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Probably, many marketers still do not know the Net Promoter Score, NPS methodology, which consists of conducting a satisfaction survey with the customers of a certain company, classifying it according to their rating and making the necessary treatment for each profile. . Understand how powerful NPS can be in your strategy […]

Probably, many marketers still do not know the Net Promoter Score, NPS methodology, which consists of conducting a satisfaction survey with the customers of a certain company, classifying it according to their rating and making the necessary treatment for each profile. .

Understand how the NPS can be powerful in your marketing strategy:

What is the Net Promoter Score?

O Net Promoter Score is a methodology created in 2003 by Fred Reichheld and was announced to the world in an article in Harvard Business Review, the official business magazine at Harvard University.

The methodology is based on the following question, also known as “The Definitive Question”:

On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you recommend Websites Are Us to your friends or family?

With that question, it is possible to understand both rational and emotional factors of a shopping experience.

How nobody indicates something bad to the people they like and for the referral intention to exist, the customer experience must be extremely pleasant.

Fred’s proposal was to create a methodology that was related to financial indicators, in addition to allowing managers that all information collected was quickly passed on to operators, frontline professionals, who deal directly with customers and who could use this information to improve the quality of care and customer satisfaction with their companies.

Through research carried out, it was proved that as a company’s NPS increases, your profits also increase, making you a powerful KPI for corporate decision making and planning.

How does it apply?

After conducting a quantitative survey with “The Definitive Question”, an open question is usually asked to understand why that grade was given to the experience.

As a result, customers are classified into Promoters, Neutrals and Detractors, according to the rule:

  • Notes 10 and 9 – Promoting Clients, are those who would indicate your company and are very satisfied with the quality of the services provided.
  • Notes 8 and 7 – Neutral Customers, are customers who have had a reasonable experience and who are slightly satisfied with their services.
  • Notes 6 to 0 – Detractor Customers, are customers who have had a frustrating experience with your company and that they would not indicate in any way, and they probably would not do business with your company again.

Through this division, to calculate the NPS of a company, the following formula is used:

% NPS = (% of Promoting Clients) – (% of Detracting Clients)

With that, if it has a value that indicates the health and quality of a company’s services and products.

Apple, for example, has an NPS of 75, considered a very high NPS.

Every company should seek increase the number of Promoting Clients, reducing the number of Neutral Customers and Detractors.

As the methodology is focused on action, one must always carry out the Loop Closure, which is getting in touch with a customer who scored between 0 and 8 and knowing why their experience was bad, solve his problem right there in the contact and ensure that an improvement is implemented after this feedback.

How to use it in Marketing?

NPS can (and should) be used in marketing in several ways.

I chose 5 that can be easily applied by most companies:

1 – Defenders Marketing

Defender Marketing is an increasingly talked about subject and the NPS is all about that.

Many companies that offer platforms that encourage referral and interaction with a particular brand’s content, use Net Promoter Score to find out which customers will be invited to be part of this ecosystem.

Companies that provide this type of service use the customer base of the company that hires them, carry out an NPS survey with all customers, find out who the promoters are and invite them to participate in an award program.

It’s possible create Defenders programs on your own, just do the planning, segment the customer base and encourage the promoting customers to relate more and more with your company.

This is what we call creating bonds.

Such a client, in addition to indicating your company, will increasingly depend on your quality of service and content.

2 – Base Segmentation

What if it was possible to run marketing campaigns for customers according to their degree of satisfaction and the problems they raised in relation to your company? NPS makes it very simple.

That’s what we do in Tracksale.

We measure our customers’ satisfaction on a daily basis, close the loop with everyone, segment the base and we provide specialized service and content for each type.

3 – Reduction of CAC

Going back to Defenders Marketing a little bit, with NPS it’s possible to reduce the Cost of Customer Acquisition, because instead of having to invest R $ 100.00 to bring 10 clients, with a good managerial job and with the indications, your CAC will fall.

To be able to measure this, you need to ask new customers how they found out about your company and of course, constantly improve internal processes.

Searches contained in the book The Definitive Question confirm that customers referred by other customers have a higher average ticket.

That is, in addition to getting new customers, you will get high quality customers.

4 – Know what the customer is thinking

With the qualitative question asked during a survey Net Promoter Score, it is possible to know the details of your company’s operations, for what reasons it stands out and what weaknesses should be addressed.

At Tracksale for example, we use this information to identify our differential compared to competitors so that we can further strengthen our qualities, making them a priority when making new investments or hiring.

5 – Customer Retention

If your company generates many dissatisfied customers, or detractors, for sure it will be very difficult to retain acquired customers.

That means hours and hours of marketing work thrown away by problems that are within the company’s operation.

That lead that was nurtured with a lot of work, A / B testing, nutrition flows, Ebook, remarketing, all of this will be of no value when they simply realize that your company talks a lot but delivers little value to the customer.


Get deeper into the Net Promoter Score theme through created materials by Tracksale on the methodology.

Also, follow our portal Customer Satisfaction, focusing on the subject.

If you want to apply NPS in your company, talk to our experts.

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This text was written by Amir Faria, Marketing Manager at Tracksale.