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Digital Marketing has opened a new horizon of possibilities for entrepreneurs and companies of different sizes and market niches. In addition to the relative ease to start investing your efforts in the digital environment, there are a multitude of tools that can help you in several ways: monitoring, management, analysis and so on. New tools […]

Digital Marketing has opened a new horizon of possibilities for entrepreneurs and companies of different sizes and market niches. In addition to the relative ease to start investing your efforts in the digital environment, there are a multitude of tools that can help you in several ways: monitoring, management, analysis and so on.

New digital marketing tools appear daily, but we have prepared a list of the 20 best platforms that can help you in some way. You will certainly be able to know one or another tool that we have included in our list, but be sure to check all the selected ones. Possibly you will find something new!

This is a business tool that allows you to view all ads made by private advertisers. Not only will this help you with your online strategy, but it can help you find competitors you didn’t even know existed. The initial package is US $ 99.00 per month, but in this case there is only monitoring of Google ads. You can evaluate the program for free for 30 days.

Multifunctional application that brings together internal ad display capabilities. Thus, you will be able to monitor the ads of up to ten competitors, ranked by page views (number of page views). The program also makes it possible to discover the positioning of each ad and incorporate keyword searches.

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Free ad search tool, which allows you to enter your competitors’ brand names and find out what they have shown recently. Uncover the size and some of the places where the rival ads were seen, so you have a good idea of ​​where to place your own advertising.

Software that has a database with 400 thousand ads with PPC (pay per click). It is a great tool for monitoring global advertising on Facebook, for example. It includes refined search capabilities, so you can identify ads segmented by demographic area, among other snippets. There is only a $ 147.00 membership package per month.

As far as the tools to monitor ads, it is valid to have access to the tracking of terms and keywords that are being applied more by your competitors. This one shows how your market rivals are advertising on search engines like Ask, Google and Yahoo! There are also tools for SEO research and social control for Twitter and Facebook.

Discover the most competitive keywords using this app. It also reveals how much your competitors are spending on AdWords and what combinations of keywords and advertising copies are working for them.

Software that helps spy on your competitors’ organic and paid keywords, ads and landing pages, with daily rankings updates. It also offers resources to monitor competitors and work with affiliate marketing.

Monitor organic keywords as well as combined phrases to get great results in your PPC campaigns. There are also SEO tools, in addition to a wealth of data available from the free search bar on the homepage, although your user will have to update (for $ 69.95 a month) to access more queries and results.

It allows you to see up to six years of data about your competitors’ keywords, rankings and ads used, which can help you with your PPC and SEO campaigns for your advertising. There is a limited free tool, but you must register on the website and pay if you want to access more advanced competitive intelligence.

Tool that provides a huge wealth of information about external links, domains and IPs, best pages, the main anchor text used and much more. There is a free account that is limited, which covers three reports and 10 results, but for more complete data you must upgrade to the $ 79.00 per month package.

Provides a detailed profile of links to any website. In addition to working with the current data, you can also check your historical index in order to see the results over time. There is a limited free version. Check out who’s exposing links – both to your websites and to your competitors’.

This is a link search engine, which provides information on pages and domains, the anchor text used and much more. You can also compare connection profiles for up to five websites. It is free, although you have access to more data from the registration made for the Moz Analytics application.

How are people interacting with your competitors’ websites? It is important that you discover the segmentation of the traffic that your rivals obtain. This software has been escorting worldwide web traffic for a couple of decades, determining the ranking of websites on a global scale and based on rankings within each country. These sources can be useful for you to create a benchmarking strategy on your website in relation to your rivals.

Competitiveness monitoring analysis tool, which provides data about traffic sources, better content, social engagement and more. There is a huge amount of data available in the free module, including referral websites, search traffic and keywords, but the packages – starting at $ 99.00 a month – offer even more data.

The Google Alerts feature saves you the trouble of visiting the website to perform the same searches repeatedly. Create an alert in this resource and stay on top of the latest news about your competitors, getting everything in your email inbox. It monitors websites, discussions, e-books, blogs, videos. And the best: it’s free.

Program that combines media and social monitoring: controls content published on web pages, news sites, blogs and forums in 42 languages. It provides real-time social alerts and has an excellent mobile app. There is a free plan, and your upgrade starts at $ 6.99 a month.

Provides in real time the search for mentions of a specific brand in blogs, microblogs, images, videos, questions and bookmarking sites.

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It allows you to enter the URL of any fan page on Facebook and evaluate the number of fans, their growth and a series of other performance metrics. Offers a free 14-day trial. The premium package includes Twitter monitoring as well.

Searches on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn in real time. Write the name of your competitors on the search board and see the social prominence they have.

The tool investigates the technology behind its competitors’ websites. This means that you will have access to how your market rivals use servers, manage content, employ their advertising actions, and more.

Canva is a cloud-based design tool that you can use to create unique images to share on your blogs, social networks and more.

You can use Canva to create completely original images from scratch or to London some photos you already own.

One of the best features of the tool is the ability to create images for social media perfectly sized to the appropriate sizes for each one.

Since Google Reader had its operations discontinued some time ago, Feedly has taken the place of the main RSS reader on the internet, growing absurdly in millionaire numbers when it comes to users.

Add your favorite blogs and websites to start filling your feed with the content you want.

Purchased by LinkedIn’s developers, Pulse allows users to compile information based on their interests and topics of choice, also through an RSS feed.

Another very useful tool when formulating ideas for new content.

