4 important things I learned from the WAU Blog – WAU certification of Corporate Blogs

Websites Are Us’s Corporate Blog course can provide valuable insights on how to manage your company’s blog. See 4 main points here!

I confess that before joining WAU, in June 2018, I was not very adept at taking courses online.

I always thought that good old Google and video classes on YouTube would help to clear up my doubts and curiosities about a certain subject.

But when I became an intern at the largest Content Marketing company in Latin America – Websites Are Us, I felt it was time to become a marketing expert and that, for that to happen, I would need more than a quick survey or a 5 minute video.

That’s when I plunged headlong into the courses at WAU University, becoming more and more knowledgeable about the world of digital marketing and taking my certifications.

The last one was Corporate Blogs, taught by Content Marketing specialist André Mousinho. I liked this course so much that I decided to come here to tell you the 4 most important things I learned by taking my certification.

Are you curious? So, let’s go!

1. A blog is essential to your strategy

There is no escape, the creation of a blog is one of the first steps for a brand to stand out and achieve a good reputation online.

One of the coolest things I consider about a content marketing strategy is the fact that a brand becomes useful to its audience by sharing quality content and the most diverse themes, and not just advertising about itself.

Thinking about that, a blog is the perfect tool to delve into various subjects related to your brand or product and educate your audience.

In addition, a blog regularly supplied with good content increases a company’s Lifetime Value (LTV), since the customer, seeing his brand as a reference in quality information, can make new purchases or hire his services through more time, since he sees more value in your company.

2. SEO is not a 7-headed bug (and it is fundamental to a digital marketing strategy)

At first, SEO may seem just another one of those acronyms of digital marketing that haunt those who are starting studies on the topic.

But, can I tell you something? SEO is really cool and learning about it is relatively simple, just dedicate yourself a little bit.

THE certification of Corporate Blogs contains several tips on how to apply SEO techniques, teaching how to define the best keywords for your content and also how to choose the external title (SEO title), for example.

The course also highlights the importance of choosing friendly URLs for blog posts, since the address of a content is the first thing to be analyzed by search engine crawlers.

In addition, certification stresses the importance and good practices for using heading tags. sThey are the ones who create the hierarchy within the content and help to show Google what the most relevant information is in your text.

While watching the course, I made several notes about SEO. But I will not give so much spoiler! André Mousinho has a lot of cool things to tell you.

3. The importance of internal and external linking

To rank well on search engines and leverage your digital marketing strategy, internal and external linking are essential.

The internal links within a blog post lead the user to other relevant and important content for your page. And the best: the reader will continue inside your blog, while being guided by the funnel, being nurtured, educated and seeing value in your brand.

Sending links is also important, as Google recognizes the external link as an good practice to optimize the user experience.

External links can be used to prove data and to reinforce an argument, for example. Using them will give credibility to any extra information you are using in your text.

Another key factor is having blogs in the same niche as yours linking to your blog, as it demonstrates that your content is relevant.

But, stay tuned! Receiving links from pages with bad reputations or that have no connection with the topic of your blog can harm your strategy.

4. Tips for content production

To engage your persona, the quality of the content published on your blog must be exceptional. But, how to do that?

It is important to decide whether the content will be produced internally or by an external team.

In-house production ensures content more aligned with the company’s strategy and texts with more specific themes for the bottom of the sales funnel.

External production, on the other hand, expands the range of themes possible, optimizes your team’s time and provides a high volume of fresh content on the blog.

One suggestion is to continue with the combined production, in which internal and external teams produce together – which can generate better results for your strategy.

It is also essential to have an editorial calendar to document the topics of the agendas and the dates of publications on the blog and on social networks. This document is very important to maintain the organization of the team, avoiding repetition of themes and keywords and maintaining a balance in the posts.

The size of the text must also be taken into account, as it influences the ranking of the post.

And, if you want to know the ideal size of content, and have other valuable insights, I invite you to take the certification of WAU University’s Corporate Blogs.

I’m sure that this course will help you become an expert and manage your company’s blog very well!

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