An SEO execution (Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization) involves a wide range of techniques, tools and systems that aim to increase the positioning of your content on search engine results pages, also known as SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

The speed of loading of your website, optimization of urls, reduction of size of images, compatibility with mobile, optimization of your product page and several other aspects have great weight for Google’s algorithm when placing it on the first page.

In fact, it is very likely that you already know all these elements, so even today we are going to present different ways to improve SEO that you possibly are not yet enjoying, follow!

1. Start your own blog

The main focus of SEO is to generate and drive organic traffic to your business page and, unlike a SEM strategy (Search Engine Marketing, or search engine marketing), here you are not hiring ads on Google Ads or paying to stand out from the competition.

However, even if the pages on your website are already optimized, this may not be enough to ensure that your customers will find you. Especially for ecommerces that sell solutions to other companies (such as digital marketing agencies, ecommerces B2B and SaaS), before waiting for customers to search for their solution on the search engine, it is necessary to make them discover and recognize that there is a problem to be solved. sorted out.

It is precisely with this objective in mind that more and more digital businesses are investing in starting their own blogs and working on a strong content marketing strategy, producing relevant and actionable material in order to increase the visibility of the business, generate more leads and educate the market.

With this, in addition to impacting your chances of conversion and generating more business opportunities, you will also be increasing the relevance of your business in Google’s ranking algorithms.

2. Strengthen your presence in other domains

It is true that a good content strategy from your own blog can be enough to put you in the first results of SERPs. However, better than talking about your solutions yourself is having other companies, blogs and portals doing it.

Therefore, from the creation of your blog, you will also have the opportunity to work on content partnerships, which may involve:

  • Exchange of articles (guestposts) between your blog and that of partners;

  • Exchange of return links (backlinks);

  • Co-marketing with partners that seek to reach the same audience;

Among several other actions that aim to benefit all the companies involved. That way, you can take your solutions to the partners’ lead base while presenting their content to your own customers, which consequently generates more business opportunities for both sides.

For Google, having multiple domains driving traffic back to your content is a major factor in ranking.

Ways to Improve SEO with Content Partnerships

3. Create your mobile application

This is a tip that you probably didn’t expect to find in a content teaching how to improve SEO, but the truth is that, in addition to immensely benefiting the mobile consumer, who already represents a huge share of online customers, create your application and make it available for Android or iOS can also boost your organic traffic.

That’s because Google also gives priority to search results that involve applications available on Google Play, the Android app store – the company’s own mobile operating system. So even if consumers don’t find your page in the first few results, they still have a chance to find your app.

Of course, for that you will also need to do SEO for your mobile application, but that way customers will also be able to take advantage of it to browse their product categories, make purchases or even access their service channels via online chat.

4. Allow questions and user reviews

If you are not interested or do not believe it is the right time to invest in a blog or mobile application in your digital business, there are still different ways to improve SEO.

As we present in our content on how to optimize your product page, allowing customers to ask questions or product evaluations directly on your page is really a great differentiator and, in addition, this feature is still able to help your positioning.

According to Google itself, user reviews help the algorithm to identify that your page is still active, since each question, answer or comment is perceived by the search engine as an update of the content available on the page, which means that it is still relevant to users.

In this way, your own customers can make the product pages more relevant and be well positioned in the SERP while also helping in the decision-making process and assertiveness of new consumers accessing your store.

Ways to Improve SEO with Customer Reviews

5. Enter the affiliate market

In addition to the content partnership, as we mentioned earlier, you can also consider investing in creating your own affiliate program to get more and more people talking (and driving traffic) to your digital business page.

Affiliate marketing involves bringing people, influencers or even blog owners who align with your area of ​​expertise so that they can present, advertise and propagate your brand, products and solutions to your own leads. Of course, in return, they usually receive a commission for this.

In the Websites Are Us affiliate program, for example, we pay 30% in recurring commissions on all payments for each customer while active and using our platform, forever.

Your affiliates will have the freedom to use their own channels to reach the target audience, whether they are social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, videos on YouTube or even content on their portals. Of course, this strategy also has a cost, but it presents a win-win scenario for both sides, besides consequently boosting the positioning of your page in the SERPs and improving SEO.

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Be sure to improve your SEO with Websites Are Us

Generating organic traffic really has its advantages, especially since your SEO actions can be really lasting, as long as you give the necessary attention and keep your content updated and relevant.

Another major factor that influences the ranking of your pages on Google is the decrease in bounce rate and the time spent by each visitor on the site. For this you can also invest in offering an online chat to approach customers and answer questions in real time without them having to look for information from other sources.

In addition, online chat is considered the preferred service channel of the digital consumer because it offers the shortest response time and enables fast, quiet and immediate communication. If you still do not work with this channel, check the main signs that indicate the time to invest in online chat right now!