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Meet 26 startups and software that helped (and a lot!) Websites Are Us to achieve great results and to grow in a sustainable way

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When I think about how well-developed the American startup market is, it’s impossible not to associate it with how much real information is shared by those who live in this world every day.

That is why I wrote about how we reached R $ 20 million in annual recurring revenue in the 4 years of the company so far, to also help entrepreneurs here in London.

Following this same idea, I also find it interesting to talk a little about the tools we use here and helped us achieve this expressive goal (and launch new ones for 2017!).

See just some of the software that is part of our day to day here at WAU and that will certainly also help you on your journey:

Marketing and sales

As a CMO here at WAU, I spend a lot of time using these tools:

1. RD Station

Startups and Softwares

RD Station is a marketing automation software from Resultados Digitais, with whom we have even made some partnerships and co-marketing actions.

More than 5,000 companies use RD to create landing pages, monitor leads, manage contacts and perform a number of other important activities that help leverage sales. It’s really worth it!

2. Hubspot

startups and software

Hubspot is a world leader in Inbound Marketing and also has some excellent products, which can be scaled according to your need, which for us was very welcome.

They even have a 100% free CRM that they created to help companies of all sizes better manage their customers.

3. Hello Bar

startups and software

Our hello bar of the Pokemon Go and Marketing article Click to read!

An important part of our growth is due to the performance of this blog you are reading, and Hello Bar played a valuable role in its success.

The operation is very simple: a bar that shows a personalized message at the right time for users.

We managed to promote many interesting materials already launched here, increasing our reader base and newsletter subscribers.

Use our affiliate link and receive 1 month free access Hello Bar. Just register here.

4. SEMrush

startups and software

SEMrush is a true marketing toolkit for brand monitoring.

The software includes, for example, a feature to analyze brand mentions, very useful to analyze how much buzz our campaigns generate in each channel.

My favorite feature is the analysis of competitors, where I get several insights for the topics that we are going to address at WAU and what we can improve in our posts.

5. Buzzsumo

startups and software

We are a content company, so from the first day we needed to deliver quality content.

BuzzSumo analyzes the hottest topics of the moment in our search area and allows us to choose the subjects that really interest the personas to help them definitively.

In addition we can follow the content that has performed better on our social networks.

6. WordPress

startups and software

WordPress is simply the best-known blog platform in the world, and it has everything it takes to keep a top quality website up and running.

It is not for nothing that our blogs – marketingdeconteudo.com, Saiadolugar.com.br, inteligencia.rockcontent.com and Comunidade.com.br – are made in WordPress.

7. Google Analytics and Search Console

startups and software

Google Analytics is the basis of our monitoring of metrics and KPIs here in the company, and just by the amount of content we created talking about it, you can already see that we like it a lot, right?

startups and software

Search Console, on the other hand, keeps all of our sites “on the line” and prevents us from having any ranking problems for leaving the guidelines that Google presents.

Have you ever thought about losing the first place we sweat so hard to win in the SERPs? No way!

Customer Success

One thing is certain: we would not have grown so much had it not been for the excellent work of successful clients that has been done here.

And having quality tools makes all the difference, don’t you agree? At least two of them are very useful for us:

8. Zendesk

startups and software

Zendesk is a startup that has the largest support software in the world, and since we adopted it here at WAU we have nothing to complain about.

It was through a Zendesk Knowledge Base solution that we created our exclusive forum for freelance writers and reviewers working on the platform.

9. Intercom

startups and software

This app has great options for communicating with customers, but one that draws attention is the onboarding tool.

With it, it becomes much easier to engage customers as soon as they enter the platform and prevent interest in the product from decreasing.

Administration and recruitment

Running a business requires doing a series of boring tasks that go far from the glamor that seems to surround a startup, but that are indispensable for success.

And Websites Are Us is proof of that: in these 4 years of life, it has increased its size several times and hired a lot!

