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How to appear on Google? Advertising is not the only way to successfully promote a website. There are others, free, that can generate more traffic, more leads, more conversions and increase your company’s market.

From the broad ecosystem created by the emergence of digital technologies, small and medium-sized companies were able to expose their ideas, products and services to more people, without having to make huge investments in marketing and advertising.

Thus, many manage to have the same visualization that they could have at the time when the main media were the newspaper and TV, which asked for exorbitant values ​​(and still do) to advertise brands in their advertising spaces.

Google, a global internet search engine company, plays a key role in this, along with social media. Through them, infinite possibilities arose to advertise websites and brands on the internet at low or no cost.

SEO, for example, is one of those techniques, which by themselves already generate several other strategies to get public attention and gain more space on the internet. Organic search, the main objective of SEO, is one of the key factors to promote business.

Better understand the role of Google, which is one of the most accessed sites in the world, in publicizing your business, in this post. Learn how to appear on Google and promote your company’s website by reading about the following topics:

Why put my site on Google?

Businesses moving to the digital environment find Google an excellent supporter to make it easier for people to find their sites.

Regardless of whether it is just a site showing a little bit of the brand or an e-commerce, everyone wants to become the first name on the first page of Google searches.

That’s because, when someone searches for a word on Google, it shows what it considers most relevant, according to your search engine. That is, it shows only to people interested in your business, increasing the chance of selling to that audience.

Furthermore, according to statistics shown in the World SEO Panorama, made by Websites Are Us, 3 out of 10 people click on the first position on the first page of a survey. And the conversion rate is 10 times higher when done through SERP searches than on social networks.

Besides that, only 21% of people who search click on more than 1 result, because the average time of a search is less than one minute.

The amount of information available and people’s lack of attention force companies to compete over their time with various other items during the day.

For all these reasons, not seeking a position on the first page of Google and even more, in the first position, can leave your business below sales potential.

How to appear on Google?

To appear on Google, there are two ways: paid or free. The possible strategies to be well positioned can involve both or just one and must take into account the budget and the need to position yourself quickly.

This decision, especially for those who are starting their online business, depends on the company’s marketing plan and branding.

In order for you to decide what is the best strategy for your site to appear on Google, let’s comment on what are the main ways to achieve this and talk a little about each one.

Paid Ads

Invest in paid ads is the quickest way to position yourself on a search page to attract leads and generate more sales.

Paid advertisements are the first results that appear at the top of the SERP page and are identified with the word “advertisement”.

It is an excellent idea for anyone who creates a strategy to use keywords specific to the company’s target audience. For those who are starting to use Google to promote their brand, using generic keywords such as “fashion”, “sneakers” or “cell phone” can make your budget more expensive and not generate as many conversions.

All of this is because paid ads work on an auction basis, that is, who pays more is the one who takes them. And generic keywords are used by large companies, which ends up increasing the cost in the auction.

Other than that, when making paid ads, there is no guarantee that your page will be positioned and appearing to everyone who searches.

This, only organic search is able to do, which is why so many companies invest in SEO techniques, which we will comment on in the next topics.

Note that when searching for the keyword “Content Marketing”, we find that the first 4 items are paid ads, while the first in the organic search is Websites Are Us. This means that, according to the Google search engine, the information found on that page is more relevant to the user.

Graphical knowledge panel

Have you ever searched for a restaurant or hotel and didn’t even need to go to any page, because Google showed you what you needed?

The graphic knowledge panel is a table, which is on the right side of the research page, containing relevant information about a very specific business.

How to appear on Google

For those who have a local business, is a fantastic opportunity to present your company, leaving a more professional and impactful image. It is as if Google put a stamp, saying that location is important.

The graphical knowledge panel can have relevant information such as address, website, opening hours, company photos, user reviews and phone. It is even possible to have buttons with CTA such as “Contact us” or “Make a reservation”.

This information is collected by Google itself and is not always correct. That is why it is always good to ask for the authorship of the panel. Usually, next to the panel, there is a link with the phrase “Are you the owner of this company?”

If your business doesn’t have a panel yet, know that you can do yours by creating Google My Business for your company. It is well intentioned and simple to use and in a short time, your company will have a graphic knowledge panel.

Optimizing Google My Business is an excellent free marketing tactic, which can bring not only the graphic knowledge panel, but other strategic functions to your business.

Local map

Marketing on Google Maps is perhaps one of the most misused strategies by local businesses. According to Google itself, 76% of searches done on mobile devices are to find businesses close to the user.

Using the geolocation of searchers, Google indicates stores in the profile the user searched for, according to distance. The closer, the better positioned in the search.

However, people do not necessarily go where it is closest. They also take into account the information available on Google Maps about companies and choose to go to the one that best suits the profile they are looking for.

Therefore, keeping your business information up to date on Google Maps can generate sales without having to invest in ads. Just tell people about your business on Google Maps!

Doing this is quite simple, as it is also done on Google My Business. Google automatically inserts the information into the various products it makes available to users. Google Maps is one of them.

Organic search

Making your site appear in organic search is the best way to appear on Google. In addition to not spending money, users know that the content there is relevant, since the search site will show the answers to the keyword according to a series of factors, which prove the relevance of the content.

Other than that, by being well positioned, your website can generate more visits, which generates more business. And the more visits, the more Google understands that the site is good. The ranking is improving and the site appears to more people. And this all generates a virtuous cycle of growth.

Optimizing your page to appear organically in SERP is not so simple and does not bring results in the short term, not least because one of the factors that Google takes into account when ranking sites is the time the site is online.

In addition, the search engine constantly changes its search algorithm. According to the global SEO panorama, this happens around 500 to 600 times a year.

SEO, which are the optimization techniques for Google, is always implementing new tactics, trying to study and discover as many rules as possible that Google takes into account when showing the results of a search.

Implementing SEO on the site and improving the organic search for your company is not simple, as we said, but it is very advantageous.

That’s because, according to Panorama, 70 to 80% of users ignore paid ads. And London e-businesses that apply SEO have 13.2 times more visits and the number of customers is quintupled.

How to appear in Google’s zero position?

SEO is a marketing strategy with excellent returns in the long run. And it has already become an industry, with numerous tools and companies exclusively focused on this topic. It is estimated that until this year, companies will spend around US $ 79 billion to optimize their sites.

There are several SEO techniques that can take your website to Google’s zero position. The first is local SEO, aimed at those with local businesses.

Another type is off page SEO, which are the techniques that are applied outside your website. Link building and guest post are some examples. And SEO on page is related to tactics applied within your website. It is important to remember that despite being one of the main factors to gain Google’s first position, SEO is not the only one.

The search engine also wants to guarantee a good user experience, so the website must also be navigable, that is, easy to use. It should also have a quick loading and good design as well.

Betting on attractive formats, such as interactive content, generate many visits. SEO in 2020 should continue looking for new tactics to be well positioned on Google, such as using featured snippets.

Applying all the techniques to dominate Google, free or not, can bring excellent results to your company and reach customers who would not know your brand otherwise.

To learn more about how to dominate Google, we’ve separated this article with other great tactics!