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There is a universe of Google Chrome extensions for digital marketing that can make life in the field a lot easier. Choosing between them, however, can be challenging. Some are free, optimize the performance of the browser and personalize the user experience according to what he needs, that is, increase its usability. In excess, however, […]


There is a universe of Google Chrome extensions for digital marketing that can make life in the field a lot easier. Choosing between them, however, can be challenging.

Some are free, optimize the performance of the browser and personalize the user experience according to what he needs, that is, increase its usability.

Too much, however, can even increase your computer’s power consumption.

To avoid this overload and even ensure the privacy of users’ information, we have made a list of 30 extensions that are essential and safe for the digital marketer. Check which ones may be missing in your browser.

Content analysis

1. MozBar

MozBar offers a simple but extremely strategic piece of information: the analysis of the domain authority, pages and even the results of the SERPs.

2. BuiltWith

This tool allows you to identify which solutions, widgets and applications were used on a website. When researching competitors and even market authorities, it is possible to identify strategies that need to be tackled or applied to the business.

3. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb offers a variety of information about a website, such as its traffic, engagement metrics, ranking positions in search engines, its keywords and search resources.

It is possible to apply the tool both to analyze its own performance and to analyze referral sites and competitors.

4. Ocean.io

Ocean.io can be used not only by commercial teams, but also for content analysis and lead qualification in the management of the marketing area.

It allows identifying the profile of any company on social networks when accessing its website, including its professionals. The status, location, contact information, social activities and relationships with other companies can also be filtered.

This is fundamental to the lead qualification process, for the personalization of the contents and for the marketing strategies that will be applied to convert them.

5. User-Agent Switcher

Visitors to a website can log in to different browsers and platforms, and this extension helps in investigating usability in these different environments.

Considering that there are smartphones that use Android, iOS and Windows Phone, it is crucial to understand how the experience is being offered to the user, isn’t it?

Content production

6. Grammarly

This tool offers fundamental support for the production of content, improving writing by indicating errors in grammar, spelling and more.

In digital marketing, transmitting information in an optimized way is fundamental, however, if it has London errors, the image of the company and the responsible professional will be seriously compromised.

7. Evernote Web Clipper

Quality screenshots: this extension ensures that an image that can enrich the text is properly captured.

Some simple edits, like place arrows to highlight certain sections, are also available in Evernote Web Clipper, which speeds up and ensures higher quality when using screenshots.

8. Google Scholar

More advanced content in the marketing funnel requires more depth on the topic. In this sense, Google Scholar allows you to search the web for materials and publications at an academic level.

9. Zest

Another solution that optimizes the search for content related to the company and that can be shared on social networks.

Zest is also a website that produces content and, therefore, has a strict criteria for creating quality posts, in the information offered and optimization.


10. Linkclump

Extensive searches require the opening of many links and, with this tool, it is possible to select multiple addresses to open at the same time.

It can help a lot in content creation process, keyword research and who are the competitors on the first page of Google.

11. Save to Pocket

In digital marketing, the number of references and relevant content that a professional finds in his research is very large, however, it is not always easy to manage them.

Using Save to Pocket, you can organize all content by categories that are worth reading again, sharing, or linking to in future materials.

12. Push by Zapier

Tool to assist in workflow management that involves other applications and systems, making them all work together.

In addition, considering all the alerts that these auxiliary systems can generate, it creates a unique “push”, which ensures that the professional maintains his discipline and productivity.

13. Todoist

THE tool is already famous and many digital marketers use to organize their tasks. Thus, using its extension ensures an even more effective control, in addition to the direct inclusion of research data that are related to the registered activities.

14. Focus

A fundamental extension for those professionals who get lost on websites and social networks without even realizing it.

With Focus, it is possible to register the addresses that most steal the professional’s attention, ensuring that he gives warnings if access is beyond the agreed.

It also allows you to register life goals and regular reminders, keeping the focus of the professional.

15. Calendly

Calendly works as an automated calendar capable of checking the availability of other users, company professionals, and of course, potential customers.

From availability, also ensures that meetings are scheduled and that other professionals who need to be related are associated with the event.

Security and privacy

16. Ghostery

It is one of the oldest and most efficient extensions when it comes to data security and privacy. It blocks trackers that, while browsing, spy and follow the user on the web.

17. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is very similar to Ghostery and was developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The tool also blocks spy ads that follow the user while browsing.

18. Password managers

Google Chrome offers its own password manager, but this paid extension is also a very powerful tool, allowing you to memorize more than one password for users on different websites and applications.


19. Keywords everywhere

Identifying which keywords are compatible with marketing planning and have greater adherence to a company’s leads is essential to the Inbound strategy.

With this tool, you can search for keywords, see how your competition is doing, evaluate their performance, identify how to use them in link building and much more.

The use of SEO tools is proven to be effective in achieving better results. According to SEO Trends 2018, for example, 53% of companies that adopt any of them consider their effects to be very positive.

Search SEO Trends 2018

20. Ubersuggets

Similar to Keyword everywhere, Ubersuggets also allows searches are filtered in a variety of ways, including by country and language spoken locally. This allows the strategy to be much more personalized.

