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Want to increase your resume? Discover 41 free online courses to take right now and bring new skills to your training.

One of the beauties of the Internet is its immense amount of useful content available. There are thousands of good free online courses ready to be accessed right now.

But do you know where to start? If you want to upgrade your resume right now, where are you going? What kind of course are you looking for?

In today’s article, we’ll help with that. We have listed 41 excellent online courses that will make a difference to your curriculum.

Do you want to have access to all this? Then keep reading!

Whatever your profession, you will probably need to learn how to use Excel, from the simplest concepts in the program, to its most advanced functions.

You can learn this knowledge through the Excel courses available at Unieducar.

There are three versions: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. All are free, but have paid versions with extra content, certificates and specialized tutoring. However, the knowledge you need is available in the free version.

Photoshop is one of the most famous programs in the world, being a basic requirement for various professions related to Communication and Marketing.

If you know how to use it, you will have an important differential in the job market and gain prominence in your company. The basic Photoshop course, from Unieducar, will teach you the knowledge you need to master the program.

So, how is your English today? Can you manage well with the language or still stay with the verb to be and in the book is on the table?

Having a second language on the curriculum today is not only important, it is essential. Without knowing another language, you are left with fewer opportunities in today’s globalized world.

If Mandarin is still too advanced for you, start with the Duolingo English Course. With the innovative methodology of the site, you will soon master the language of Shakespeare and will be able to enjoy all the other classes on this list.

In addition, if you take the English course, you can change the language of the website and access new classes, including Danish, Swedish and even Upper Valyrian, fictional Game of Thrones language.

Do you know how to build a website for the Internet or make changes to your own page? Do you know how to make your site responsive, for example?

So you need to learn how to program HTML and CSS with this Udacity course.

Classes are basic and do not require prior programming knowledge. In addition, they are very short: in 3 weeks you have already completed the course.

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. It is easy to understand why: with it we can play almost any current song without much difficulty.

Whether you’re a fan of rock, backcountry, pagode or samba, a guitar always comes in handy.

When it comes to the guitar, Cifraclub is one of the great authorities on the subject, even worldwide. It is not uncommon to see comments from foreigners in your videos praising the quality of the tips and lessons posted on their YouTube channel.

However, if you don’t know anything about guitar, you can start studying through the online course available on the website. The material teaches all the theory necessary for you to understand how the instrument works.

After that, just watch the video lessons on the channel and have them see you when they ask you to play Raul!

In a simple and didactic way, Professor Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, from Unicamp’s Physics Institute, talks about one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century: global warming and climate change.

Despite the focus on climate change, the five-class course available here teaches a lot about the functioning of our planet, the greenhouse effect and climate in general. It is an ideal content for anyone who wants to find out about the topic!

Arthur Benjamin, one of the most famous mathematicians in the world, has a thesis. According to his TED Talk, we teach math the wrong way to children.

The ideal would be to put Statistics at the top of Mathematics and not Calculus, since it is much more important in people’s daily lives.

You can test this theory with the Udacity Statistics course, which teaches you how to create methods for describing and interpreting information through data.

You should probably have a smartphone, right? You may even be reading this article on your cell phone.

There is a high chance that your smartphone will use the Android operating system. After all, the Google system accounts for 86.1% of all devices used in the world today.

Therefore, knowing how to program an application for Android is the guarantee of having a good audience to test your program or that of your company. And who better to teach this programming than Google itself?

The company has a complete free material teaching how to program for Android. You can start right now! Classes are in English.

China’s influence in the world today continues to grow. The second largest economy on the planet in terms of productive capacity has been increasing its participation in several places, including London.

If the Asian country continues to do business in other territories, it will be common to see domestic companies negotiating with Chinese companies. At these times, anyone who knows Mandarin and can communicate will be highlighted.

For this reason, we recommend the Mandarin course for beginners at Open University, available for free on iTunes. Classes are in English.

Edward Burk said that “those who do not know history itself are bound to repeat it”. For this very reason, it is important to study the historical events that have led us to this day.

