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Digital Marketing has become increasingly important within companies, regardless of their size or sector. This makes them look for a qualified professional to manage their strategy. but that, is in short supply these days. This is because a large part of the good practices to perform the function well are not […]

Digital Marketing has become increasingly important within companies, regardless of their size or sector.

This makes them look for a qualified professional to manage their strategy. but that, is in short supply these days. Especially because most of the good practices to perform the function well are not learned in universities, but with much research and dedication.

However, most likely you already knew that and thought: “speaking is easy, but nobody ever gives us a direction, where to start. What should I really do to become more qualified… ”.

If something similar crossed your mind, know that this text is for you! So, if you want to be a better marketing professional, just keep reading.

Understand the importance of metrics and documentation

If the biggest advantage of Digital Marketing is being easily measurable, there is no way to talk about it without talking about the importance of metrics and documentation. Once the objective has been established, they are the ones that will indicate whether or not it was achieved, always with the support of consistent and previously noted data.

It must be the habit of every professional to measure and analyze them – have you ever stopped to think about why your job is called “Marketing Analyst”? It makes sense now, doesn’t it? – to decide what actions should be taken, we must always have metrics as a basis.

So, if you are not already, become familiar with spreadsheets and processes as soon as possible.

Update constantly

Now that, just in case, the importance of metrics analysis and strategy documentation has been reaffirmed, another important point comes: Update yourself… Constantly.

I say this because it is not enough to read about a certain subject, learn and think it is a good size. This knowledge will soon be obsolete.

Digital Marketing is something extremely dynamic, always with some new practice or change that can help you improve your results, requiring you to renew your knowledge daily.

Best of all, almost all the information you need is shared daily on various blogs referencing the subject, needing only that you read, learn and apply.

To make it easier, I have separated here a list with great references to help you:



One of the world’s leading digital marketing blogs.

With content on various subjects, it ends up being a source of incredible knowledge and must-read. They have countless rich materials, such as e-books, for example, extremely complete and worth reading.


First of all, it is worth saying that the founders of Hubspot are those who started the culture of Inbound Marketing. Only then do you imagine that the blog is a reference on the subject. And you are right.

Have constant publications so that you learn everything you need to execute and improve your strategy

Quick Sprout

The blog belongs to Neil Patel, one of the most influential marketers today. His articles are complete and in-depth on the topic, with strategies and practices carried out by him and that, certainly, can work for you too. Almost essential reading to become a good professional.


It is essential that a good Digital Marketing professional knows about SEO and the best place to learn about it is with the people of MOZ, who are one of the greatest authorities in the world on the subject .. with several tips and practices to help you to put your content in better positions in the search engine.

Digital Marketer

Just by the name you can already know what it is, right? The blog has several complete and instructive content to help you generate traffic, improve conversions and increase engagement.


Until then, all indications came from outside. A lot because a lot of good Digital Marketing practices emerge there. But that does not mean that there are no great national references (as is the case with this blog you are reading). And they can and should be cited.

Digital Results

National reference when it comes to Digital Marketing in the country, the blog of Resultados Digitais serves for the company to share its experience on the most varied subjects on this medium. There you will find content on content production, paid media, SEO. Everything you need to get better … digital results.

Hubspot London

The London version of the Hubspot blog. There’s no need to say anything else, right? You already know that you should read.

Next Idea

Next Idea is an agency that specializes in Inbound Marketing and shares the knowledge acquired over time on its blog. It is certainly worth following.

Live Blog

Henrique Carvalho is one of the London references when it comes to writing for blogs. And in “Viver de Blog” he teaches you how to better understand Content Marketing and how to use it to make your blog work.

Make sure

Making sure it’s not just a great way to show that you understand the subject. After all, according to the institution / company that created the test, if you passed, it is because they thought you were capable.

But the main point here is not this. Certifications are also excellent for learning about a certain topic, since almost all (at least the ones I will list below) expire after a year, forcing you to keep up to date if you want to keep it.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to shell out for that!

Websites Are Us Content Marketing Certification

According to recent studies, 70% of companies in London already invest in content marketing, making companies increasingly run after this professional to take care of their strategy.

And introducing yourself as someone certified in the subject logically puts you in front of others.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

To get this certification, you need to be aware of the Inbound Marketing methodology. So you’ll learn what you need to attract visitors, convert leads and more. Not to mention, of course, that a certificate issued by Hubspot can make all the difference on your resume.

Google Analytics Certification

As I said earlier, to become a better Marketing Professional, you must learn to establish, track and analyze metrics. And one of the best ways to do this is using Google Analytics.

By certifying the tool, you demonstrate that you are not only capable of doing this, but also that you are aware of the importance of data for the strategy.

AdWords certification

More and more companies invest in paid media within the Digital Marketing strategy. However, setting up a campaign correctly and optimizing it to give more results is a task that has become increasingly complex.

So when you make sure, you put yourself as someone capable of doing that. And even if you don’t deal directly with ads, it’s important to know how your dynamics work to help your department.

Join discussion groups

At this point in the article you can certainly see that Digital Marketing is very dynamic, consisting of numerous practices that will help you achieve your goal.

And that’s why it’s always a good idea to exchange experiences with other professionals, to learn new techniques and see what’s been working most often to test (after all, just because it worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it works for you, the opposite being also true).

Among the various communities of existing marketers, we can certainly highlight:

LinkedIn Groups

The largest professional social network in the world has several discussion groups on the subject. As it is a professional environment, conversations are more serious and their level tends to be higher.

Content Marketing Forum

The Content Marketing forum is the largest online forum on the subject in the country. Being a great place to share experiences, information and answer questions.

Now that you’ve come this far, you certainly know what you need to do and where to get inspired to become a better Digital Marketing professional and stand out among the rest. If you have any nice tips, or want to talk more about it, leave your comment below!