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Video marketing has already become a crucial part of digital marketing strategy in the business world. Therefore, finding a camera to record corporate videos can be a challenge for any company, after all, quality is an indispensable feature. The better the production, the greater the chances of engaging consumers. The public […]

Video marketing has already become a crucial part of digital marketing strategy in the business world.

Therefore, finding a camera to record corporate videos can be a challenge for any company, after all, quality is an indispensable feature.

The better the production, the greater the chances of engaging consumers. The public is increasingly receptive to this media format. Proof of this is the 90% increase in the consumption of videos on the web in recent years.

In addition to a good script, a corporate video needs to have a impeccable production, and this is linked to the quality of the footage.

You don’t need an expensive device that will take your entire budget. DSLR cameras, many considered semi-professional, are a competent choice and provide the necessary results.

How about getting to know them better before knowing which one to buy? This post will help your company record the best corporate video, thanks to choosing the right camera. Know the 5 best options!

Understand what DSLR cameras are

The DSLR camera is the best at the moment for common use, in which anyone can operate without major problems.

Many have extensive qualities, which leave any job with an incredible result. Acronym for Digital Single Lens Reflex, a DSLR is a camera that reflects, using a mirror, exactly the capture image, showing it on the viewfinder.

This is an important concept and it describes the operation of this equipment. Technology is the most efficient and, therefore, brings these cameras to professional status.

If you are looking for a camera to record quality corporate video, this is the most cost-effective option.

DSLR cameras are more robust than others, which helps in the easier identification of this category of equipment. In addition, it also allows the exchange of lenses, another striking detail that reinforces its versatility for various purposes of use.

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High quality videos

Currently, one of the main highlights of the DSLR camera is the ability to record high quality videos.

Today, practically all shoot in Full HD, that is, they guarantee maximum quality for the corporate content that a company wants to produce. This makes a lot of difference, since it has an immediate impact on those who watch.

Given the impressive numbers of video consumption in recent years, presenting content with the highest quality makes a lot of difference.

The engagement obtained is certain, which opens the way for the user to have greater curiosity and interest in a certain company and thus, in the future, become a customer.

Credibility also increases, in view of the higher level of professionalism shown. A professional material transmits seriousness to the user.

In his immediate perception, there is the feeling that there have been investments and that that commercial video is from a company that is ready to deliver the best services and products.

Discover 5 camera options for corporate videos

Now that you know what DSLR equipment is, it’s time to make your choice. The market is full of great camera options for recording video, which creates doubts when buying.

You need to evaluate features and functionality that you believe will be useful for the purpose of use. So, check out 5 great camera options for corporate videos!

1. Canon T6i

From the Rebel line, the T6i, considered semi-professional, is always among the most relevant lists of the best and, without a doubt, it is a great camera option for recording corporate video.

Its cost-effectiveness makes it very competitive, especially since it is still very competent and not so expensive. You can find it in the range of R $ 2,500, which is a great price for its qualities.

Its design is ergonomic, which makes it much easier for anyone to operate the equipment. It also has a touch screen sensor, which makes configuration and other functions faster and more practical.

The camera is 3 inches and is articulated, which suits very well. As for the quality of the photos, they are guaranteed by the 24.2 megapixel sensor, an excellent number in the semi-professional category.

The T6i has autofocus, but it can also be adjusted according to the preference of those who operate. Another key point is its battery, which guarantees 440 photos for each charge it receives. It also has wi-fi, that is, enough cables to transfer the recorded videos!

2. Canon T7i

What was good just got better in the Rebel family. The T7i arrived on the market bringing some points of innovation, but mainly, several improvements in its performance.

One of these new features is the optimized video stabilizer, Movie Eletronic IS technology. It helps to reduce shaking when the camera is used in the hands. This is already a very useful feature for corporate videos!

The T7i also brings a new interface that helps a lot of users not so experienced. With simple and intuitive menus, making settings is easier.