USP made its History of Colonial London course available online, divided into two parts. The first deals with Indigenous America, the arrival of Europeans and the formation of colonial society, with the second advancing until our Independence.

The content is a must for anyone who wants to know more about the history of our country. There are 22 classes in total, all available free of charge on the Internet.

Have you ever stopped to listen to the news and were confused by the economics section? You don’t understand anything about GDP, you don’t know how inflation works or even how exchange rate changes affect your daily life?

So it’s time to learn.

The world of economics is not a seven-headed bug and this Khan Academy Macroeconomics course is perfect for introducing you to the field.

In addition to all the content, which is very comprehensive, the page also offers several videos and extra articles for you to deepen your knowledge. Khan Academy itself has other free classes on its platform.

Childhood is the most important stage of a person’s development. It is there that we establish the bases that will compose the human being in the future.

And nutrition plays an incredible role in that, as this Stanford University course shows.

Available on Coursera (a platform already mentioned here and with dozens of free courses), this training will teach participants the importance of child nutrition and how to prepare delicious meals for children.

It is an unmissable content for anyone who wants to be a teacher, nutritionist or just has children (or plans to have them in the future). Classes are in English and there are no subtitles in London, unfortunately.

If you took the Introduction to Virtual Reality course or already know the technology and were interested in the subject, you may want to go deeper into the area.

A great way to achieve this is by learning how to program software for Virtual Reality. Google set up a free course, available at Udacity, to teach that knowledge.

It will take you about a month to complete the classes and you will leave programming for Virtual Reality without difficulties.

Philosophy is the study of the nature of human existence and knowledge.

This course given by professor Franklin Leopoldo e Silva, from USP, addresses this issue by presenting the ambiguities of modern life, while analyzing poems and texts by renowned artists.

There are 8 powerful and dense classes, which will refine your thinking and your interpretation of the world and your own nature. Are you up to the challenge?

Knowing how to program is a big differential in the job market today and is no longer a requirement just for programmers.

With the Udacity Introduction to Computer Science course, you will learn how to program in Python (one of the most used languages ​​today) and even build your own search engine like Google and your social network. Incredible, isn’t it?

Gamification is a technique that applies concepts of digital game design in the search for solutions to real life problems.

With the Gamification course organized by the University of Pennsylvania, you will learn how to apply this technique to solve your problems and those of your company.

The content is completely free, but there is a fee charged if you want the certificate. And the best: classes have subtitles in London.

The Web Content Production course is just one of several Digital Marketing courses in the Websites Are Us University combo. Classes are free.

In it you will learn how to write and produce quality content especially for the online environment, optimizing your texts and generating more results for your digital business.

In addition to it, the Websites Are Us University also has another free course on Content Marketing.

Rock Content University

Udacity is an online university focused on technology and supported by several companies in Silicon Valley.

Most of their courses and degrees are paid for, but some free classes are available for anyone. As is the case with this Introduction to Aritificial Intelligence course.

Increasingly present in our daily lives, IAs promise to assume a leading role in our lives in the future. But do you know how they work? These classes will give you a complete overview!

Nothing like having the ability to create some objects and resources for your home.

Be it a repair on a piece of clothing, a necessaire or even Christmas gifts for your family.

So it may be a good idea to enroll in the LearnCafe craft course. You will learn how to make small objects in your daily life and how to operate a sewing machine.

One of the great technological resources of the coming years will be virtual reality. This is the bet of large companies in the area, such as Google, Facebook and Sony.

Those who master the technology will be highlighted in the market in the coming years. And you don’t even have to be a programmer to do this: a marketer, for example, could benefit from understanding how the feature works to design his campaigns.

For this reason, the Introduction to Virtual Reality course, set up by Google, is a great choice for you!

Big Data is a reality in the market today, helping companies from various segments to make business decisions.

If you work in marketing, you probably have heard of it and used data analysis to find answers and insights for your campaigns.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will probably happen soon. So it is important to be prepared.

The Udacity Introduction to Data Analysis course will equip you with tools to handle the entire data analysis process. Classes last 6 weeks and require a little knowledge in Python.

