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If you follow our blog, you already know that one of the essential steps to learn Digital Marketing (and succeed in your strategies) is to always keep up to date with market trends. And one of the best (and most fun) ways to do that is by following professional blogs on the subject. We have compiled here a full list of […]

If you follow our blog, you already know that one of the essential steps to learn Digital Marketing (and succeed in your strategies) is to always keep up to date with market trends.

And one of the best (and most fun) ways to do that is by following professional blogs on the subject.

We have compiled a list here filled with foreign and national blogs that will help you to always know what is happening most important in the world.

We brought blogs with different themes and approaches, covering digital marketing, advertising, content marketing, social networks, trends and general news.

It is important to have a broad list of interests (and always keep up with them) so that you are not left behind by the competition.

Knowing who your persona is and what your target audience is discussing and consuming is extremely important for any company that wants to be successful in its efforts.

Come on?

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1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs’ blog has incredibly complete guides dedicated to the SEO market, dealing with specific topics such as keyword planning and link building, all geared to the area of ​​operation of the tool.

The blog values ​​the extreme quality of the content, so they are all extensive and well-worked, but with a lower posting frequency. It is worthwhile to carefully read each article.

2. Backlinko

Another blog dedicated to SEO, with extremely crafted articles and real bibles for professionals in the field. The blog also has guides for tools and platforms, which makes learning even more relevant.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a very interesting and widely used social media management platform in the market.

The blog has diverse content about the digital marketing sector, but is mainly focused on articles on social networks, ranging from more general to more detailed content about each network.

4. Search Engine Land

A portal with news from the SEO market, Search Engine Land brings first-hand information, being a mandatory stop on the checklist of professionals who want to keep up to date.

5. Neil Patel

There is no way to leave out Neil Patel’s blog from that list. One of the most influential marketers in the digital environment today, Patel produces extremely complete and in-depth articles on Digital Marketing.

The cool thing is that he usually includes his own cases in his content, giving a practical and personal tone to what is covered there.

In this list we will still see two more blogs from the marketing guru!

6. Content Marketing Institute

He is one of the leading names in the content marketing universe and was created by Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute.

There is a lot of material there that really shapes the opinions of the market and it is very worthwhile to follow the constant research, case studies and insights that they share.
In addition, of course, to all the posts on marketing and content that you need to follow constantly.

7. Moz

Moz is a company specialized in SEO and has one of the best blogs in the area. The contents are extremely specialized and produced by the big names in the market, with valuable tips and relevant data on the subject.

SEO 2.0 Guide

8. Social Sprout

One of the best blogs on social networks today, with relevant articles in the area on the most diverse networks, covering everything from features to best practices.

9. HubSpot

If you still have doubts about whether to follow the Hubspot blog, this is the time to end them all.
The great broadcaster of Inbound Marketing around the world has a very good blog for everyone who wants to learn everything about marketing, be it digital or traditional.
Several ebooks, case studies, whitepapers, infographics, videos and successful cases make up one of the most complete blogs on the internet, for those who want to learn everything about inbound, marketing, content, social networks and more.

10. Think With Google

The world’s largest search engine needs no introduction, right?

Well, with all the Google way of being, the company’s blog has an incredible design, super interesting content and, of course, relevant and well written.

In addition to dealing with marketing, you can still learn a lot about technology and trends in digital transformation, with valuable insights into the future.

11. Buffer

Buffer Social is one of the best international blogs for anyone who wants to learn about social networks. They share articles on creating content, analysis and monitoring, as well as tips and tools to increase your conversions on social media

12. Social Media Examiner

It is a large portal that essentially deals, as the name implies, with social networks. The focus is on original articles, interviews, research, news and everything else you need to know to improve your social media marketing strategies.

13. QuickSprout

QuickSprout is a blog with extensive and extremely relevant guides on various subjects in the digital marketing market. It is one of the blogs of Neil Patel’s tools, with its quality seal.

14. NewsCred

NewsCred is a great Content Marketing platform and, on your blog, articles are targeted to this market. The objective is mainly to show how content is a solution for companies in different sectors, in addition to presenting relevant themes for different markets.

15. SEMrush

One of the biggest and best SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tools on the market, SEMrush’s blog brings relevant studies and insights, in addition to very complete articles on the subject.

16. Growth Hackers

Although not a blog, Growth Hackers has a space entirely dedicated to its community, making the environment conducive to articles extremely relevant to several areas of digital marketing.

Extremely relevant for professionals who want to be on top of the latest market discussions!

