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What does it mean to “think outside the box”? No, it has nothing to do with getting into a cardboard box and then leaving it to be able to reflect on life. This phrase is jargon used to refer to finding creative and different solutions related to the problems and situations that everyone goes through. Speaking one […]

What does it mean to “think outside the box”? No, it has nothing to do with getting into a cardboard box and then leaving it to be able to reflect on life.

This phrase is jargon used to refer to find creative and different solutions related to the problems and situations that everyone goes through.

Talking a little about creativity, people attribute the praise “creative” as if it were a magical and inherent gift.

Typically, the characteristic is attributed to artistic occupations and related to communication, marketing and advertising, but anyone can benefit from living a more creative life. A lawyer, an engineer or even a telemarketer can benefit – and a lot – from “thinking outside the box”!

We will give you some tips on how to stimulate your creative side and how to stand out in the market through the personal development of this skill. Check out:

What is “thinking outside the box”?

As we talked, “thinking outside the box” is all about finding creative solutions to solve your problems.

And we have good news for you: creativity can be worked on – with methods and tools – and it has nothing to do with that history of gift or natural talent.

To start talking about how to work your way out of the box, try to answer the following questions:

Creativity happens when you, to solve a situation or have an idea, connect the references you have accumulated during your life.

It is this connection that will make you have that snap, that eureka feeling, that sudden mental clearing as if you have finally found the answer to what you are looking for.

For this reason, it is no use having 1 million references if you are unable to connect and associate them in order to finally find your creative solution.

We need to discover our own technique and, for that, we can do 2 things:

  • learn from some people who have discovered theirs some time ago;
  • always be inspired and fill your life with references to increase the possibilities of association between them.

How to “think outside the box”

Now, let’s unravel item 1 a little and get to know some creative processes that will surely inspire you to create your own methods to think “outside the box”.

1. Expand your repertoire

Our mind usually leads us to paths already known when facing a problem. Often, the safest solution is the one that appears 1st – but it is not always the most creative.

To make your brain perceive different paths, it is important that you do different things in your daily life.

Do you know that musical style you hate so much? Or maybe that food that you never tried or wanted to taste? How about seeing that slapstick movie that you criticize so much?

Doing things you are not used to does activates new areas in your brain and causes new connections.

And there’s one very good thing about it: you’ll never be able to reach the storage limit on “hard drive your brain ”! You have an infinite HD and ready to receive and store all kinds of information.

The more things you absorb, the more repertoire you acquire. AND filling up with different references is one of the main tricks to be a creative person and able to propose great ideas.

Even if something doesn’t seem useful now, having any kind of reference like a card up your sleeve can be the big difference between a insight medium and a brilliant solution.

In addition to provoking your brain to seek new solutions, putting yourself in positions that initially seem uncomfortable is also an excellent way to exercise your empathy.

2. Talk to people

We are talking all the time about repertoire and references, right?

What if we told you that there is a very simple and pleasant way to double or triple your repertoire and references in a very short time?

Think with me: each person’s mind is filled with things that each person has accumulated throughout their lives.

What would happen if there was a combination of all this material for the same purpose? Of course: a huge increase in possibilities!

In a quick chat with someone at the bus stop, you can acquire information or knowledge that will totally transform your day at work.

In a chat with some teammates, you can understand something much more broadly than if you were working on a problem yourself.

You often have an idea that needs a 2nd opinion to make it really work. And it’s not your fault if you couldn’t see everything yourself.

Our mind becomes addicted within our own line of reasoning, and often talking to other people opens up many possibilities.

Make it a habit to listen to people, absorb new opinions and ask for help. You have no idea how much it can change your life!

3. Understand what the problem is

Do you know the meaning of the word “insight”? Often, we misuse this term, as if the insight was an incredible solution found to solve a problem.

Despite having to do with the solution, the insight it is much more related to the problem itself. Calm down, because we’ll explain…

Have one insight is nothing more than have a sudden perception of what the real problem you are facing is.

Often, you can’t solve something simply because you haven’t really understood what the problem is. It is impossible to find an answer to a poorly worded question, do you agree?

Often, you think your company’s problem lies in the lack of advertising, when in fact, you are facing an issue of inventory at the point of sale.

And it would be useless to increase your investments or redirect your funds if people are having difficulty finding your product.

That is why, before you go around looking for a solution, feel and analyze well to understand what is really happening.

A good tip for this is to think like a journalist and answer the following questions about your problem:

  • what?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • how?
  • why?

From there, you can see more clearly all the possibilities in your field.

4. Search your unconscious

As we said, creativity has technique and method. There are many ways to “hack”The processes we already do naturally,“ forcing ”your brain to look for different solutions to problems.

The method called freefall writing searches your unconscious for ideas that you didn’t even know were there. Here’s just how it works and do an exercise:

Take any question. For example: “what can I do to sell more?”. Open a page in the text editor or even grab a pen and paper. Then set a 5-minute countdown timer.

As soon as time starts to count, start writing ideas that pop up in your head and don’t stop.

The idea is that you don’t really take the pen off the paper and keep writing even if you don’t know what else to say and just throw random words in that space.

At the end of 5 minutes, you will have ideas searched through your subconscious through the exhaustion of all possible thought in your conscious.

Believe me, you will have incredible surprises!

5. Do nothing

That’s right: do nothing.

Especially in today’s world, where we are bombarded with information – from emails to kitten GIFs on social media – we rarely give ourselves time to connect with what really happens around us.

Meditation is an excellent way to become more aware of the world around you and connected with your own limits and possibilities.

In addition, by taking the time to breathe and connect with your own body, you dramatically reduce stress.

Anxiety is one of the great blockers of idea that prevent us from “thinking outside the box” in situations of great demand, and meditating helps to avoid this problem.

In this TED, the specialist in mindfulness Andy Puddicomb teaches how meditation can improve your reasoning ability steadily.

So, did you like our tips? Do you feel more inspired to apply the techniques in your daily life and to “think outside the box”?

If you are interested in the theme, we have one last golden tip for you: follow what the great creatives of the world are doing. This is a great way to get inspired with who’s really getting their hands dirty.

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