One of our favorite tools to optimize a website or marketing campaign is the A / B Test (or Split Test). With it, we were able to evaluate two different options for an issue and determine which one is the most efficient.

This A / B Testing course, organized by the folks at Google, will allow you to completely master the tool in just a month and be equipped to use it in your day-to-day practice.

Even if you don’t work in marketing, you will find thousands of uses for this knowledge in your area of ​​expertise.

The human being tells stories since it started to exist. Our way of seeing and understanding the world is shaped by storytelling.

Literature is the most used platform to house stories and, through this Literary Theory course, we can better understand how it works.

Taught by Professor Paul Fry, from Yale University, the course consists of 26 classes and is completely subtitled in London and made available for free at the link above.

Turn on the TV and people talk about the crisis. The newspaper opens and the headlines are about the crisis. Log on to Facebook to relax and there it is: the crisis.

It seems like you can’t get away from her anywhere, can you?

But do you know where it came from? How did it start? More importantly, how does the crisis affect your daily life? So it’s time to find out!

In the course Economy Today, from Univesp, London economists of different strands and specialties come together to give an overview and try to explain the events about the economic crisis that has affected the planet since 2008.

Knowing how to express your ideas and arguments in writing is an important skill for students, researchers, journalists, lawyers or marketers.

Therefore, knowing how to write a good essay is a tool that you need to have under your utility belt.

This Open University course, designed by John Pilger (a multi-award winning Australian journalist), will teach the student how to plan, research and write his or her text clearly and concisely.

The material is in audio format and in English, available for free via iTunes.

What was your favorite subject at school? You may not be able to answer “math”. After all, it is known to be the “most hated discipline in the world”.

But your math problems may be over today.

Khan Academy, which has already appeared in this article, has a complete course on the subject, covering everything from primary content and advancing each school year, reaching all university content on algebra, arithmetic and calculus.

They even have a specific part about the math content of ENEM, for those who want to take the test!

More than 60 million Brazilians are currently in arrears. This is because there is no control whatsoever in people’s family budgets.

You can get out of this statistic with the Personal Finance course at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. Taught by Fabio Garcia, doctor of finance, the course will teach you how to organize and manage a family budget without falling into debt.

If you are looking to increase your resume and improve your professional position, you will eventually have to manage a team and lead your co-workers. And you need to prepare for when that moment comes.

The Endeavor Leadership course, lasting 2 hours and entirely in London, will teach you how to cultivate the 7 essential behaviors of a leader and how to adopt them in your personality.

We all have goals and objectives for our professional and personal lives. Many of the projects we work on daily also have measurable purposes that define their success.

Of course, it is possible to achieve these goals without good planning, but it is very, very difficult. Therefore, knowing how to plan your actions strategically to increase your chances of success is valuable knowledge.

Endeavor’s Strategic Planning course, entirely in London and lasting three hours, teaches you how to achieve more success in your projects.

Have you thought about entrepreneurship? So you should know that our Constitution has specific laws regarding its positioning in the market.

The Entrepreneur Law Course teaches everything you need to know to open a company and act professionally in a totally legal manner, without violating any of the London laws and regulations.

Classes are on video and have 7.5 hours to be completed.

Anyone who understands society has an easier time navigating it, understanding its problems and characteristics more deeply.

For this, the study of Sociology is necessary. This FGV course, set up by professors João Marcelo Maia and Luiz Fernando Pereira, offers an introduction to the main concepts, authors and themes of Sociology.

Analytics Academy, a Google platform dedicated to teaching Google Analytics features, offers two free courses on this tool, one basic and one advanced.

The courses are very didactic and easy to understand, especially if you speak English. In addition to video lessons, it is possible to use the tool through a simulator.

Have you noticed that some people have a facility for learning, while others need to work harder to understand the concepts they are studying?

This is because the former know how to learn and the latter do not.

The good part is that you can learn how to improve your learning process. That’s what this University of California course teaches. There are about 9 hours of material, with subtitles in London.

The Hotmart Academy course teaches you how to structure, advertise and sell courses online.

That is, with this course, you can leverage your business through digital tools and online education.