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The Lord of the Rings shows how the smallest – and in theory the weakest of beings in that universe – saves an entire world from eternal evil. Written by J.R.R Tolkien – the father of modern literature – between 1937 and 1949, it was made into a film in 2001, winning 17 Oscars, winning […]

The Lord of the Rings shows how the smallest – and in theory the weakest of beings in that universe – saves an entire world from eternal evil.

Written by J.R.R Tolkien – the father of modern literature – between 1937 and 1949, it was made into a film in 2001, winning 17 oscars, winning in all categories it competed.

Supported by a sensational mythology of languages ​​and cultures created by the author himself, The Lord of the Rings brings us to a new world of fantastic beings, from horrible and unscrupulous orcs and demons to imposing and self-sufficient beings, like the elves.

Turning around the demand for the ring of power, history also brings us Hobbits, who, however inappropriate, became essential in a final mission, where the destiny of beings and that incredible universe was at stake.

The whole work served as the basis for many other successful literatures and films, such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, but here we will use it to show how you can use this masterpiece to structure and create champion content!
lord of the rings 1

“Content for everyone to rule…”

“A Ring for all to rule, a Ring to find them, A Ring for everyone to bring and in the darkness to imprison them.”

The iconic phrase that drives practically the entire plot can also be brought into our content marketing reality with a few modifications:

“One Content for everyone to govern, One Content for finding them, One Content for everyone to bring and leads to transform them.”

In the passage that Galdalf frees Theoden from the control of the “snake’s tongue”, we have a clear example of how Content Marketing can transform your company’s marketing strategy from something sad and fallen into a strategy that gives results, with returns of giving envy to any immortal elf.

In Content Marketing (as it was the role of the ring in the entire work), our main premise is to captivate the public, so it is part of the strategy to innovate and be surprising to people who will have access to your content.

You need to devise strategies that are effective and increase organic traffic to your site – regardless of the purpose or focus of your business – and the content you will produce has to do much more than attract the attention of a particular reader: we have to enchant so that you can “rule”.

In The Lord of the Rings, that ring was where it wanted it at the right time and at the right time. Relevant content at the right time will make your audience see your content as your precious source, influencing them to always look for more and more about you and your company!

Be simple, as a hobbit is simple

There is no other idea that summarizes the life of a hobbit better than the phrase “Less is more”. So can your content be!

lord of the rings 2
Amid countless epic-level heroes, monsters and magical beings, they are the most peaceful and determined who have a fundamental role in history.

Always remember this: the most effective content marketing strategies are those that take into account the needs of the public and reach them in full! In addition to facilitating the work of SEO, you help your visitor to find other content that is relevant to them at that moment.

You see, if you are being simple and objective, it does not mean that you cannot be bold. The idea is to find the balance of the two things so that your strategy wins over the audience you want to reach. After all, this is another thing that we learn from the little Hobbits, right?
Be friendly in words and don’t overflowing, no matter how demanding or specialized your audience may be.

Direct, brief and clear content, in addition to being much more attractive, does not overwhelm the reader and does not make him leave reading as if he had been wounded by a Nazgul blade.

You will not pass

One of the most memorable and iconic passages in The Lord of the Rings is when Gandalf faces a Balrog (who, please, has no wings!) And sacrifices himself so that his companions can continue the journey. lord of the rings 3
Imagine that you are Gandalf and your content is a Balrog, ready to engulf you in a sea of ​​flames and throw you in the bottom of the ranking and your relevance to Google.

Like Gandalf, we must have a focus. And, however high the price, we must comply with what was planned. We must not let go of the metrics, KPI’s and personas that were determined when planning your strategy, let alone when building the content for your blog.

Always reviewing these metrics and identifying errors and successes you can build quality content, increasing the visibility of your posts, your blog, your brand and, of course, kill a balrog, get the whole XP and go up a few levels.

Always have a Sam by your side, and vice versa

lord of the rings 4
Just as Frodo had Sam as his support on the journey, don’t forget that linking other blogs and other content from your own blog (so that content ends up supporting and promoting each other) is of great help so that your content becomes visible for your audience.

Using Guest Posts in conjunction with a well-structured SEO strategy can be instrumental in your journey to a champion Content Marketing strategy!
Using partnership throughout your content construction is extremely important.

After all, we see several “Frodo’s and Sam’s” in all parts of our tool, as in the case of SEO and Content Marketing, which complement each other, using a symbiosis where one looks for what is vacant while the other fills it out.

So, did you see how the wisdom of the middle earth can make your content strategy grow more and more?

If so, we will be pleased to reserve you a place on the boat for Valinor of the brands and the successful content, if not, I just have one thing to tell you: “Run, you fools.”