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As Joe Pulizzi said in one of his phrases about content marketing, “the difference between a good content professional and a great professional is a documented strategy”. And we have separated a list of tools to help you monitor and maximize all the results of your strategy and become an excellent professional. […]

As Joe Pulizzi said in one of his phrases about content marketing, “the difference between a good content professional and a great professional is a documented strategy”.

And we have separated a list of tools to help you monitor and maximize all the results of your strategy and become an excellent content professional.

They are sites and applications created to monitor data and manage social networks, to discover subjects that are generating more buzz and even sites that help you create your own infographic.

Best of all, most of these services are completely free!

In addition to the tools, I will leave here some content recommendations that will help you in your strategy on the networks:

It is the most complete list you will find on the internet. You can save it to your favorites and consult whenever necessary.

Check out the top 35 social media tools now!

Occupation: benchmarking for social networks

It’s paid? It offers a paid option and a free option.

Digital marketing and data analysis go hand in hand. Analyzing and measuring your results is the most effective way to measure what worked and what didn’t – and invest in the strategies that are working.

If you are planning a new strategy for your social networks it is essential that you benchmark your competitors. And this is what Quintly will help you do: the app is amazing for planning new campaigns on social networks.

Occupation: monitor topics with more buzz.

It’s paid? Free.

You can search for topics for free, but the tool also offers annual and monthly plans for agencies and companies with more search resources.

Buzz Sumo is more than an audience monitoring tool, it can also be used to create guidelines for your content marketing planning. On the site you can search for topics that are generating more buzz at the moment, you can even search for more commented subjects within your work area and create content accordingly. You can also perform the same search according to each available platform and find out, for example, which subjects are most engaged on Facebook or Twitter.

BuzzSumo is one of the richest monitoring tools with a wide variety of search filters. It is a great companion to content marketing.

Occupation: monitor the social level of your brand.

It’s paid? You can use the free version of the tool, however it offers very limited resources. It is worth investing in one of the monthly, quarterly plans that offer several resources that you can check here.

This tool was created to monitor the influence of a brand on different platforms. It takes into account the number of interactions on social media and quotes, generating a level of social for your content marketing effort. It’s a great tool to find out what kind of content is most engaged and help you follow the right path on social media.

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Occupation: monitor Google search results.

It’s paid? Free.

This Google tool is extremely useful for you to monitor search results for your brand, your keywords or even your competitor’s. You register an expression and whenever there is a new search result, you receive an email alert.

Occupation: monitoring of reviews.

It’s paid? Free Review Monitoring is free without resource restrictions, but they offer plans to upgrade if you need to monitor more expressions or locations.

This tool was developed for brands to monitor all the reviews that users write about them on the internet. For example, you receive an alert every time a new review about your company, product or service appears on platforms such as FourSquare, Claim Here and Yelp.

It is an extremely useful tool because it helps you to be always attentive and prepared to answer customers whenever they have a problem or criticism. This is to maintain an always positive image of your brand online.

Occupation: creating infographics.

It’s paid? Free.

This tool is a great way to create content for your brand. In a few clicks you can create complete, beautiful and interesting infographics. You don’t even need to login to create yours.

Occupation: Check name availability on various social networks, website domains and for trademark registration.

It’s paid? Knowem is free to search, but if you want to register a domain or your brand, you have to pay.

If you are going online now, this tool is right for you. Knowem checks the availability of names in more than 500 different social networks, in different domains and even checks the availability of trademark registration. This helps you have a single name across multiple platforms and make it easy for your users to find you.

Occupation: shorten url addresses and monitor them.

It’s paid? Free.

Bitly offers two types of services: link shortening and web address monitoring. It is a great tool to use on social networks, when you post links. In addition to making the url shorter and more attractive, the site will monitor how many clicks it had, where these clicks came from, which city and other aspects.

Occupation: gather all your social networks in one place.

It’s paid? The tool is paid, but they offer a free trial period. It pays to pay because Hootsuite is very useful.

