms do not only consider a post to rank it, but in what reality they are included.

You need to have this topic, that is, the subject of your content, well-defined and create the posts from this backbone.

You can create great material on good running shoes, following the example, but they will not rank well if they are on a general news site.

The tendency is to adhere to this and improve this context. Only that blog that is specialized in the subject is considered authority and, from it, it generates quality content in a broad context that provides credibility to the reader.

Increased investments in Content Marketing

It may seem simple, but it points out how it will be increasingly complex to have a good strategy in 2020: investments in Content Marketing will increase and this can be considered one of the main trends for the coming year.

So many different ways of generating content, on different platforms, give even more visibility to this path.

investments in Content Marketing will increase

With more companies investing, the natural thing is that there is more competitiveness and competition to lead rankings and have content better positioned on Google.

On the other hand, as you have seen a few times throughout this content, the requirement for qualification in what is produced is increasing. Among so many competitors, this is the differential that can take you to the next level!

Companies that want to remain visible and attractive to their respective audiences need to continue investing and, of course, increase their budget for content.

However, it is not possible to take this as the main strategy to gain ground on the web. Well-ranked content needs to meet many parameters in order to really have the proper reach.

Paid content

Ever wondered if your audience would pay for more detailed, broad and qualified content?

Many people really consider investing in something that is educational, especially if they answer your questions.

This can be a great way to act on two fundamental fronts: capitalize and, through content, educate for future conversions.

It is practically like a sale before the main sale, in a format that has already been widely explored by companies in different segments.

E-books, video classes, courses and other more detailed and large formats draw consumers’ attention and provide transactions, albeit of a smaller size, but which are very interesting.

paid content through courses

Paid content has everything to stand out and be one of the most innovative Content Marketing trends of 2020, but remember: it’s really only a content strategy if the material can be included in the funnel and, in fact, educating and preparing the consumer for major conversions.

For those who want to stand out through the Content Marketing trends that will bring results in 2020, this post brings a complete and accurate list. Start now to do your marketing planning considering these possibilities!

And, if you want to leverage your content strategy, be sure to speak to one of our consultants! Schedule a chat right now.