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Interactive content is very efficient in the consideration phase, when the customer has already covered part of the purchase journey and is in the process of closing a deal, purchasing a product or service. To achieve this goal, you can use quizzes, interactive infographics, calculators and ebooks.

For a long time it was thought that the tool of a Content Marketing strategy was the text. However, there are many other formats that make it up, such as the interactive content for the consideration phase of the purchase journey.

However, doubts about what interactive content is still very common, as well as the importance they have in converting customers.

To remedy them at once, we have produced this article. Here, you will see the following topics:

Come on?

What is the purchase journey?

THE shopping journey represents the path that every customer takes to buy a product or service. It is also known as the sales funnel, and is usually divided into three stages:

  • top of the funnel: this is the moment when the person discovers having a problem;
  • middle of the funnel: at this point in the journey, the person seeks solutions to this problem;
  • funnel bottom: here, at last, the person finds the company capable of solving this problem.

It is essential that the teams of your company are well aware of these steps crossed by the buyer persona, as this is how the marketing team can develop strategies in order to attract it while the salespeople elaborate the right way to approach it.

After all, the leads generated by marketing that are at the top of the funnel, for example, must be nurtured until they are closest to the bottom, to the point of talking to a sales representative.

Making a non-nurtured lead available to a seller will only make him dedicate his time to a person who is probably not going to buy yet.

The contents are the basis for making this nutrition and they can have different formats, such as interactive content.

What are interactive content?

As the name says, interactive contents are those in which the public can interact and participate.

This is essential in times of Digital Marketing, as many people who access online content also seek to interact with them.

A clear example of this is social media, in which companies and professionals can publish their posts, so that people participate by writing comments or sharing the publication.

There was a time when marketing actions left the public passive in the face of your messages. Advertisements on television, radio, newspapers or magazines meant that people only consumed them, but did not participate.

However, today, getting the audience to participate in the content is one of the points of the strategy. This explains why we see blog posts and videos on YouTube inviting their audiences to leave their opinions in the comments, for example.

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Why is it important to choose interactive content?

Although many marketers say that yes, it is important to produce interactive content, here are some of the main reasons why it should be included in your production.

The market already has a lot of content

No matter what the niche, when doing a search on Google, you will certainly find many blogs – or even social networks, YouTube channels, among other media – that talk about the subject you are looking for.

Therefore, with so many options in hand, the public will pay attention only to those that best answer their questions and offer a differential, such as interaction.

The world has become mobile

Another aspect that makes interactive content important is that the world is becoming increasingly mobile and interacting with brands and other people is the least the public expects.

Interaction is part of human nature

At all stages of life we ​​are driven to interact with other people, from school and work to leisure time. So why would marketing be any different?

The target audience of every marketing action is made up of people, so interacting with them is not an option but something that must be done, for being natural to all of us.

What are the 4 types of interactive content for the consideration phase?

Now that you know the importance of interactive content, here we list the main types that can be used in your strategy.

1. Quizzes

There is a reason why quizzes are so popular: they involve people and generate immediate results.

According to a survey by BuzzSumo, the levels of engagement through this type of content has been growing more and more over the years and this shows that adopting them is highly recommended.

The answers of the quizzes make you know your audience better and, thus, develop marketing plans that bring the expected results.

2. Interactive infographics

Infographics are content easily found on the internet, especially on websites and blogs. Its proposal is to convey a message in a textual and visual way, which facilitates understanding. But, how to apply interaction to this format?

The main way is insert points in the infographic that the person needs to click to get some information.

For example: one who talks about the purchase journey itself can cause the person to click on each step of the funnel, so that the infographic reveals more information about them.

3. Calculators and measurement tools

Calculators are of paramount importance for certain types of business. A travel agency, for example, may offer a calculator that helps travelers know how much a trip will cost.

This type of interactive content is very useful, as some people do not have the time or patience to read material and, on their own, do all the necessary calculations to reach the expected result.

If this applies to your business, don’t disregard this type of material.

4. E-books and whitepapers

These are two types of content well known to marketers. However, they also need innovations that hold the public’s attention and motivate them to consume such materials completely.

After all, interactive ebooks, for example, are no longer simply static digital books. Now, they can bring other elements such as the aforementioned quizzes, videos and forms.

This is essential for marketing and sales, as the ebook itself can qualify leads for salespeople to contact them based on prior information that can help close the sale.

From these types of interactive content for the consideration phase of your customers, each opportunity generated will be more likely to turn into commercial conversions.

The benefits of interactive content within a Digital Marketing strategy are several. Get to know the success story of the Dell company and find out what ways you can use this proposal!