This tool is to help you monitor and track all of your social networks at the same time. In Hootsuite you can schedule posts for different social networks at the same time, reply to comments or direct messages, shorten urls and track results, all in the same panel.

Occupation: monitor all data on your site.

It’s paid? Free.

This is probably the most used monitoring tool on the internet today. It is completely free and offers a wide variety of aspects to be analyzed such as access, origin of access, location, time spent on the site, bounce rate and many others. You can even integrate your online campaign with Google Analytics and see the results it is generating in real time. It is an indispensable tool that you need to use. It is even worth doing an intensive Google Analytics to discover all its functions and use everything it can offer in the best way.

Occupation: monitoring social networks.

It’s paid? Free.

It is a tool that helps to monitor your brand name, keywords and hashtags from your social media strategy or from your competitor. It gives you numbers like reach, impressions, post sharing, demographics and top sources.

Occupation: monitoring on the internet.

It’s paid? Free.

BuzzBundle allows you to monitor your brand name and keywords on blogs, websites, discussion forums, social networks and videos. In the tool you can also program unlimited psotes on Facebook. Google+, Facebook and Linkedin.

Occupation: monitor your Gmail contacts.

It’s paid? Free.

This tool offers a unique monitoring feature. It collects details of the social profiles of people who send you email through Gmail. For example, you receive an email from a professional contact and the tool presents you with all the links on this person’s social networks. You can even connect with the person on Linkedin without leaving your email.

Occupation: creating videos

It’s paid? The tool is free and offers great features, but you can opt for a premium package.

Video is one of the most popular and attractive forms of content that exist today. However, you must think that developing a video is very expensive, but Powtoon offers exactly animated video for free. Using a simple to use platform, you can create animated presentations and turn them into videos in minutes. It’s a great way to enrich your content.

Occupation: guidelines recommendation for your content

It’s paid? Free.

This tool collects data from your website and your audience’s behavior and suggests content themes for you. It is a great option for those who do not have much time to plan blog content, for example. You just log in to the platform and choose one of the suggested themes.

Occupation: creating graphics and images

It’s paid? Free.

The more visual your content, the more attractive it will be to your audience. Canva helps you in this mission by offering an easy platform for you to create interesting graphics and images in minutes.

Occupation: monitor competition

It’s paid? Free.

This site allows you to search for all sites related to a word or your site. It’s a great way to find out who your online competitors are and investigate their strategy.

Occupation: define actions according to specific scenarios

It’s paid? Free app for IOS and Android.

IFTTT is an application that automates actions according to what you define. For example, you create an action “send email when a new Facebook comment appears”. The app will perform the action according to your definition. It is very useful for managing social networks and you can use it to develop actions of all kinds.

Occupation: manage multiple social networks on mobile

It’s paid? Free app for IOS and Android.

The tool allows you to manage and monitor multiple mobile social networks. With one click you can simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and other networks. You can also easily send posts via email.

Occupation: monitor discussion forums

It’s paid? Free.

BoardReader offers a keyword search among thousands of internet discussion forums. If your strategy includes closely monitoring what internet users are talking about on these platforms, then this is an indispensable tool.

Occupation: plan keywords for SEO

It’s paid? Free.

Another Google tool widely used by content marketers. Keyword Planner is an existing tool within Google’s AdWords and offers complete word search data. You type in a keyword and find out how many searches it had in a given period of time and even if it is very popular (if there are other brands using them). With this tool you list the most searched words and use them in your content.

Occupation: points out the most popular twitter times for your brand

It’s paid? Free.

This tool collects the information of your followers on twitter and presents which days and times they go online. It is a great insight for you to find out when is the right time to post and have more audience.

Occupation: explain twitter hashtags

It’s paid? Free.

TagDef is ideal for when hashtags appear that don’t make much sense. You type it on the website and it shows the location where it occurs most and what it means.

Occupation: monitor and manage twitter

It’s paid? The tool is free, but offers paid upgrades.