This involved a lot of work and some quality software:

10. WAUJobs

startups and software

WAUJobs is not only a product that we are proud to have created, but we are also happy to be able to really use it on a daily basis.

Whenever we have a vacancy (a frequent thing here! Hehe) we launch it on WAUJobs and we hope that the most qualified professionals apply.

11. Super logic

startups and software

I am an avowed fan of SaaS business, and I am also a fan of Superlógica for making it so easy for us to receive payments from our customers without a headache.

We just need to create plans and manage subscriptions. The rest is with Superlógica, which still offers accurate reports that give us a broader view of finances.

12. Slack

Slack is a fantastic internal communication app! We use to exchange ideas and pass information between teams easily and quickly.

With Slack we managed to put aside the bureaucracy and plastered corporate communication that begins to settle when a company grows.

13. Clicksign

startups and software

Whenever we need to sign documents here at WAU, we use Clicksign, an excellent electronic signature system.

If it weren’t for him, we would have to print the documents, sign them manually and then scan them to send them electronically. How much work, no?

Products and events

I must admit: we are restless!

Two things we love about Websites Are Us are being present at cool events and launching interesting tools and products. Some highlights are:

14. RD Summit

The RD Summit, organized by Resultados Digitais, is the largest Digital Marketing event in Latin America and undoubtedly one of the most incredible places that I had the privilege of lecturing.

WAU was a master sponsor in the last editions. 2016 was very remarkable. In addition to speaking on the second largest stage of the event, we did one of the most sensational campaigns of the event, we distributed free t-shirts and, of course, we generated many leads!

You can check out our entire campaign at RD Summit 2016 here!

15. RD On The Road

Another event organized by Resultados Digitas, RD On The Road is itinerant and passes through different states throughout the year. Peçanha has spoken a few times in different places.

Both events are enriching and a great opportunity to meet the biggest names in the market and learn from them.

16. 360 ID

ID 360 is the biggest digital marketing event in Minas Gerais, and it was a great pleasure to speak at that event last year.

Besides me, Peçanha also lectured, which always increases visibility for WAU, even more among other beasts of marketing and entrepreneurship.

17. LearnDash

With LearnDash, a WordPress plugin for online education systems, we were able to launch a very important project, WAU University.

The system automates the entire process, from creating courses to issuing certificates and processing payments.

18. Typeform

startups and software

Typeform is an online forms creation software, which allows customization as impressive as the forms that the forms gain in the end.

We use this application mainly when doing market research and reports like Content Trends, and the results are great.

Technology solutions

Operating a platform that moves the production of more than 8,000 pieces of content per month requires a robust structure.

For this reason, we do not play in service. We use the best:

19. Github

startups and software

Github is a programming version control system.

In good London, it allows several professionals from our dev team to work on projects at the same time without any problem.

If your company has a similar need, it’s time to use Github.

20. AWS

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is a cloud computing service package, which we use a lot to keep data and applications secure.

The spectacular infrastructure that Amazon offers guarantees operational stability in several ways, which for us is fundamental.

21. Heroku

startups and software

Heroku is the software we use here to keep the main platform up and running.

Because it is a much more complete system and full of features, we needed a platform that would facilitate the implementation and scale of the project.

This is exactly what Heroku offers, in addition to security and stability.

Software that I use on a daily basis

I could not fail to mention some of the software and startups that I use personally, not least because I grew up with the company since we started this journey.

Some of my favorites are:

22. HemingwayApp

startups and software

HemingwayApp is fantastic for anyone who produces content. It helps to make writing more clear and simple, contributes to the creation of scannable articles.

Even for those who are already used to the routine of writing for the web, it is easy to forget one detail or another that makes the text more difficult to read, so the app is guaranteed in my writing process.

23. Asana

startups and software

Asana is one of the most well-known project management systems in the world, and has resources that are very useful for an entrepreneur’s daily life.

From a simple to-do list to a discussion around that lead generation strategy that is about to be implemented, Asana gives you what you need to execute your ideas well.

24. Evernote

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