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For you to learn from the best, we made a list with 5 actions that will light your way in this endeavor. From how a fast food chain lost 30,000 fans (and came out of it better than it was!) To the eternal legacy of damn pony advertising, you’re sure to be inspired by these […]

For you to learn from the best, we made a list with 5 actions that will light your way in this endeavor.

From how a fast food chain lost 30,000 fans (and came out of it better than it was!) To the eternal legacy of damn pony advertising, you’re sure to be inspired by these examples of Digital Marketing.

Check it out, remember some important concepts in social media and see how to combine theory with practice. Good reading!

1. Burger King: how to lose 30,000 fans

Right away, this doesn’t seem like an example to be followed, but you will already understand where the source of inspiration is.

The controversy started when the fast food “king”, on his Norwegian fan page, started distributing Big Macs vouchers. That’s right: your biggest competitor’s hamburger!

With the stated objective of identifying its true and most loyal fans, Burger King offered its followers a Big Mac, explaining that anyone who accepted the “gift” would be banned from the fan page forever.

The result was that 30,000 people preferred to win a coupon to eat at the rival, and the page, which had about 38,000 fans, went to 8,000. It looks like a kamikaze action, but the result was positive!

It turns out that this “cleaning” removed those users who were not so interested in the brand. As a result, your engagement power has been increased by no less than five times!

The big lesson we can learn from here is to think more about engagement and efficient contact with the customer than simply the number of likes.

What Burger King of Norway realized was that, for them, 8,000 Internet users who interact and defend the company are far more valuable than 30,000 who would leave the firm for the first time.

Numbers are important, of course, and we also teach you how to gain more followers on social media! Still, they are not everything, and this is one of the examples of digital marketing that reminds us that, in Inbound, quality always comes before quantity!

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2. Pepsi: free soda in exchange for likes

On the way apparently opposite the king of hamburgers, Pepsi really seemed to be just thinking about increasing its fan base with this action, but in fact its idea went well beyond that.

In exchange for a like on Facebook, the company offered a cold soda, for free. Just access the social network on a screen touch attached to one of the machines distributed around by the company, enter their fan page and leave your thumbs up to win a Pepsi.

But the goal was not simply to “buy” those likes to increase the number of likes. In reality, the institution wanted was start one relationship with those people. But instead of waiting for the fans to start engaging, she decided to get the ball rolling.

With that, Pepsi won a lot more than a lot of likes. They won permission to start a dialogue with the consumer through Facebook posts, winning the first (and perhaps more difficult) step in building a lasting relationship with the customer.

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3. BMW: simulation of its own history

How will you celebrate when your fan page reaches the million million mark? As you think about it, see what BMW in London has decided to do and learn from them.

To celebrate this expressive number of fans, the company decided to provide something different for the followers. And put it differently: those who had enjoyed the page had the chance to drive a BMW car in a simulator!

But not on a regular tour: it was a journey through everyone’s history, based on their individual Facebook posts. The most relevant moments of Internet users in their own timeline appeared on the screen of the simulator, relating their life to the ride.

Each trip in the simulation, therefore, was as unique as the internet user who participated in it. Nobody lived the same feelings, and the passion for cars was placed side by side with the brand and the lives of the followers.

After all this adventure, you could still share everything on your timeline, engaging more people in the campaign!

What to learn from this brilliant action? What unique experience are two very useful words to guide your online campaigns, and that associating the consumer’s achievements with your products is key to having an unshakable relationship with them.

4. Intimus: the Marias who did not go with the others

To interact with the target audience and increase brand awareness, the female intimate hygiene market giant decided to just launch a series (currently in the third season), on TV and Facebook.

With the title of “Marias”, in a reference contradicting the said “Maria goes with the others”, the episodes portray the stories of independent, warrior and successful women, who are not affected by anything or anyone.

In a short time, the series won not only the Marias, but also the Roses, Julianas, Martas and as many as identified with the characters and their revolutions.

Thus, the company reinforced the association between the brand and the desire to revolutionize – already present since the emergence of Intimus in London, in 1993 -, captivating and representing the different profiles of consumers.

According to Intimus’ page, the strategy had a resounding success, improving the public’s identification with the brand and its perception of products.

The lesson, for you, is about the importance of dialogue with the target audience in order to understand your wishes and desires for the production of new content and products. It is through him that generate a much stronger bond between company and consumer!

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5. Nissan: bloody ponies inspiring us today

To end our “inspiration moment”, let’s go back in the time warp: do you remember the famous damn pony commercial?

Let’s refresh your mind: it starts with a car jammed, but when the driver opens the hood, he finds adorable ponies singing an irritating but memorable song. Remembered?

Some interesting points of this campaign are its launch date and the idea of ​​viral marketing. That’s because at the time (in 2011), social networks were not as important as they are today. But has Nissan stopped investing in them? Of course not: that’s why they were visionaries!

After watching the video on YouTube, users were asked to share it with ten other people. Otherwise, they would suffer from the “curse of the pony”, forever having that little song on their heads.

The campaign became so famous that it unfolded into several other engagement actions, such as calls for fans to post their own pony curse-style videos on Facebook.

It’s quite an inspiration not to underestimate the power of the internet, in addition to creating ads that, at the same time, attack competitors and engage internet users.

So, what did you think of these examples of digital marketing? Take the opportunity to learn from them in your future campaigns and continue with us reading our 9 tips on how to increase engagement on Facebook!

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