17. Mashable

News and trends site, Mashable is one of the most recognized references among this type of site. With special business, social networking, technology and lifestyle sessions (in addition to many others), the site is incredible for discovering what your target audience consumes, thinks and does.

18. Social Media Today

Social Media Today has a very high volume of employees, which results in a lot of interesting content. Sometimes too much content means that not all of them are really relevant to what you’re looking for, but nothing that quick filtering doesn’t solve.
Anyway, it is an excellent source to find new voices in the world of marketing and to get inside the news of social networks.

19. Contently

Contently has one of the most advanced content marketing blogs on the market.

They regularly create long, dense posts about tactics and techniques from the content world. If you are aware of the most current content marketing, this blog is indispensable!

20. Copyblogger

As the name implies, the blog is dedicated to copywriting tips, being a great source of information for web writers and SEO professionals.

21. Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the biggest references in the world in conversion, so the blog could not be different. With articles on different themes, the contents focus on showing how it is possible to obtain real results for digital businesses.

22. Shopify

This is an especially valuable blog for anyone who has an online store or wants to undertake in the digital environment. The contents deal with various topics relevant to e-commerce and tips on different strategies to be applied to generate more results.

23. The Next Web

Although not an exclusive marketing blog, TNW brings news about several areas at record speed, being valuable for marketers to stay on top of the latest technology, social networks and search engines.

24. Customer.io

Customer.io is a tool focused on outbound marketing. It sends targeted messages to multiple contacts from a single platform.

At, the content involves humor, psychology and practicality in the same place, created for those who want to reach the next level with their marketing efforts.

25. Coschedule

CoSchedule has one of the best language blogs out there. They know exactly who they are talking to and create content that really “speaks” to their personas.

An interesting aspect is that they try to create posts that go beyond the obvious and are not always directly linked to their main business (scheduling posts on social networks).

26. SalesForce

Even without having a 100% focus on marketing, Sales Force always offers dozens of insights on sales, customer service and marketing tactics for companies. In addition, because they are a large company, they are able to bring this positioning and vision to the content.

27. Fast Company

Fast Company has several tips on entrepreneurship, growth and marketing strategies. Leaving the logic of the complete guides of several other blogs, FC follows an editorial line focused on news and specific analyzes, having a very journalistic tone.

28. Occam’s Razor

Avinash Kaushik is one of the biggest names in web analytics in the world, and his blog has fantastic content on the topic, covered in detail and with the great touch of a master that only he could give.

Complete Google Analytics Guide

29. Marketo

The Marketo blog deals with several relevant topics in marketing from a technology perspective. Thus, the contents are extremely relevant and current, in line with the reality of digital transformation in which we live.


30. Blog

Yes, we put our blog on this list among the blogs you need to follow. Content Marketing is the blog of Websites Are Us, a leader in the segment in Latin America.

We post relevant content about the entire digital marketing industry and strive to deliver complete and relevant articles for the industry.

31. Websites Are Us Intelligence

Another Websites Are Us blog, focused on intelligence and market research, with valuable insights for marketers in London.

32. Digital Results

If you are looking for real results with digital marketing, the Digital Results blog is a must read. The posts are straightforward and instructive and will help you a lot to build an efficient digital marketing strategy.

33. Agência Mestre

One of the biggest SEO references in London, Agência Mestre’s blog offers relevant and very direct content on the subject.

34. B9

Essential for any lover of marketing and advertising, Brainstorm is today one of the most prominent blogs in the London advertising scene. If you’re looking for inspiration, get ready: you’ll find it here.

On the air since 2002, the blog talks about creativity and inspiration in the most diverse areas: business, social media, advertising, communication. A full plate for those who are always looking for news.

35. Camila Porto

The blog of one of the biggest names in social networks in London, Camila Porto, has content focused on the area, being valuable for professionals in the national market.

36. Marketing World

Mundo do Marketing is a portal that informs, discusses and promotes the marketing market in London. On the website you will find articles, news, interviews, studies and a lot of information aimed at all professionals interested in Marketing.

37. Living on a blog

The blog focuses on content that teaches about web writing and digital entrepreneurship, being valuable for those who want to venture into this area.

We have already spoken several times about the importance of always keeping up to date with the market, but it is always good to repeat: never settle or stop researching.

Keep in mind that the more you learn about the subject, the more your company and your brand will become stronger in the digital environment.

And what these blogs we list offer is just that: learning.

Favorite them, add them to your reading list and remember to always read the content they produce.

Is that you? What are your favorite marketing blogs and websites? Have you thought about creating your own blog?

If so, you need to know the fundamental steps for a blog’s success! Learn now with our ebook The Ultimate Guide to the Corporate Blog.