This well-known social network among Digital Marketing professionals is a platform used for discussions involving questions and answers on many subjects.

Through Quora, trends are consistently identified, asking questions that help professionals to formulate their content ideas.

This content discovery app personalizes your news feed based on your biggest interests.

Usable only on the iPad, the software learns from your feedback, providing you with better content with each use.

Use Inbound.org to find a lot of relevant content about the world of Inbound Marketing.

For those who work with Digital Marketing and want to become an authority on the subject, nothing better than getting inside this universe daily through the updates of this great site.

Another source of very interesting topics searched on the main internet sites that can make all the difference in your learning.

Paper.li supports sources from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, RSS, as well as virtually any other content from across the web.

At Alltop, the content is indexed based on a series of publications considered relevant, categorized by topics such as Career, Culture, Interests, Health, People, News, Environment, Technology and Sports.

Do you think Twitter is just a famous social network? It can also be very useful in preparing your content! Use trending topics and stay on top of the topics that everyone is talking about worldwide or in a specific place.

This resource is very useful to get ideas about what you will write in your next post.

Also look for hashtags that may have some relevance to your specialty or your business niche, to research what topics are currently of interest to your audience and potential audiences.

Find out what are the trends around the world with the help of Reddit.

Get inspiration for composing content on a variety of topics from across the web.

Watching which headlines are most recurring on Reddit can bring insights to the subject of your next article, infographic, video or other content.

Use Buffer to schedule your content to be published on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to post as long as you think you will get a better response.

Buffer also helps to simplify the process of distributing content to each channel quickly and effectively.

First, try to research what are the best times in your region for publishing content on different social networks. Each of them has its particularities in relation to the type of approach to the user.

An often overlooked tool for content marketing, Slideshare helps you create presentations that are very useful when it comes to drawing attention to a product, feature, or service on your website.

The didactics of Slideshare in relation to texts or videos is quite different, which can make you obtain great results in the formation of the awareness of your target audience in relation to your brand.

It is currently the best aid option for search engine optimization, among those available for WordPress plugins.

It helps a lot in improving ranking in organic searches.

Yoast works by identifying some important aspects of SEO in your WordPress content, giving “tips” on how to improve the ranking in the main search engines through some important changes.

MailChimp is one of the most intuitive features in its way of operating when it comes to email marketing.

Don’t have an email list yet?

This program creates one for you and still distributes it.

Know that email marketing is still one of the main means of dissemination and conversion into internet sales. So, take advantage of MailChimp’s features, and watch your ROI grow.

Paying a minimal amount for your advertising, Facebook Ads can enhance the visibility of your content in the news feed.

The most suitable in this case, is the Pay Per Click feature, available on Facebook Ads, which allows you to reach a larger number of targeted leads, but without having to spend a lot on it.

This application allows the optimization of your content through interest-based segmentation, providing insights on the type of content to be created so that the possibility of success with the desired audience is much greater.

It’s simple.

You write an ad about your business, be it a new product launch, promotion, or something like that, and PRWeb receives that publication and distributes it to the main media with content already optimized for SEO.

Followgen is software for segmenting users, which allows a business to have access to an audience that may potentially be interested in its products and services.

It is a tool that makes publicity work much more effective by making it easier for you to “talk” with the right people.

A tool for Twitter that helps you indicate data so that you can decide what is the best time for your tweet to be published, based on visualization and user interaction reports.

Fundamental to increasing the reach of your Tweets and links.

Do you know those pictures that are in places visible to everyone, where tasks and reminders are shown? Forget them. Trello does this in a much more effective way through a multiplatform application.

Evernote is the application for organizational purposes that brings several functions that go beyond a simple agenda.

Widely known, for many it is the way to be attentive to everything that concerns their enterprise, and even their domestic tasks and commitments.

Use Evernote to not lose any of your productive ideas and also not to forget critical tasks, even through your mobile phone.

Use Pinterest to organize your resources, the content of other publishers, as well as your favorite sites, which serve as inspiration for your content marketing.

This time monitoring tool can help you keep your content marketing efforts properly organized, with this software that helps you and your team to stay informed about the time spent on each operation performed in the workplace.

This allows the best productivity decisions to be made.

Map your brainstorming sessions to better understand which decisions are on track and what are not working on your content strategy using the MindNode app.

If you need to add a comic streak to your content, this is the right tool. Know that this type of feature considerably increases traffic on the platforms that you use most in your campaigns.

Using this very useful Google tool you will be able to search for the most suitable copies of keywords to use in the headlines and in the body of your articles.

Of course, this is not a miracle in ranking your content, but your chances of getting it right with the Google Keyword Tool are infinitely greater.

Create impactful visuals for your content using GIMP. It is a tool similar to Photoshop, but what makes GIMP a relevant example in this post is the detail of being free software.

An online image resizing tool to suit the images you have created or downloaded from the internet to the correct dimensions for publication.

Resize.it is a useful resource for inexperienced users to correct their images that will be used in articles, e-books and PDFs, etc. Or even for publishing on social networks in the most suitable formats.

It is one of the most visually impressive digital marketing tools. Useful for creating online magazines and lookbooks. Issuu has free and paid versions of this software. This choice will depend on your content needs and budget reality.

Now that you’ve read our entire list of digital marketing tools, let’s pass the ball on to you. Do you think any essential option was missing? Would you like to suggest one that we forgot? Leave a comment and tell us what you think of the list!

And if you want to learn more about digital marketing, download our complete guide on the subject!