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Need apps to edit videos on your phone? Well you got the right post! Here the team of Samba Tech, expert in videos, listed the top 5!

Video content is demonstrably gaining more and more relevance on the internet and the trend is that, in a short time, they will dominate this scenario.

Videos are identified as one of the biggest trends in online content and have the potential to revolutionize your marketing strategy.

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With the development of technology and easy access to the web, it became much simpler to distribute and consume video content. Therefore, more and more people and brands are investing in the creation of these materials and understanding that producing audiovisual content is no longer expensive or complex as it used to be until recently.

And especially with the popularization of smartphones, today anyone can make their own videos and send them to thousands of people in a few minutes.

These devices have made life easier for those who need dynamism and simplicity in their communication and allow news, information and other relevant content to be shared almost in real time without the need for major revisions and decorations.

However, on certain occasions, when recording a video on a smartphone, it needs some care and retouching and the professional may have problems if he does not have a good editing app on his phone and is able to make adjustments quickly.

Most of the time, when a person records content on his cell phone, he does not want to waste time passing files to the PC: he wants to correct the material on the spot and share it before he misses the opportunity.

So, thinking of helping in these situations, we have listed 10 apps that will save you in case you need to make small adjustments to the videos you recorded with your phone.

But before going to the apps, we have some tips to make your recording look amazing and don’t need a lot of adjustments:

Tips for recording videos on your phone

Don’t move too fast with the camera

The phone’s camera has some limitations compared to DSLR and some compact cameras, and this can influence the overall quality of the video, if you don’t take care.

It is important to know, for example, that smartphones record the scene by “lines” and not entirely, all at once. Therefore, making sudden movements with the camera can leave the images blurred, out of focus and compromise the quality of the video.

Then give preference to static footage, move your phone carefully and, whenever possible, use a smartphone tripod.

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Prefer to record several scenes instead of a very long single

Precisely because of the camera limitations we mentioned, if you are going to record many things in different scenarios and in a more dynamic way, you should prefer to record several scenes, instead of just one that is very long.

This will ensure more quality for the video as a whole and prevent you from having problems with viewing the material as a whole.

With all the scenes recorded, then you just have to choose an editing application – as one of the ones we will indicate next – and make the joining of them quickly and simply.

Light the scene correctly

In any recording, an important point to achieve better image quality is related to lighting. Without adequate light, your video can be difficult to watch, understand and you will lose credibility and authority.

With a recording on your phone it is no different. Good lighting makes all the difference in the final result of the video. So, when recording, remember that.

In these situations, if artificial light is used, it is recommended that it always focus on the object filmed from behind the cell phone, and never be placed in front of it, as this can leave the scene “burst”, with excess light.

The ideal is to keep the lighting as natural as possible.

5 apps to edit videos on your phone

Now that you know how to make a good recording, it’s time to get to know some apps to edit your videos and make them even better.

1. VideoShow

VideoShow is one of the most complete and popular editing applications on the market and is a great option both for those using devices with Android operating system and for those with an iPhone or iPad with IOS.

This tool allows you to make simpler edits, such as cropping, inserting photos and audios, as well as slightly more complex adjustments such as adding format conversion and size compression.

What’s more, the app offers the option of inserting filters and titles and also allows stickers, subtitles, voiceovers and drawings to be included in the video. Another advantage is that it also comes with some pre-defined themes that can help when editing, in case you want something fast or are a little out of creativity.

The app is free, but to access more advanced features, you need to pay a fee. Finally, you can save the final result of your videos to the camera roll or share them directly on your social networks.

2. Windows Movie Maker

Did you know that one of the most simple and famous video editors in the desktop version is also available for smartphones? Windows Phone users, who often suffer from a shortage of apps, can download Windows Movie Maker and start editing their videos completely!

The app, as well as the computer version, allows the user to make adjustments such as cuts, title insertions, transitions and filters, and also offers very useful features such as a recording option with the possibility of making manual settings.

With the app you can save your videos with maximum quality on the camera roll or on the SD card and also share them on your social networks.

The only “problem” is that the application is paid. It costs $ 1.49, a very symbolic amount, and with the payment, you have access to all your resources indefinitely.

3. iMovie

Like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie is also a program well known to Mac users, from Apple, and has a very complete version of an application for the iPhone and iPad.

IMovie offers several features so that users can make simpler edits to their videos, such as cuts, music insertion, filters and transitions, and it is very easy to use, even by those who have never had contact with the program on the computer.

The application also comes with some pre-defined themes and the user can only fit his photos and videos in one of them, if he has no time to make more elaborate adjustments or is not as familiar with video editing.

IMovie is also paid for and is slightly more expensive than Movie Maker, costing $ 4.99. In it the user also has the option to export their videos with maximum quality, up to 4K, and save to the camera roll or share on their social networks.

4. Video Tuner

Video Tuner is another good option for those using Windows Phone. It is an application that offers several editing options, but which, unlike most, does not allow you to create sequences using different materials. So, if you want to make a movie with multiple video files or insert photos in your production, this is not the app for you.

Despite this, with Video Tuner it is possible to greatly improve the quality of a file and make various adjustments such as cutting, increasing playback speed, inserting music, filters, rotating the video and more! It’s the ideal option if you just want to make a video more visually appealing.

The application is free and allows you to export and share your videos up to 720p.

5. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is another Android application that is highly rated by users and can be an excellent option for recording and editing videos.

The app focuses more on fun features and allows, for example, you to record videos with the app’s camera using filters or effects. In the editing part, it allows the user to make montages with videos and photos, add stickers and animated filters and also make other adjustments such as cuts and insertion of music.

Finally, it is possible to save the video and also share it on social networks.

The application is free.

Bonus – DV Prompter

An application that can make your life a lot easier when recording your videos is DV Prompter.

Do you know those studio TVs that are showing the text that presenters or journalists need to talk about? So… basically, what this app does is turn your phone into one of them.

You configure the script, set the font size and scroll speed, and then it will display the text on the screen, so that the actor can read it and, thus, avoid wasting time with errors and rewrites.

You see? Not even decorating the lines is another complicated part of the production! The app is available for both IOS and Android.

Test everyone and choose the app that’s right for you

Now that you know all these apps, you can make your communication even better and richer using videos. Just choose the one best suited to your reality and your needs and produce better and better materials to share with the public. If you need a few more options, you can check this guide here too.

* Content produced by the Samba Tech team