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Who has never looked for an organization application that will throw the first stone. With our lives increasingly loaded with chores and events, we need whatever help we can get. As we are stuck all day with our cell phones, apps for these devices end up being the resource we can count on the most. […]

Who has never looked for an organization application that will throw the first stone. With our lives increasingly loaded with chores and events, we need whatever help we can get.

As we are stuck all day with our cell phones, apps for these devices end up being the resource we can count on the most to organize ourselves.

Especially for routines as complex as that of a digital marketer or any other profession.

If you are looking for apps that will help you organize your life once and for all, you are in the right place! Just continue reading:

You probably already know Trello, one of the greatest organization and management tools in the world. What makes it so amazing is its adaptability. Nobody wants to use an app that won’t make sense of our needs.

Trello uses its interface of frames and cards so that you can create anything you want.

In addition, you can invite people to be part of your pictures in the app. Ideal for teamwork, but it also works very well for those who want to organize.

Another application that works for both your personal organization and your team and Asana. With a modern interface and system focused on tasks presented as to-do lists, the application is extremely easy to use.

You can also view the task calendar of other members of your team and optimize your demands with customizable tags and deadlines.

Many do not know this tool, which does not live up to how amazing it is! In it, as in the others, you can organize all the demands of your teams and separate your projects.

The most interesting part is how project separation happens. In them, the interface is developed to facilitate the communication and organization of tasks of the team selected for that specific project.

If you are tired of finding apps out there with complicated interfaces to move around, Wunderlist is for you. This task organizer has one of the simplest platforms you will find.

In addition, your mobile app is even better than its desktop version, ensuring that your organization is with you wherever you go.

Todoist works as a more beautiful and clean version of Wunderlist. They share a lot of functionality, however, Todoist allows greater integration with other users, in addition to a more pleasant interface.

A very well-known app and one of the best to get things done quickly. It offers an uncomplicated and fully customizable interface.

With it you will be able to keep that idea you had walking on the street and file it the way you prefer, either by drawing or just writing.


Just like its name says, here you can make infinite notes and the coolest: in any format. Evernote, another well-known application on the market, allows you to archive audios, videos and several other formats.

In addition to helping you organize your tasks and routine. It is one of the best apps to keep everything in your life in order.

If you live with someone and don’t know Homeslice yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. This application will help you to no longer fight with those who live with you. How? He organizes all expenses and homework for you.

In each tab of purchases or accounts you can put the amount spent and the application divides the account among the residents. In addition, you will never miss anything again, as it is possible to control the stock of household objects and always know when you need to go to the supermarket. Incredible right?

One Note

The Microsoft application is one of the most advanced in terms of usability. It allows you to take notes in a variety of ways and has an intelligent system that creates spreadsheets based on your data.

It is also a facilitator of multi-user interactions, which facilitates teamwork.

Any.DO works like many other applications, however its interface allows you to have more control over your tasks and your routine throughout the week. This is essential for those who need to organize in advance.


If you need to save space on your phone, this is your app! We know that with our routines it is impossible to do everything we want, let alone take care of our health in the right way.

Thinking about it, OptimizeMe works as a manager of your life, in which you can do everything! From people you met to your mood at any given time, allowing for greater control over your life.


The Pocket really as the name says works like a pocket. In it you can leave everything you were interested in, but you don’t have time to read or watch at that moment.

It is very easy to use, you just need to copy the link of the content you want to archive and put it in the application. When you have time, you can enter it and everything will be there for you.

This application is for those who need to control finances! It works by synchronizing your bank accounts and helps you to have a consolidated financial education.

The best part is that you can consult it anywhere, because after you have synchronized everything, it works without needing internet access.

For those who are still in college and need to organize their routine full of classes and jobs, this is your application. It organizes your classes on a calendar with a clean and very pleasant interface.


Are you struggling to create habits for your routine? HabitBull will definitely help you. The application acts as a habit manager in your life.

You can set your goals and update it with what you’ve been doing. It creates graphs and data that help you track your performance.

Pocket Guide

Elected by many experts as the best financial control application on the market, it maintains information about your finances and manages to calculate your financial health, encouraging better control of your expenses.

In addition, it has several other great features, such as evaluating the best loans you can make or even check your CPF pending issues.

Skoob is actually a social network for lovers of literature. However, it works perfectly to organize your readings. There you can rate, add books to your bookshelf and keep track of what your friends are reading.

Google Calendar

You certainly already know Google Calendar and, if not, you need to download it right now. It is the most famous calendar app in the world and is the best to help organize your days and appointments.

Like all Google products, it has an inviting interface and features that encourage the use of multiple users. Thus, you can invite your friends to events and ensure that they will be notified, among many other great features of this app.

Day One works like your online diary. In it you will be able to take notes of your routine every day. It is perfect for those who want to keep detailed descriptions of events in our daily lives on file.

Life Cycle will help you to control everything about your routine. Are you curious to know how much you have been walking around? Or how long were you working? The application provides better control over your routine and how much time you have been spending on each activity.


For those who need to stay focused, but always end up being distracted with the cell phone, here is the solution for you! Forest works through the gamification method.

In it, each user has a pet plant and, to take care of it, you define the period of time that you will focus on any task. During that time, each time you enter your cell phone, the plant is damaged. This is a super innovative method of encouraging focus and productivity.

Inbox is your hassle-free email inbox. A Google product, it allows you to connect with your Gmail account and have more control over your emails.

The application itself separates your emails into categories such as: finance, shopping, among others, to optimize the way you use your inbox. In addition, you can mark your messages as completed or even postpone them to be read at a specific time, when the application will notify you.

Slack is the darling of many companies and is no accident. The chat app works like a professional WhatsApp. In it you can interact with your collaborators without having to mix with your messages in personal applications.

It allows creating private and open groups, which facilitates transparency and allows the flow of information within the company. It is a very interactive platform, with integration with Google Drive, Giphy, Trello, among others.

Remember the Milk

A task management app, Remember The Milk, in addition to having a super fun name, is one of the most uncomplicated organization platforms. For those who are lazy to learn to use a little more elaborate applications, it is perfect, since it allows you to take notes, create to-do lists and much more.

Cam Scanner can save your life on many occasions and it was created just for that. With it you can scan any document with your phone’s own camera and transform it into a PDF file.


Bear is an amazing application with unmissable features. In addition to being your place to keep notes, organize your tasks and schedule your routine, it also has several interesting interactivity points.

It can calculate your commute to work or college, has a fantastic text editor, and is extremely easy to use and has a clean and pleasant design.

Known to most people, Google Drive is undoubtedly one of the best storage apps out there. Not only does it allow you to archive whatever you want and wherever you are, but it also offers the possibility to share files with anyone.

12 minutes

Who never really wanted to read a book, but couldn’t fit a little time into the routine to actually read it? This is probably a problem that you have encountered or face every day.

Thinking about it, the founders of 12 minutes created the application to be a facilitator in our routines. By registering on the app you can, in just 12 minutes, extract all the best teachings from any book!

Have you ever had to set up a meeting with many people but couldn’t find a good time for everyone? Only those who have been there know how frustrating it is. But guess what, there is a solution for that!

Doodle allows you to create polls, which anyone on your team can access and choose the best option that suits your routine. Now there are no more complications to find a time for that meeting that can no longer be postponed.

Ufa! We have finally reached the end of this list, which we hope can help you maintain a productive and healthy routine.

These applications are used by our team and bring incredible results for both the company and our lives. We hope they can have the same impact on your routine.

But it doesn’t end there! If you are looking for more ways to optimize your routine, download our full ebook on the subject.

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