Its ergonomics have also been revised, which has brought a deeper and firmer grip to the right hand. So, working with bigger and heavier lenses will not be a problem. This greatly facilitates the operation on several types of takes.

Another highlight is Dual Pixel technology, which arrives in the rebel family. It helps to stabilize auto focus, especially when using the camera to record video.

All this technology, very close to professional equipment, has a very fair cost. Today, you can already find it in the London market in the range of R $ 3,145.

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3. Nikon D5200

This is a great find that, despite having been launched in 2012, it is still a current equipment and fully capable of recording high-quality corporate videos.

It bears the seal of Nikon, one of the reference brands in the market. As for the technical characteristics, it presents excellent data, with a resolution of 24.1 megapixels and ISO of 100 to 6,400.

One of the highlights of the D5200 is its large number of focus points, 39, more precisely. This gives the photographer the ability to generate video in the highest quality, without missing a moment.

It is important to remember that it is considered an entry camera, that is, semi-professional, but with high capacity, especially for corporate videos.

Audio is always an issue that deserves attention when recording videos, especially those that have testimonials. If this is the case for your corporate material, the D5200 offers important help.

It is equipped with a built-in stereo microphone. Its design is beautiful, it has a rotating LCD and the best of all is its price, within a good cost-benefit ratio: around R $ 2,700.

4. Canon SX60

On the market since 2014, Canon’s SX60 is one of the cameras that also deserves your full attention.

At the time of launch, one feature caught everyone’s attention: its powerful 65x zoom. But, perhaps, this functionality is not so important for recording videos, however, in this use it also leaves something to be desired.

The SX60 records in Full HD, a fundamental feature today, even having a direct button that allows recording to be made in that format. This makes the operation easier and saves configuration time in the equipment menu.

To make the job even easier, it shows that it really is a camera to record video, since it exports in several formats and still has 21 different modes.

This represents a more efficient direction and that preparing the recordings according to the environment, for example. Its display is also mobile, which allows for taking shots from different angles, without limiting the idea proposed for corporate material. You find it in the range of R $ 2,200.

5. Canon 80D

The 80D is nothing new for those already following the camera market. It is one of Canon’s flagships, and is classified as an intermediate-advanced camera, that is, a high-performance semi-professional.

The model shows its performance in interesting numbers: it records at up to 60fps, with a very competent resolution of 24 megapixels.

Its battery is quite a highlight among competitors, with a charge reaching up to 960 shots.

In addition, there are also its 45 autofocus points, which adds a lot to videos, making them sharper and more stable. Its performance also remains competitive in places with low light, which is a gain in both.

All this quality was not enough for Canon, which still decided to add features that give this camera greater resistance.

It is tolerant of rain, dust, without the use in these conditions interfering with the performance of the equipment. Its price is in the range of R $ 4,600, quite compatible with its extremely high level of quality.

Here are some tips for making good videos

In addition to having a good camera for recording corporate video, you must also know how to operate the equipment at the time of filming.

Some good practices allow performance to be the best possible, resulting in quality material and capable of generating the intended impact on those who attend. Here are some valuable tips for making good videos!

Make a script

It is essential to have a previous proposal for the video. The script helps to define what will be recorded, in what order, which takes are important and other fundamental details. Without it, the production team does not have the right direction for good material.

Choose the right scenario

The scenario needs to be directly related to the theme. If it is a corporate video, recording the company’s facilities is essential. If there are interviews, they must be done at the company itself.

Keep the frame right

The frame is what ensures that the image is aligned and that all elements of the frame are in harmony. Cutting objects or people is not recommended, which would make the video look very amateurish.

Use a stabilizer

Shaking while holding the camera is normal. Although some have their own image stabilization system, using accessory equipment – such as a tripod – for this function is essential.

Prize for quality audio

Another important issue is the audio. Few cameras can capture speech, for example, clearly and with good power. In the case of interviews, using an external microphone is essential.

A good camera for recording corporate video is the first step in investing in video marketing strategy. Now you know 5 great options and you can choose yours. Don’t forget to take into account the tips in this post!

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