21. PageSpeed ​​Insights

One of the factors that hinder the SEO strategy and the user experience is the delay in loading the page. This extension monitors your performance and server response time.

It also identifies which elements of the site are delaying loading, which allows you to make the most precise adjustment.

22. Google Page Analytics

Understanding user behavior when visiting the website is crucial to identify where your attention is directed. Thus, the information and products that should be highlighted can be better positioned.

23. SEO Quake

It is similar to MozBar and, therefore, appointed as one of its competitors, as it also shows important metrics for SERPs.

However, instead of using its own metrics, it displays the more traditional ones in the bar, such as Page Rank and other SEO parameters.

24. SEO Site Tools

In addition to creating an efficient SEO strategy, you need to analyze the competition, your social media behavior, ways to build link building, metrics and details of your traffic. The extension offers all of this information.

Social media

25. Hashtest

Hashtags are essential to connect users who are researching a subject related to a company’s product or service, so they should be chosen strategically.

This solution offers exactly the analysis of the probability of success of a hashtag.

She is even extremely functional and allows you to send the search result to the clipboard, increasing agility at the time of posting.

26. Crystal

Crystal analyzes networking contacts – or potential customers – to be contacted just by analyzing their profiles on social networks, such as LinkedIn. Thus, it is possible to find out how to communicate with them, identifying which approach can be most effective, for example.

It can also be used to help construction of buyer personas for new products and services of a company, looking for user profiles that are within the segment and interest group.

27. Facebook Messenger

It is true that, among the extensions of productivity, we mention Focus here, precisely, to prevent the professional from wasting too much time on applications and social networks such as Facebook.

However, in digital marketing, Facebook is an indispensable tool, and its extension offers much more than access to chat conversations.

In this way, it also allows you to check the friendships and relationships created, evaluate the timeline, do research and check notifications.

To reinforce its role in the strategy, Social Media Trends 2018 shows that 94.4% of respondent companies are on social networks to interact with their customers.

social media trends

28. Easy Twitter

This extension allows easy management of the account on the social network. Uses a simple pop-up in the browser that allows viewing the timeline, which mentions were made, and of course, the trendings topics.

As social networks are important channels of interaction with customers and strengthening the authority of the brand, having agility when responding to mentions is essential.

29. Instagram web

Similar to Easy Twitter, however, for Instagram. Allows you to enjoy photos, interact with customers and other professionals in a window.

30. Logout 4 all

The extension performs the log out of all social networks after they are used. It can be very interesting for companies and professionals who switch computers in shifts, for example, or when visiting customers.

Criteria for choosing Google Chrome extensions for digital marketing

Because they are tools for optimizing work routines, the most natural reasoning is to want to use as much as possible.

However, dependence can impair the performance of the professional, who may have their attention dispersed and even put the user’s privacy at risk.

The Hover Zoom extension, for example, allows you to search for images faster by consulting several sources at the same time, only that several reports from users have already shown that, at the same time, internet usage behavior is monitored and, later, passed on to adware companies.

Bitmoji, on the other hand, allows the creation of avatars to be used in Slack, Chrome and Gmail. But is it really necessary for the professional’s daily routine?

Keep in mind that the right solutions can make work faster and more qualified, but extensions can also drain computer resources such as RAM and processor usage time.

Therefore, establishing some criteria when choosing Google Chrome extensions is essential. Consider:

  • improvements they will make to the workflow;
  • frequency at which they will be triggered;
  • impact on browsing performance;
  • possibility of putting user privacy at risk.

Settings for Google Chrome extensions that protect the user and their data

In addition to being careful when choosing the tools that will really facilitate online activities, it is also possible to invest in settings that make your performance even safer.

Limit extensions on only a few sites

Accessing the Chrome menu with the shortcut “: // extensions /” from the address bar, you can click on the “Details” for each extension. In the options, you can select:

  • on all sites;
  • on specific websites;
  • clicking.

Prefer extensions from trusted sources

Consider the authority of the person responsible for developing the tool and analyze comments from other users in specialized forums. Asking suggestions for other digital marketing professionals can also be a good alternative.

Create different user profiles

For those professionals who use the same computer for personal and company activities, it is possible to create different profiles and choose which extensions to use for each one.

Browsing bank websites, password management and other resources will be organized and safe according to the profile currently used.

This division can also be done with a extension called Extensity. There, an icon showing a group of people allows you to create more than one profile and determine for each one which extensions should be activated during navigation.

Adopt security extensions

In the list above, some extensions seek to ensure safer browsing. HTTPS everywhere, for example, was developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which fights for users’ rights on the internet.

The extension forces the site to use its encrypted version, safer for navigation.

Digital marketing requires that its professionals have a global and updated view of the market. With Chrome solutions, this challenge can be made considerably easier.

So, evaluate which Google Chrome extensions for digital marketing are indispensable for you, adopt the necessary security measures and increase your professional performance.

After reviewing and updating your tools, be sure to check out the digital marketing trends for 2019 and analyze how your new extensions can help you get along with them!

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