This tool is one of the most used by major brands to monitor Twitter. With Commun.it you schedule posts, track hastags and keywords, identify the most influential profiles and offer various profile management tools. For example, you can name a profile as “consider engaging with this profile” or “consider following this person”.

Occupation: Facebook monitoring

It’s paid? The tool is paid but you can use it for 14 days for free.

In Fanpagekarma you monitor various aspects of your Facebook page as the best time to post, which posts receive the most engagement, the most well received topics, the profiles that influence the most and other parameters. It is a great data tool that offers good insights for your strategy.

Occupation: post planner for Facebook

It’s paid? Free.

One of the golden rules of content marketing is consistency. You must always be present, always posting new content. PostPlanner helps you with this. The tool shows the most commented subjects of the moment on Facebook, the content that your fans are sharing more and more. With this information you have great insights to create new posts.

Occupation: keyword monitoring

It’s paid? Free.

This tool offers the most commented subjects on the internet at the moment, just access the page and you will see. But it also offers a complete page for tracking the keyword you want. She searches on Twitter, Bing News, Google Blog Search, WordPress.com, YouTube, Friendfeed, Flickr, Blinkx, Mainstream Vid News, Delicous Tags, Twingly Blog and Ask.com News.

Occupation: monitoring keywords and mentions on blogs, Facebook and Twitter

It’s paid? Free.

This tool offers monitoring but it also gives you a report with the mentions and keywords you have chosen. With this report you can get a better sense of the success of your strategy in a given period of time.

Occupation: creating infographics

It’s paid? Free.

Infographics are a rich and attractive way to present data or some kind of more complex information. With Piktochart you can create infographics quickly using a simple to use platform.

Occupation: scheduling and posting

It’s paid? It is paid, but offers a free trial.

To have any successful social network you need to be active in it – and maintaining a constant posting of quality material is important for any Social Media strategy. But with everyday tasks this can be overlooked. And that’s where Buffer comes in. It allows you to schedule the day and time of any post on Twitter, Facebook, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. You can modify the content at any time. The tool does the rest of the work for you, simplifying (and a lot!) The process of posting content.

Occupation: online reputation management

It’s paid? Pay, but offer a free trial.

This should be noted by every company on social media: your customers and followers will share the experience they had with your brand (be it good or bad) with other consumers. And this is remarkable: how many times have you not seen a friend complaining about a bad service from a company on Facebook?

Mention does just that: monitor in real time what they are saying about your brand. So, you can follow what your customers are thinking and still respond quickly to any criticism, praise or suggestion.

Occupation: content monitoring

It’s paid? Free of charge.

Feedly is an RSS tool that allows adding and maintaining content such as websites, blogs, etc. Thus, you can keep all interesting content for you on one site – which makes it (and much easier!) With you and your team always up to date with market trends. It’s an incredible way to always know what your competitors are up to and get new ideas for posting to your social networks. The tool also allows you to share publications on the social networks you prefer.

Occupation: content storage

It’s paid? Free.

Pocket is a simple and objective application designed to store content that may have caught your attention but that you cannot read at the moment – being an easy way to save and retrieve interesting articles and posts. Another great way to stay up to date without spending too much time on your schedule.

Occupation: aggregate and publish on social networks

It’s paid? Offers a paid version and a free version

You can schedule content on several social networks at the same time, and also follow who shares your content and monitor by hashtags and also generate reports, all in a single panel. There are plans for agencies.

Occupation: social media management

It’s paid? Yes, but it offers a free trial

MLabs is a social media management platform that schedules content for different networks (including Instagram and Instagram Stories), compares performance with the competition, tracks the performance of your pages, generates reports with your logo, manages Facebook inbox and Instagram direct and it also has an exclusive feature, the “workflow”, which controls the entire flow of creation and approval of posts with customers.

This tool is great to streamline the day-to-day activities of agencies and social media.

With these 35 tool options, you will take your content planning to the next level, achieve better results and become an expert in what works for your company.

If you use any tool that is not listed here, leave the tip here in the comments. It can help other professionals to improve their strategies.

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